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The Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project, organized in 1999, seeks to preserve petroglyphs on Mesa Prieta through the education of the local community and recording what may be well over 100,000 images on the mesa.

August 2016 Newsletter

Fiber Rocks Redux

Fiber Rocks!
Over the past year the Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project has collaborated on a unique project with the Española Valley Fiber Arts Center (EVFAC). Fiber artists came to the Wells Petroglyph Preserve and made drawings of petroglyphs that interested them. They returned to their studios and  over a period of months produced a fiber art creation from their drawings. The extremely varied works were exhibited in Española, Santa Fe, and Taos over several months. The exhibitions were so successful that a full-color catalog of the work was proposed. The endeavor is now complete and can be seen here. A print version is in the works and will be available at EVFAC, 325 Oñate Street in Española, soon.

Historic Los Luceros

Los Luceros
In spite of broad support to keep six state monuments and Historic Los Luceros open the sites are now closed due to budget cuts by the Department of Cultural Affairs. We thank Director C. J. Law for all his kind help and assistance over the last few years. It was a privilege to be able to use this beautiful place.

The Oñate Center and NRGNHA

Good news just in time! The Northern Rio Grande Heritage National Heritage Area (NRGNHA), a long-time partner of MPPP is moving to the Oñate Center which is located on SR 68 in Alcalde. NRGNHA Is a federally funded program whose mission is to spotlight the historic and contemporary cultures of Rio Arriba, Santa Fe and Taos counties in northern New Mexico. The Executive Director is Tomás Romero. Until now their office has been in Española, but Mr. Romero and officials of Rio Arriba County made an agreement for NRGNHA to use the Oñate center for their office space, NRGNHA activities and the activities of partner organizations like MPPP. We will be able to use it for our Pláticas Lecture series, board meetings, and education programs. This is extremely fortuitous since Los Luceros is no longer available.

Petroglyph of the Month

This month we feature "Fido" a charming image of a canine found on the Wells Petroglyph Preserve. Fido is a Puebloan image that may represent someone's faithful family mutt. We know that the Puebloans had two domesticated animals, dogs, and turkeys which were raised for their feathers and, presumably, food. When Asian peoples who became the first Americans began populating the North American continent around 14,000 years ago they were probably accompanied by dogs that would have been helpers as well as pets. The image may have other significance or meaning that we are not privy to.

Petroglyph Pláticas

August 30

For our August Pláticas presentation we are very honored to have well-known writer Sharman Apt Russell. Sharman lives in Silver City NM with her husband      and is professor emeritus at Western New Mexico University in Silver City. She has a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Montana and a BS in Conservation and Natural Resources from UC Berkeley. Her works include: Songs of the Flute Player: Seasons of Life in the Southwest, award winning Standing in the Light: My Life as a Pantheist, and a long list of others. Her newest book is Diary of a Citizen Scientist: Chasing Tiger Beetles and Other New Ways of Engaging the World. She is the 2016 John Burroughs Medal for Distinguished Nature Writing. Recipients of the award include Rachel Carson and Aldo Leopold.

This month the Pláticas lecture will take place at the Oñate Center on State Road 68 in Alcalde. It is the large building directly across the road from La Tiendita gas station and store. A large statue of conquistador Don Juan de Oñate stands in front of the building. We are grateful to Tom Romero for making this possible.


Annual Flute Player Tour

October 23

Get your tickets now! Few spaces remain to this wonderful event. It's a day filled with immaculate (we hope) fall weather -- ethereal blue skies filled with mounds of whipped cream clouds, perfectly burnished golden leaves on the cottonwoods lining the Rio Grande.  The tour offers up to 25 images of unique flute player petroglyphs, Native American flute music by Taos Pueblo's well-known Patrick Mirabal, some of the best food this side of Paris, and fine wines enjoyed on the Wells home portal. Truly a peak experience.

Flute Player Tour Music

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Flute Player
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