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Publish 93

Greetings Everyone!

I would like to start off with stating we were having issues with the pictures sent in for the contest, the engineer has since resolved this so please resubmit your pictures.

As everyone probably knows we are looking to release Publish 93 at the end of May.  Starting the 1st of June you will have to go to the Origin store to purchase Sovereigns.  These will be sold in packs of 500, 1000, 2000, and 5000.  The break down will be 100 Sovereigns equal 1 USD.  You will use these in game to purchase in game items only.  Good news is you will be able to buy more than one item at a time.  Some limits will be put in place to reduce the delivery time which we will announce at a later time.

If you purchased a code, gametime or otherwise, from a third-party site, we cannot verify the validity or integrity of said code(s). If you are sold an invalid code from one of these third-party sellers, we would not be able to assist in refunding the purchase. Please be aware that Origin is the only guaranteed provider of game time codes for Ultima Online.

As most of you know next year is our 20th Anniversary so start saving your pennies because we are going to have a party here in Virginia to celebrate and we hope you can join us.  More details will be given at a later date.

See you in Britannia,
Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong


Inspiring Content

Ultima Online is fortunate enough to be able to draw on more than three decades worth of franchise history as inspiration for future content.  When deciding on which features to include in the Time of Legends we looked to popular features within UO to include  popular systems to expand on.  Game features are only part of the process though, and we strive to include a compelling story to go along with that content – a story that makes sense within the broader context of the Ultima franchise and UO’s history.  For the Time of Legends we drew the majority of the inspiration from Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire and introduced the Valley of Eodon as a new area to explore with new creatures and new treasures to discover!  We are committed to fleshing out the entirety of the Valley of Eodon and how it sits within the fabric of Ultima Online’s Britannian history.  We are very excited for Publish 93 to continue the battle against the Myrmidex and continued exploration into the Valley and its unique history!  In the meantime learn more about the history of the peoples of Eodon in, Six Tribes and Five Spirits


Question & Answer Corner

1.  The following items have been asked or discussed in a Meet and Greet and have been added to our backlog.
  • Additional Blackthorn Items
  • Negatives in Runic Reforging matching global loot revamp negatives
  • New Additions to cleanup Britannnia  turnin items
  • Pet Resurrect Timeout adjustment
  • More ways to acquire spellweaving scrolls
2.  Can you explain how Luck works in the context of loot generation?
Luck is chosen at random from individuals on the looting rank list.  This list is determined by a composite measure of damage dealt, damage received, and damage healed by all attackers.  Example: Player A and Player B defeat a monster.  Player A is in a group with three people but only player A has luck.  Player B is not in a group, and has no luck.  The system randomly picks one player from the players on the looting rank list (Player A or Player B) and looks at their luck to determine loot strength.  Additionally, player A has a chance to receive extra items based on the total luck of his group. 

3.  Will you revert the old runebook art?
Yes we will revert the old runebooks.

4.  What has happened to Steam?
It was stated in a meet and greet and this question has also come up on Stratics.  UO cannot go onto Steam unless EA gives its final approval.  As stated earlier by Mesanna, we do not have an answer as to when UO will be going to steam.

5.  What is being done after Publish 93?

We have plans for a nice Halloween event this year, along with the Anniversary, Vet Rewards, Holiday Rewards, Summer Celebration gift, along with new pumpkins and trick or treating items,and a Winter Holiday event.  Then we will begin our planning for 2017 which is going to be very exciting!

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