Volume 65  Number 7  July 2019 

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This monthly newsletter is published to keep the brothers and families of Santa Barbara Lodge No. 192, Scottish Rite Valley of Santa Barbara,York Rite Knights Templar Commandery No. 30 and Royal Arch Chapter Corinthian No. 51, and Santa Barbara Shrine Club of the Al Malaikah Shriners, up to date on the interesting and informative events of our extended Masonic family. Contact us at the  Santa Barbara Masonic Center office at (805) 966-4502, 16 E. Carrillo St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101-2707.
This July newsletter is the fourth issue of our six month experiment of both emailing and postal mailing to our newsletter sponsor members. Our unit leadership is still undecided on the value of continuing the postal mail due to the few requests to continue postal mailing.

Congratulations to our own Andy Pippin, installed as the Grand Sentinel of the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of the State of California. He is in the grand line to become the Grand Master of the Grand Council.

This July 4th, note that the Freemasons who were part of the group of Declaration of Independence signers took the same obligation and were taught the same values as you and I (as Master Masons). Also note the proclamation by Grand Master Wright that July is "Support Our Veterans Month".

See this month's calendar, articles, and pictures and plan to attend the events of your choice.  

Bruce Rick, Editor and Publisher
Andy Pippin, Finance



SAT    SEP  21   SUPREME COUNCIL 33° HONOURS FOR KCCH AND 33°           9:00 am San Diego


SAT    JAN  18   CORINTHIAN 51 AND ST. OMER 30 INSTALLATION - 4:00 pm Ventura Masonic Center

SAT    FEB  22   VMAP ORIENT OF CALIFORNIA CONFERENCE  - 9:00 am Valley of Sacramento


Santa Barbara Masonic Lodge No. 192
Trestle Board
                 6:30 pm Dinner
                 7:30 pm Stated Meeting  

THU    4  SANTA BARBARA PARADE-we march                      11:30 am -  Meet at the Lodge
                  12:00 pm - Form up
                    1:00 pm - Step off
                    2:30 pm - Ice Cream Social at the                                                    Lodge

                  7:00 pm Practice

                  7:00 pm Lodge Room

                   7:00 pm  Instruction

                   7:00 pm Practice

                   7:00 pm Lodge Room
Lodge 192 Third Degree Anniversary with Home Lodge    
Michael Zilberman   07/09 Yrs. 35 CA    La Cumbre No. 642
Harold Dunham        07/10        57 CA    Magnolia No. 242
Richard Sharpe        07/17        18 CA    Magnolia-La Cumbre No. 242
James Hennigan Jr. 07/21        32 CA    Magnolia No. 242                Charles Calkins        07/22        55 CA    Oxnard No. 341
Winston Li                07/22        22 CA    Magnolia-La Cumbre No. 242
Kenneth Macaulay    07/22       15 CA    Santa Barbara No. 192
Gene Schock             07/23       56 CA    Magnolia No. 242
Richard Cook            07/26       42 CA    Magnolia No. 242
Charles Hickey          07/26       46 CA    Santa Barbara No. 192
James Richards         07/27       62 CA    Magnolia No. 242
Thomas Roth             07/27       41 CA    Santa Barbara No. 192
Norman Horsley        07/28       21 CA    Magnolia-La Cumbre No. 242
Lawrence Price         07/28       31 CA    Santa Barbara No. 192
Marvin Andrews        07/30       62 CA    Magnolia No. 242
Maurice Sourmany    07/30       51 CA    Magnolia No. 242
Daniel Geller              07/31       46 CA    La Cumbre No. 642
Oldest Living Member of  Santa Barbara Lodge No. 192 
Dan Geller of La Cumbre Lodge No. 642 - is 103 years old.
Santa Barbara Lodge No. 192 Officers

Wor. Master        Calvin Petersen
Sr. Warden          Andy Pippin, PM
Jr. Warden          Chris Veres 
Treasurer            Rod Castillo
Sec.                     Nevin Chamberlain, PM
Chaplain             Bob Burtness
Sr. Deacon         Sean Simms
Jr. Deacon          Charles O'Kell
Marshall              Ernie Sandoval
Sr. Steward         Frank Risard
Jr. Steward         Nikolay Sarfimov
Organist              Don Goldberg  
Tiler                     Raul Anon, PM

From the Lodge
Senior Warden Andy Pippin PM, Worshipful Master Calvin Petersen, Junior Warden Chris Veres
From the East


With the Master of Contemplative Masonry Chuck Dunning visiting this month (at the time of this writing), I thought the following words would be appropriate.

