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Holidays can be fun or stressful between gift buying, party going and party hosting.

Pick a few of the ideas listed here that fit your budget and style to ease you into the busy celebration season.

As long as there's enough food, refreshments and of course good, fun friends your party will be a success.

This, as last year, may present additional challenges if you are reluctant to have an in-person gathering. I'll write an article about how to have a remote party hosted online soon.

1 Planning. Start planning early. Half the fun is the creativity that goes into the menu, decoration, setting the table and anticipating the day of the party.

2 Themes. A really nice touch and are especially fun around holidays, birthdays and special events, including decorations, food and fun.

3 Invitations. Whether snail mail or email, receiving formal invites is appreciated by guests and adds flair to your party.

4 Food. Use recipes that you have served before. This is not the time to experiment. Commercially prepared or packaged food is just fine.

5 What can I bring? I've learned over the years that guests LIKE to contribute, so 'assign' food, decoration and libations when appropriate.

6 Table settings. A formal sit-down occasion calls for ceramic or china. Paper or plastic plates work for BBQs. Good serving dishes and utensils, no matter what, are a way to dress up the table.

7 Organization. Keep visible areas clear of food whenever possible. Especially if your kitchen or cook area is exposed to where the guests will be socializing.

8 Wardrobe. Plan a comfortable wardrobe a couple days before the party. Ladies, heels or flats, it's up to you.

9 Help! Depending on the size of the group and available budget, you may consider hiring a helper for serving and cleaning up.

10 Sharing (too much.) As fun as sharing photos is, don't post them if you offend anyone who wasn't invited.

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11 Ice breakers. A friend of mine always has a couple questions to ask her guests at sit-down dinners. It's a great way to know more about your friends and have fun challenging each other.

12 Aroma! You want the aroma from the food to be the center of attraction. DON'T burn candles or flowers with fragrance or wear too much perfume.

13 RELAX! You deserve it. Your friends will appreciate whatever you do for them.

Enjoy the process!

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