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UWW STRATEGY 2022-2026
31 March 2022
A strong start for our
2022-2026 strategy
Following the launch of our new United World Wrestling Strategy at the Congress last October, I am pleased to report that progress is already being made in this first quarter of 2022.
Despite the busy day-to-day operations that the United World Wrestling administration faces, space has been found to ensure that the five areas of the strategy remain a priority. As a reminder, these areas may not be the most urgent for our sport, but they are certainly very important if we are to take a big step forward. In this first update, the latest progress from our administration office in Corsier, Switzerland, is shared. The team is busy implementing the strategy under the leadership of our new Secretary General, Carlos Roy. 
Every quarter, we will share an update on the progress of our Strategy 2022-2026 with you, our National Federations. It is my hope that you will also start to tell your own stories about the progress you are making on a national level in these same areas. Send us a short update about an initiative or programme you are doing, and we will share your story either on our website or in a future edition of this quarterly e-mail. We encourage you to celebrate your achievements and be an inspiration to your colleagues around the world.
Nenad Lalovic
United World Wrestling President
Encouraging more school programmes
One of the objectives of this area is to develop entry pathways by encouraging more school programmes.
We are making headway in this by strengthening our partnership with the International Schools Federation (ISF). Starting this year, Wrestling will now be present annually in two ISF events. In 2022, Wrestling will appear in the Gymnasiades in Normandy (France) from 14 – 22 May and in Jinjiang (China) from 26 November – 03 December. In addition to more participation in ISF events, there is a significant increase in the involvement of United World Wrestling in the cultural and educational activities that run in parallel to these events.
The call for the 2022 UWW Grassroot programme has been launched and we already have approved applications from Australia, Colombia, Kosovo, Italy, and Namibia. In addition, we are working with Olympic Solidarity to initiate a grassroots development programme in view of the Dakar 2026 Youth Olympic Games that will target all West African countries. We also have a renewed partnership with OlympAfrica that will target all 54 African nations. And finally, a project has been launched to assist all National Federations in establishing a programme for Wrestling in schools.
A new National Federation gender equality programme and more
In late February 2022, the submission deadline for the new UWW Gender Equality Development Programme closed and strong applications were received from the National Federations of Austria, Burundi, Macedonia, and Switzerland. The programme, formerly known as the UWW Women and Sport Award, underlines our commitment towards the development of women’s wrestling and our pursuit of gender equality as a component of our strategy for 2022-2026. Each year, a project, programme or organization that contributes to the development of Women’s Wrestling and is committed to tackling gender bias and inequalities in Wrestling, is awarded a determined fund to help kick-start, continue or extend its work.
UWW has joined the 2nd edition of Olympic Solidarity’s Women Sports Leadership Programme “WISH”. Five female Wrestling coaches will benefit from this scholarship programme for the duration of 18 months.
For Women Referees, the wrestling competition at the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games will be predominantly officiated by females, which is a first in the history of wrestling. This programme will continue for the next edition of the Summer Olympic Games as well.
Welcoming Grappling to the UWW Sports Department
As a major step towards United World Wrestling’s aim to embrace both Olympic and Associated wrestling styles, Grappling now has a full-time staff member incorporated in the UWW Sports Department. Antonina Bosser, who sits with the team in Corsier, Switzerland, is now coordinating the work around Grappling with the aim to support its growth and enhance its connection with the existing activities of the department.
Jean-Daniel Rey, UWW Sports Department Director, said: “It is a great step forward to have Grappling now within the reach of our department.  Through both Antonina’s efforts and the involvement of our whole team and the Grappling Committee, we will see an increase in the support we can provide to Grappling worldwide, as well as a deeper understanding within the entire administration of this discipline. I hope that this will be a first step in further building Grappling and in general of our increased efforts to support all Wrestling styles”.
Looking at who we are
It will soon be 10 years since we introduced a new name and logo for our organization. In 2013, we had to take a hard look at ourselves and decided to make changes. Those changes have paid off. As part of the new strategy, we aim to further build on the strong image we have created over this last decade.
The administration is working together on the implementation of the Strategy 2022-2026 and with each new project and initiative that is launched, we can showcase our ambition, our modernization, and our global appeal – all of which are strong elements of our image.
We will together showcase our unique and attractive image to audiences worldwide and help each National Federation do the same. We have launched an internal Think Tank to look at how our image has developed over the last decade and where we go from here. This will enable us to better package our sport and events and promote our organization. In addition, it will enable us to create useful and relevant tools for our members and partners.
Creating the roadmap
The digital transformation of our organization and our sport is progressing well. Our first objective was to create a roadmap including a prioritisation of activities and this was presented already at Congress last October. We are working with leaders in the industry, N3XT Sports, to ensure that we remain focused and results-driven in our approach and our plan is on track.
Our goal is to accelerate our digital transformation with the aim to continuously create value for fans, wrestlers, and the global wrestling community. We want to improve our digital assets and introduce new assets that will help to promote the sport, create new revenue streams, and increase our ability to capture and analyse data.
In this first quarter of 2022, substantial progress has been made as we start to create a new UWW mobile app and video platform and enhance our current website.

Strategy 2022-2026
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