Reflection and study. Why are these worthy of our time, and why are these necessary in implementing them into the Freemason’s life?

“The symbols and ceremonies of Masonry have more than one meaning. They rather conceal than disclose the Truth. They hint it only, at least; and their varied meanings are only to be discovered by reflection and study.”-Pike (Morals and Dogma)

It can be discouraging when laboring over the contemplation of symbols and to not receive any specific idea or thoughts on the actual occult or hidden meaning. Especially as we are all to familiar with Philosophic writings. As the Hermetics say “Never do philosophers ever write more deceitfully than when plainly, nor ever more truly then when obscurely.”

Sorting through Masonic books and studying every part of our ritual is as rewarding as it is tedious. I encourage all Masons to join me in not just being a Mason by carrying a dues card, but by reflection and contemplation on our degrees and truly seeking the Truths veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. The labors are more than rewarding, try it out and see for yourself!

I will leave you to contemplate and reflect on this quote from “Dialogue of the Philosophers Stone with Gold and Mercury”

     -“The philosopher Plato speaks of me in these terms. It is a single           unique thing of one soul and same kind in itself; it has a body, a             soul, a spirit, and the four elements above which it rules. Nothing           is wanting to it; it has no need of other bodies; for it engenders             itself; all things are of it, by it, and in it.”

Evidently this, the Divine Truth, God.

Fraternally yours,

Calvin Petersen W:. M:.

From the Secretary

Brethren, Greetings from the Secretary!

        Last comment on dues for this Masonic year that ends on June 30. On that date the Lodge has to declare all those who find it necessary to have their dues remitted. As of June 16th, 32 have had their dues remitted and 19 have yet to pay dues for 2019.
    Every year when a new Master assumes the chair in the East, the brothers wonder what the new presiding officer will emphasize. Last year was the year of anniversaries, the 300th anniversary of Masonry in England, and the 150th anniversary of Santa Barbara Lodge. This year Calvin Petersen has featured the study of the esoteric symbolism and the beginnings of Masonry. We have heard one lecture and will hear another on June 25th from noted Masonic scholars, with at least one more later this year. In addition, a study group has been formed to meet once a month to talk about their research.
    This year, the Master has tried something new for entertainment after our family dinner. He has shown movies. The first one was about mathematics, not the dry and dusty mathematics but an animated short movie put out by Walt Disney, which was a humorous treatment of numbers. Next was a feature length movie “The Man who would be King”, which was based on the story by Rudyard Kipling, who was a Mason himself. However, only six (6) people showed up to watch! Support like this can discourage a leader from trying new ideas to attract brethren and families from coming to Lodge functions, which leaves the much criticized stated meeting as the main source of “entertainment” for members.
    Over the years, there has been many books, magazines, and other publications printed for our enjoyment and education. This was brought home to us when Brother Nigel Gallimore decided to clean out his bookcases and brought four boxes of books into the Temple, and a large box of various magazines that were published in England. Now we need a librarian to organize them so that the Brethren could see them and make use of them. Bram van der Elst previously did a lot of work in the library to organize the books. Now we need more of that work. 
    The Lodge lost another brother when Steve Little passed away on May 20, 2019 at the age of 94 years. Bro. Steve was born in Stockton, California, received his college education at the University of Oklahoma and Notre Dame University, and entered Masonry with Morningside Lodge #68 in Stockton. Steve and his wife Leah moved to Santa Barbara in 1978, and he became a member of Santa Barbara Lodge by affiliation on April 5, 1979. Steve had been a Mason for over 70 years. There will be a service for him at All Saints by the Sea on July 8, 2019.
    The Officers of the Lodge will march in the 4th of July parade. No trolley this year.

      I do want to see you at Lodge!  

                          Nevin Chamberlain, Secretary  

The first Saturday of each month is our regular monthly Lodge highway cleanup party.  Meet at the Turnpike IHOP at 8 am for a breakfast of your choice provided by the Lodge and great fellowship with the  other participants. While you do not have to be a Mason to participate in this activity, individuals under 18 must have parental consent letters on file with "CALTRANS". "If you wish to participate on days other than the first Saturday, please contact me for details."       Contact Bob Burtness with questions at labcats@verizon.net .
Visit our Santa Barbara Valley website
Santa Barbara Valley Trestle Board
THU      4  JULY 4TH SANTA BARBARA PARADE                       WITH MASONS

                  6:00 pm Social
                  6:30 pm Dinner
                  7:30 pm Honoring Scholarships 
                  7:45 pm Stated Meeting
           MENU: Cheese and Crackers, Chef's Surprise,                                 Dessert and coffee.                                                 Still $15.00 per person $25.00 per couple.  
           Call Colleen in the office at 965-6100 (if                             bringing a guest please let Colleen know that                     guest's name).
           You can use the Valley Mobile App to pay for your             dinner.

