The World Congress of Aesthetic Gynaecology and Sexual Wellbeing
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The World Congress of Aesthetic Gynaecology and Sexual Wellbeing

Following on from a successful launch of the IAAGSW, the inaugural International IAAGSW conference will be held in London this October on the 27th, 28th and 29th at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. 

The concept of Sexual Rejuvenation and Wellbeing is fast becoming one of the main talking points in Aesthetics. IAAGSW promises a fantastic selection of National and International speakers in their respective fields of scientific interest, to update delegates' clinical knowledge whilst also exploring new market opportunities in the dynamic Sexual Aesthetics industry.

IAAGSW will cover the four key areas of Sexual Rejuvenation and Wellbeing; Aesthetic Gynaecology, Male Sexual Rejuvenation, Bio-Identical Hormones and the rising role of Regenerative Medicine in this field. 

The 27th and 28th will offer a main lecture programme and concurrent exhibitor workshops, while the 29th will be devoted to an Advanced Masterclass.  

The Masterclass comprises a Hormone Therapy Workshop led by Dr Fouad I Ghaly, and a workshop on How to Optimise Male Sexual Health with Hormone Balancing, led by Dr Theodore B Achacoso. By attending these workshops you will learn proven treatment protocols to implement in your practice.

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Hormone Therapy Workshop

Dr Ghaly is one of the most influential Beverly Hills physicians working in the field of regenerative medicine, and this unique event will expand knowledge of the lucrative hormone therapy industry and explore treatment protocols that can be seamlessly implemented in-clinic.

Offering a functional overview of how hormonal changes manifest, this workshop will include:

Diagnosing, prescribing and monitoring bio-identical hormone replacement therapy
New evidence for effective administration of bio-identical hormones vs synthetic hormones
Understanding anti-ageing with hormones 
Thyroid hormone therapy
Therapeutic management of andropause
Prescribing testosterone for men & women
Hormone pellet therapy
How to use melatonin
Effective dosing and monitoring of DHEA and pregnenolone therapy
Health benefits of oestrogen/progesterone
Managing pituitary disorders
The role of oxytocin and develop a unique treatment protocol for your patients

Male Sexual Health Workshop

Dr Achacoso will discuss how Health Optimisation Medicine, or HOMe detects and corrects imbalances at the level of the metabolite. This workshop will cover the detection and correct of imbalances in the hormonal network of men for sexual health optimisation. 

This class is clinical and will assume the situation of a male client coming to your clinic, discussing:

Considerations before starting any hormone balancing regimen
What metabolites to detect in the major neuroendocrine nexi
The difference between an ‘Illness Range’ and an ‘Optimal Range’
Interactions among hormones within a network or why you never give testosterone alone
How to correct imbalances by ‘network-wide range shifting’—shifting objectively detected levels of metabolites into the optimal ranges, considering they are interacting within a network
When to stabilise the hormone balancing protocol—the subjective art
How to follow up and other tests that are of interest to health

How to register

There are three delegate packages available to purchase for this congress, including an option to exclusively attend the Masterclass. For more information download the delegate pack, or email to reserve your place now.

Early Bird rates apply if booking before September 1st 2017.

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