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Call for Nominations for Election to the Board of Directors of Visit Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast’s Regional Tourism Organisation, Visit Sunshine Coast (VSC), is seeking suitably qualified individuals to nominate themselves for potential election as a Member-elected Director on the Visit Sunshine Coast Board.
The Board is comprised of three Member-elected positions, and six skills-based positions, one of whom is the Chair.  There is currently TWO (2) vacancies for a Member-elected position.
The call for nominations for election to the Board is being made in accordance with rules 23 and 24 of the Company’s Constitution.
Nominations may only be made by a person who is a current financial member and was a current financial member as at 30 June 2021 (eligible member). For corporate members this is their nominated representative. A nominee need not be a member.  Eligible members may self-nominate.
Nomination procedures:
  • Nomination Form
  • Nominees must agree to be nominated by signing the Nomination Form. The eligible Member who nominates the nominee must also sign the Nomination Form.
The Directors are keen to ensure that the Board functions at the highest possible level and to that end, the Board actively promotes diversity and maintains a skills matrix to ensure optimal balance of skills across all Directors. To assist in ensuring an effective Board, we encourage the nomination of persons who possess one or more of the following skills and experience:
  • Strong financial acumen
  • Digital marketing and social media
  • Strong tourism industry and Local Government networks
  • Community and stakeholder engagement.
It is important that prospective nominees for Board appointment should have the time and commitment to adequately prepare, attend and contribute to board meetings, committee meetings and member networking events.

The Board also operates a number of committees, and Directors should expect to serve on one or more of the:
  • Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • People, Culture and Sustainability Committee
  • Digital Committee.
Member elected Directors hold office for a term of two (2) years. The Board meets approximately eight times a year on the Sunshine Coast.  Reasonable travel and accommodation expenses are reimbursed where appropriate, and a small annual fee is paid in accordance with the Company’s Constitution.
Nominees will be provided with:
  • A full list of Member names and addresses in PDF format (in line with the constitution)
  • An electronic copy of the 2020/21 VSC Annual Financial Report
  • An opportunity to have a one page PDF “pitch” document (see below) distributed to Members email addresses by VSC, and
  • The opportunity to attend the VSC office on Tuesday, 2 November 2021, in order to record a short video of a maximum of 90 seconds where nominees can state their credentials and suitability for the role to Members. All videos will be uploaded to VSC’s web site with links emailed to Members for viewing.
Nominees must provide the following details:
  • A biography and or statement of suitability, in Word format (max 250 words)
  • A jpeg image (300 x 300 pixels) colour head shot.
By providing the biography, video and head-shot, the Nominee consents to allow VSC to publish the items on its corporate website ( for viewing by VSC members, and stakeholders, as part of the election process.
nominations, biographies and head shots must be received by 5pm, (AEST) Wednesday, 20 October 2021 to be eligible. Nominations can only be sent to the Company Secretary, via email to:
Pursuant to Rule 24.3 of the Company’s Constitution, once all nominations have been received, the list of all Nominees standing for election will be circulated to the financial members eligible to vote, together with voting instructions.
For any questions please email
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