"I don't think there's any Bush baggage at all." -Jeb Bush......errr.




Yemen: Because 'Winning' Is Everything 

It only took about four months, but Yemen's "government" actually won a battle in its country's civil war. The Saudi-backed "pro-government" forces had their first major victory yesterday and after days of intense fighting, they drove the Iran-backed Houthi rebels out of a key airbase north of the port city of Aden. They didn't do it alone -- videos show hundreds of UAE tanks rolling into Aden to help them in their cause. The use of ground forces by the Saudi "coalition" is a dangerous escalation in the conflict. This is about the 50th "dangerous escalation" in the Middle East in the last three years. 

The invaders could learn a thing or two from Egypt, which deployed ground forces during the Yemen civil war in the 1960s and lost 26,000 soldiers, or from other, more recent, ill-fated Middle Eastern interventions (see Iraq, Syria, Libya).

Israeli Suspected Of Leading Extremist Group Arrested

Israeli police have arrested Meir Ettinger following a fatal attack on a Palestinian home that left an 18-month baby dead Friday. It is unclear whether Ettinger was involved in the attack, but Israel has vowed to crack down on Jewish extremism following this attack and a stabbing in Jerusalem's pride parade that left one Israeli dead. Ettinger is the grandson of Meir Kahane, a fixture of the Israeli far-right. Israel also approved the use of "administrative detention" (aka arrest without trial) to hold three others for association with Jewish terrorist organizations. 



Germany's Top Prosecutor Is Auf Wiedersehen-ed (Fired)

Germany, busy pretending it doesn't run the Eurozone, faced constitutional turmoil as its Justice Minister, Heiko Maas, fired the country's top prosecutor, Harald Range. Harald had been trying to prosecute two journalists for treason (first trial like this for 50 years) for publishing classified documents about Germany's spy agency monitoring the internet. Spying is a sore topic in Deutschland after the Snowden leaks showed German co-operation in NSA programs (as a thank you the NSA then bugged Merkel). The Justice Minister said that he would ask Germany's President to move Mr. Range "into retirement"... sounds ominous. It is rare (in a democracy) for the executive branch to get this involved in who and how the judiciary chooses to prosecute... 

Taliban Looking For Management Consultants

Having announced a new leader, Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour, the Taliban is facing management issues as senior figures have quit the organization (to look for "other opportunities in this space"). The director of the Taliban's political office in Doha stepped down in protest at the cover-up of the one-eyed former Taliban leader, Mullah Omar's death. He died two years ago, but his death was only announced last week. The Taliban is coming under increasing pressure internally from hardliners who just want to fight everyone and externally from ISIS who also want to fight everyone....

Planned Parenthood Controversy Continues Despite Failed Senate Vote

A Monday vote by the US Senate kept Planned Parenthood funded, however, the controversy is still boiling. A fifth video was released Tuesday by an anti-abortion group showing a Planned Parenthood official discussing the cost of "intact" fetuses. Planned Parenthood, an organization providing reproductive healthcare services, denied wrongdoing. Elizabeth Warren took to the floor to accuse the GOP of going back to the 1890s. Meanwhile, Donald Trump advocated shutting down the federal government to put a stop to funding... everything in moderation it seems. 

Informative Read: How Planned Parenthood actually uses its funding 

#Pnut4Prez: Fox News Announces GOP Debate Field, 10 Angry Men

Let's hear the drum roll... the verdict is in and the GOP candidates who will debate Thursday evening are: Donald Trump (genius/madman), Jeb Bush (not like the other Bushes), Mike Huckabee (doesn't like Darwin), Ben Carson (read this), Ted Cruz (bacon), Scott Walker (climate change is real?), Marco Rubio (almost electable), Rand Paul (likes tea parties), Chris Christie (hates bridges), and John Kasich (sorry, who?). That makes for a total of... zero female candidates. Get ready to rumble, folks.

Keeping Our Eye On...



Minion Mania Brings Chaos To Ireland

Minions are fictional small yellow animated creatures that "have existed since the beginning of time." They serve the world's most evil people and hypnotize children across the world with their yellowness. Audiences have actually paid money to watch the latest minion films as they shout phrases such as, "me want banana" and "bananonina." However, Ireland failed to see the funny side as a giant 40-foot inflatable minion was blown onto a major road causing a traffic accident. Quick-thinking emergency services raced to deflate the Minion to prevent it from causing further havoc. Witnesses were quoted as being relieved that "no one had been injured"... go back to work, the panic is over!

MINIONS  Official FINAL Trailer (2015)
Ok we are also a bit crazy about the Minions. 
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