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Next Meeting:
Wednesday, May 25, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Murrysville Community Library
4130 Sardis Road, Murrysville, PA
Open to anyone interested in learning & sharing information about healthy, plant-based food choices.
Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the summer travel season, thus the topic of FOOD & TRAVEL for the May 25th meeting. We will share tips & suggestions for how to maintain healthy eating habits when traveling. In advance, here are some ideas and resources for you:
  • Chain Restaurants: In her Meal Mentor blog, Lindsay Nixon recently described some healthy fast food, on-the-go meals.
  • Airport Restaurants: PCRM created a 2014 Airport Travel Guide listing healthy eating options at the 23 busiest airports.
  • Ethnic Restaurants: Asian, Indian, Mexican restaurants offer flavorful plant-based eating options (see John McDougall video).
  • Travel Guides: Vegan Travel has reviews about global dining, lodging, & events. HappyCow has a worldwide listing of vegan dining options. Use TripAdvisor to search for vegan restaurants & travel information.
  • Travel Food: Laura Christine Sainz freezes hummus beforehand to keep it cool during a trip; eat it with cut-up veggies & fruit. I bring banana oat bars (frozen), pre-packaged brown rice, & my potato sack. What items do you pack?

April Meeting Highlights

Seasonal Allergies. Michael Greger, M.D. lists four plant foods associated with reduced runny nose & itchy eyes of allergies:
     - Seaweed
     - Dark green leafy vegetables
     - Flax seeds
     - Miso
Dr. Greger’s salad dressing recipe: 3 T. white miso, 1/4 c. brown rice wine vinegar, 1/4 c. water, 2 carrots, small beet, 1" fresh ginger root, 1 T. toasted sesame seeds; blend until smooth.

Additionally, we discussed anti-inflammatory, immune system-enhancing foods to counter the effects of seasonal allergies, such as: cruciferous veggies, legumes, flax seeds, ginger, nuts, mushrooms, black pepper, cinnamon, curcumin/turmeric, cacao, & vitamin D3. 

EWG's 2016 Guide to Pesticides in Produce  The full listing of the 50 fruits and vegetables is online. Try to buy organic for these Dirty Dozen:
1. strawberries
2. apples
3. nectarines
4. peaches
5. celery
6. grapes
7. cherries
8. spinach
9. tomatoes
10. sweet bell peppers
11. cherry tomatoes
12. cucumbers

I wrote about aquafaba (chickpea brine) in the April newsletter. Last week, The New York Times had an article describing the aquafaba sensation: Vegans Whip Up a Secret Weapon -- it's a fun, informative read!
What about Supplements??
In Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition, T. Colin Campbell writes: "...research has shown that supplementation doesn't work. As it turns out, an apple does a lot more inside our bodies than all the known apple nutrients ingested in pill form. The whole apple is far more than sum of its parts."
In other words, instead of focusing on individual nutrients, eat a
variety of unprocessed plant foods, which will work together to maximize their nutritional power within your body.

Easy & Quick Recipes

We all tend to get in a rut, repeating the same dishes over & over. With some advanced planning, plant-based meals can be prepared with a minimum of time & effort. Here are some time-saving recipes for you to try!
ForksOverKnives lists 35 30-minute meals. Examples:
20 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes can be found on REALSIMPLE (substitute broth or water for oil). Examples include:
I'm a big fan of Jeff Novick's 10-MINUTE MEALS, fast, healthy meals using five basic ingredients. (Double the recipes to freeze extra meals.)
In a large pot, heat:
1) packaged tomatoes (28 oz.) plus
  2) canned beans (14 oz.) plus
  3) frozen vegetables (1-lb. bags) plus
  4) whole-grains or starches (rice, potatoes, barley, pasta, quinoa, etc.) plus
  5) spices, seasonings, or sauces.
Change the types of bean, veggies, starch, & seasonings for a variety of fast, easy dishes!


June 17-19: At the Sheraton Toronto Hotel, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn from some of the "giants" in the field of whole, plant-based eating -- Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, T. Colin & Tom Campbell, Dr. Michael Greger, Chef AJ, Lindsay Nixon (Happy Herbivore), Doug Lisle, & others. Toronto is less than 5.5 hours from Pittsburgh (and, the exchange rate favors U.S. currency!).
20% DISCOUNT! Enter the code food4health for 20% off a weekend pass to this event!
Note: I am going; email me if you are attending, or if you want to carpool with others.
  July 6-10: North American Vegetarian Society's annual conference takes place at University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, PA. Among the speakers this year are T. Colin Campbell, Michael Greger, & Michael Klaper. I am attending just for the weekend (7/8-7/10). Do email me if you are attending and want to be part of an informal get-together at the conference. (
TEA, the #2 most popular beveridge worldwide (water is #1), is full of antioxidants. Research shows the many benefits of tea: promote weight loss, reduce cancer progression, reduce risks for cardiovascular diseases, improve bone strength, improve mood and attention. Other things I learned about tea:
* Black tea is processed from the tea plant; this is why green tea is considered healthier.
* Green tea is from mature leaves.
* White tea is named for white hairs on young leaves.
* Adding lemon boosts the nutritional value.

And, just today Dr. Greger wrote about aluminum in tea, concluding it's unlikely that moderate amounts of tea is harmful to people. See for more tea information.
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