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…so that we who live should not live for ourselves…” - 2 Corinthians 5:15

The year was 1910. Times were tough and money was hard to come by. The most reliable means of communication was the telegraph, but it wasn’t cheap, you paid for every word sent. At this time, General Booth (the founder of Salvation Army) was old and frail and could not attend their annual meeting. He was encouraged to send a message that would be read at the convention. A message that would convey the heart, mission and vision of the Army. “Knowing that funds were limited and desiring not to use any more money than necessary so that as much money as possible could be used to help the many people in need, General Booth decided to send a one-word message. He searched his mind and reviewed his years of ministry, looking for the one word that would summarize his life...” Not an easy task for a lonely word.  The only word he could think of was: OTHERS! Yet the task was accomplished, as OTHERS became the Army’s focus, OTHERS became their reason and OTHERS became their purpose.  

Last Christmas, I told my children I wanted us to do Christmas a little bit differently. I suggested, instead of buying gifts for each other, we should instead buy and send gifts to OTHERS. I was amazed at my children’s response. They suggested we give to an orphanage. As a parent, I was overjoyed -they are getting it! Just last week, my daughter returned from her school with a letter about “Thanksgiving” at their school. This year, their school has decided to collect food items to take to an orphanage. I was again, overjoyed. My daughter and I decided on a grocery shopping date for their school’s “Thanksgiving”. At the end of our exercise, my daughter came up to me, gave me a big hug and said, “Daddy, you know what?” I said, “What?” With a smile of satisfaction on her face, she said, “Daddy, I love sharing.” The song writer underscored the lesson in this lyrics:
Lord, let me live from day to day,
In such a self-forgetful way,
That even when I kneel to pray,
My prayer shall be for OTHERS.
OTHERS, Lord, yes, OTHERS;
Let this my motto be.
Help me to live for OTHERS
That I may live like Thee.

“OTHERS”, is, I believe the message of Christmas. Jesus came for OTHERS. Jesus lived for OTHERS. Jesus died for OTHERS and Jesus lives for others. We live for Him by living for OTHERS! May we live for OTHERS as we celebrate Christmas this year!

For Him, for OTHERS,

Ernest Ehabe
Ray of Hope Academy-Akid is just that - a real ray of hope in a remote rural village in the Southwest of Cameroon, where nothing good was perceived to be happening or was thought would ever happen. That is no longer the case because now there is a beautiful primary school in Akid.
This was totally a God thing from start to finish. The closest school was five miles away and the parents in Akid were desperate for road improvements, clean water, electricity, cell phone coverage, health services, and especially a school. I visited there a year ago and was just convicted to see a school built there. Why not? I am convinced it is the best investment I have ever made.

God cleared obstacles  and provided an excellent project manager and community relations developer in our own Jochebed Ambe. That woman is amazing! Many others, like Ebenezer, pitched in to help, and there were wonderful souls making donations.

The school went up in record time, although many challenges occurred due to it being the rainy season. Teachers were hired, government approval was granted, furniture was trucked in, textbooks were purchased, uniforms were made, and in September the school opened to 22 students. It was a thrill to be present there for the ceremony and celebration.

I am particularly proud of the fact that the whole project has been very grass roots - the land was donated, the villagers provided a large amount of labor, and local materials were used.

When God wants it done, it happens. “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way…” That is our story. We trusted God to get us this far, and we will trust God to carry us through with one more building, funding for teachers, a nurse, a church plant, and maybe more!

We have also been blessed to have Grace Episcopal Day School from Orange Park, Florida collecting thousands of books for the school children. This school is excited to plan some other projects as well. We are blessed indeed and it is a joy to bless others.

This piece is written by Dr. Roxanne Cheek. Dr. Roxanne is a veterinary doctor who lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband. She has two grown children. She is a veteran short-term missionary who has made several trips to Cameroon. She also serves on the board of BFL. She was instrumental in the building of this school.

In addition to the land donated to build the school, the village of
Akid has ceded a large portion of land to BFL to use for sustainable agricultural and community development. This will be another focus of our sustainable development efforts in the coming years.
I  had lost touch with Hilary Ayamba until sometime last year when I got an email from him.  His email made my day and was used by God to remind me of the importance of the “little” things we do. Below is an excerpt of what Hilary wrote:

“… I will never stop thanking you for all the support you gave to me directly, and indirectly to my family. You gave us hope when all our hopes were gone. Thanks to the support of Bread For Life to me, my family situation changed totally..
Updates on my younger ones:
• My first follower, Winifred, is now a graduate from the University of Buea.
• My second follower, Noella, is in her last year in the University.
• My third follower, Yvonne, just had her advanced level certificate and will be going into University this year.
• My elder sister went back to school and is now a holder of advanced level certificate....
• The church where I pastor is also doing well...”
Several years ago, our attention was drawn to this young man - Hilary Ayaba. His name was given to me by a person in Bamenda who was conversant with the work of BFL in Cameroon. She wondered whether BFL could potentially help. Finances were tight. It didn’t make sense to add yet another student on our sponsorship roll (we were barely able to support the ones we had on our list, often, I deprived myself by giving my entire stipend away.) But, Hilary’s story was so moving, so compelling, I just couldn’t say no. I said “YES” and that has brought a HUGE change to a family that was in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Hilary was born in a polygamous home (his dad was married to three women). His mother died when he was 11. Hilary was the second child of five children from his mother. An older sister and three younger sisters. Shortly after the death of their mother, Hilary and his sisters were left helpless. They went from one relative to another but couldn’t get help. Their Dad removed himself from their lives and they never heard from him for many years.

Hilary was forced to take a small loan of 1,000 CFA (less than $2). He used the money to buy a few candies and sponges and started hawking to support himself and his sisters while struggling to go to school. That’s when BFL met him.

We sponsored him through High School and upon graduating Hilary was given admission to Bambui Polytechnic to do an HND (higher National Diploma) and a degree program. At this point, he wasn’t sure if BFL would continue to support him. Tuition at the Polytechnic was about $600 a year. We took another step of faith and walked with Hilary through the HND and degree program.

He graduated in 2011, got a job with Cameroon’s Electoral Commission (ELECAM) and has since risen to the post of Regional Chief for Communication, Documentation, and Achieves for NW Region. Upon graduation, Hilary took on the responsibility of sponsoring his younger sisters as well as his older sister to school! He also pioneered a church in Bamenda, has written two books and writes a daily devotional. Why all of these? Hilary believes he has been blessed to bless OTHERS.

On December 29, 2016, I will have the honor of marrying Hilary with a young lady he met while at Bambui Polytechnic.
BFL Student sponsorship: Since 1997, BFL has supported and sponsored persecuted, needy, and underprivileged students in high school and universities across Cameroon. Some are now medical doctors, lawyers, teachers, pastors and evangelist and in many other professions across our country.


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