Lawrence Park Tennis Club Between the Lines: AGM on Oct. 24th; End of Season Party--Nov. 7th; Courts Update
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Lawrence Park Tennis Club 
"Between the Lines"
October 21, 2015

In this edition of "Between the Lines:"
  • AGM this Saturday-- October 24th
  • End of Season Party--November 7th
  • Courts Update--Sprinklers, Hosing, Drainage


AGM Reminder
To all Adult and Intermediate Members--Remember our Annual General Meeting is this Saturday at 10:30 am at Glenview Presbyterian Church located at 1 Glenview Avenue within easy walking distance of the Club. Please enter on the north side of the church. Parking is permitted on the surrounding side streets from 10 am on. As a reminder, copies of all AGM documents, including our revised Bylaw/Constitution, have been posted on our website if you wish to print out any and bring them. Copies will not be provided at the meeting. Please note because the deadline for proxy registration (October 20th at 5 pm) has now passed; proxies will no longer be accepted.

Bylaw/Constitution Amendment - New
Following the Open Forum on the Constitution and Bylaw, the Board received a member-proposed amendment to the original wording of section 7a which covers limitations on memberships for independent contractors. The Board surveyed other tennis clubs' practices regarding contractors and membership, and as a result has approved the following language (new words shown below in bold) effective October 14th. 

"All staff should be independent contractors and not employees. Tennis professionals including the Pro must be independent contractors. Contracted professional teaching staff and the Court Monitor shall not be Members of the Club."

The Bylaw/Constitution on which we will vote at the AGM will include this wording.


Party Sign-Up Form
Saturday, November 7th is fast approaching and we hope to see as many members as possible join us for the closing festivities. Our socials this year have been outstanding, so you won't want to miss this farewell to LPTC for the season. There will be good food (lots of hors d'oeurves but not a full dinner), good drink, prizes, and a chance to say good-bye to your summer tennis partners and find some winter tennis buddies. Members are $10 per person and guests are welcome at $45 per person.   

The fun starts at 7 pm at  Miller Tavern located just south of York Mills at 3885 Yonge Street. Free parking is available in their lot, paid parking is right next door, and the York Mills Subway station is only a block north. Please join us on November 7th for our final event of the 2015 season. It's been a very good summer.
From our Courts Chair:

Sprinklers and Hosing

A previous newsletter stated that at the recommendation of Aquatech, four sprinklers were moved from mid-court to very close to the net post. We would not have taken the advice of a contractor alone. For example, when one contractor recommended a trench drain inside the South fence, we declined since there was already a trench drain outside the South fence (blocked by clay under the fence which we removed). We also had looked at sprinklers at other clubs and found that they were mostly at the net or fence, so we did the same.

Whenever I watched the sprinklers working (at LPTC and other clubs), I observed uneven watering resulting in puddles and dry patches. Even when sprinklers are not sticking or not reaching far enough, there are parts of the court reached by 3 sprinklers and other parts reached by 0, 1 or 2 only. York Raquets and Toronto LTC water mid-day by hose. Kew Gardens waters by sprinklers mid-day but needs one person on the court to turn and unstick sprinklers, and another off court and they still get uneven watering.  I watched Cottingham use sprinklers on one court only and saw 2 deep puddles on 10 % of the court and the rest insufficiently watered (as happens with our sprinklers ). We got Aquatech to install hose bibs in the spring to allow us faster hosing and to do one court at a time. I asked them if they recommended shut off valves to reduce the chance of flooding, but they said it was not necessary.

On another topic--some members have asked what can be done about the wet patches which occur along the south side of the courts near the fence after it rains. In fact, the last part of the court to dry after rain is at the south fence because our courts slope downwards approximately 5 inches from the clubhouse towards the south fence drain. This slope was created by laser following a vote at the Annual General Meeting 3 years ago. While most of us decide to play when the main part of the courts are dry even if there are wet patches within 2 feet of the fence, please be aware that area will be slippery so exercise caution. 

Please let me know your thoughts at or 416 929 0162.

John Richardson, Courts Chair
We welcome feedback and suggestions from our members to help improve the Club and enhance member experience. For those who don't know, we have "Compliments, Suggestions, Concerns" forms located in the clubhouse in the plastic holder on the side table. They can be deposited into the Guest Fee box for forwarding to the Board. We will highlight questions / comments and responses in our newsletters. You do not need to include your name, but it's helpful in case we need to clarify your suggestion / comment. You may also email comments to:

This Newsletter

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Thanks for reading.

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