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First The Amazing News

You can have free access to all of our paid courses in Udemy (we have exactly the same courses there).

You can:

  • Enroll to any course, the ones you are currently taking on and the ones you want to get on Udemy.
  • Enjoy lifetime access to the courses if you enroll before the end of this month.

Just use the coupon code:

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Now the Bad News

We are moving on to be Exclusively on Udemy, and we are shutting down


This website will shut down on July 18th 2016 and all our courses will continue to exist exclusively on Udemy.

And as for Future Courses, they will be released on the Udemy Platform.

So I strongly encourage you to visit Udemy and enroll (FOR FREE) to any of the courses you previously bought on this website, along with any other course you want to get.

And as for the contents on this website (Articles, Posts and Video Blogs), you can get them here (before we shut down the website on July 18th):
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Why are we saying goodbye?

Because we are working on a new plan, with new people, but keeping all our animation content on Udemy and YouTube.

The New Plan? 

We are working on another website, that has the potential to help a lot of people, not just animators, but a much wider audience.

This new website is called TheComfortableDiet.

I’ve been struggling with weight loss, maintaining my weight and controlling my cravings to not get those pounds back. This is especially hard now that I’m 33 years old.
After interviewing a ton of doctors, fitness professionals, martial artists, dietitians, psychologists, and athletes, I’ve found some definitive answers to learn how to control my cravings, and have kept my body healthy, feel full of energy every day and enjoy good food.

And I’m putting all my research in the new website and book (coming soon).
The book will be called STEADY EATING: Learn to Control Your Cravings
This project has been well received by family, friends, doctors and fitness professionals, thanks to all the research if have done on the subject; and I think many of you, fellow animators, will find some value in the new website and new book (coming up in the near future).
I created 2DAnimation101 to help people learn animation. and will continue to help through Udemy and YouTube. I love helping people, and I realized that I can help a much wider audience if I share all the things I have learned about controlling my cravings, losing weight and having a healthy life.

If you are interested in getting tips and the results of all my research from interviews and tons of books, you can subscribe to my newsletter:
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My Sincere Apologies

I, Mark Diaz, founder of 2DAnimation101, want to apologize personally to all of you for not being able to maintain this website. And as a gesture of gratitude to all your cool support, I’m giving you, lifetime access to any of our courses if you enroll to the respective Udemy course before July 31th.
Use the coupon code: 2DA101Udemy
NOTE: 2D Animation 101 will continue to exist on Udemy, but not as a Standalone Website.


These are the links to access all the courses for free on Udemy if you enroll before July 31th:
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Direct and Produce Animation
2D Animation With No Drawing Skills in AE
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