                   6:30 pm Meeting-Santa Barbara Masonic                            Center 3rd Floor Conference Room

THU    25  MASTER CRAFTSMAN PROGRAM                               7:00 pm Meeting in dining room  


                  4:00 pm Shoreline Park - Santa Barbara 

                    (LobsterFest) - Camarillo State Park,                                  11:30 - 3:00. Lobster $45.00, Steak 35.00.
                    CALL OFFICE 805/965-6100, for tickets.
Santa Barbara Valley Officers

Venerable Mstr.   Bruce Rick, KCCH
Wise Master         Peter Champion,32°
Cmdr.                    J C. Knapp,33° 
Mstr. of Kadosh   Jeff Matson,32°
           S.G.I.G. Appointments
Personal Rep.      Maurice Sourmany, 33°
Asst. Pers. Rep.  J C. Knapp, 33°
Asst. Pers. Rep   Andy Pippin, KCCH
Asst. Pers. Rep   Ron Ritter, KCCH
Treasurer             Scott Wenz, KCCH
Gen'l Secretary   Bruce Rick, KCCH

From the Personal Representative to the Sovereign Grand Inspector General of California
Ill. Maurice Sourmany, 33°

Brethren and friends,Brethren and friends, 

Summer is definitely here, and many of us have or are going to travel. Remember to be safe. July brings us “The Fourth Of July”, the birth of our country. Several Masons will be in the Santa Barbara Fourth of July parade, so go and support those Masons representing us on that day. Many families will also have a barbecue to celebrate, enjoy and be safe.

Honorable Dexter Pehle, KCCH and Honorable Scott Wenz, KCCH  represented our Valley in the ROTC Award Ceremonies at U.C.S.B., graduation. They presented certificates to the cadets.
Just days from getting back from the hospital Dexter again represented our Valley when he gave a talk on the Eighteenth Degree to the Ventura County Scottish Rite members at their Stated Meeting. Everyone thought it was outstanding. 

While I was with Dexter at the meeting, I received tickets for the New England Summer Picnic, or LobsterFest. We need to sell all of our allotment. Tickets are for: a 1 pound lobster with cole slaw, corn, bread, and usually mussels for $45.00 each, a 1 pound New York steak with cole slaw, corn, bread and mussels for $35.00 each. We only have about 2 weeks to sell all the tickets. They will have music, a bake sale, auction items, and all the proceeds go to our clinic. Please support us by buying a ticket. This really helps us support our clinic. Ask Bruce Rick or myself for a ticket or call the clinic at 805-962-8469. Remember this is your philanthropy. You need to support it.

We had a really fine talk on Angels Flight West, by Brother Jeff Morehouse. He explained his role in flying and not charging people in need; of medical care or flying blood in an emergency like when our cities encounter fires and floods. Jeff generally flies to the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. He talked about some of the patients he has taken and the wide range of calls his fellow pilots make. If you missed our meeting, you missed a very fine talk by Jeff. This is done free of charge to the client.

A huge Thank You to the officers and members of King Davids Lodge in San Luis Obispo, CA. that voted to donate the Santa Barbara RiteCare Clinic, $2,500.00. We are very grateful that the Scottish Rite members in the North think about our clinic in this way. This money will go a long way toward helping the children of our clinic. Brothers Peter Champion 32°, Robert Sachs 32°, and Honorable Larry Cook KCCH, presented the check.

At the last California Scottish Rite Foundation meeting on June 1st, it was pointed out that the Santa Barbara RiteCare Clinic, saw the most children for the least cost per child. That is an outstanding job done by the clinicians. They average around 40 children a week while most of the other clinics see 10 - 15. You should all be very proud of your clinic.

I am still seeking 2-3 Scottish Rite members to serve on the RiteCare Board. They meet the third Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm here at the Masonic center. Please let Brother Sean Simms know or call our office, 805/965-6100.

We do have tickets for the New England Summer Picnic (LobsterFest). The cost is $45.00 for Lobster 1 -1 1/2 lb., which includes coleslaw, corn, bread, and possibly some mussels, $35.00 for a 1 lb., Steak which includes coleslaw, corn, bread and possibly some mussels. Brethren help support our clinic by buying a ticket or at least donate money toward the event. The Ventura Scottish Rite puts this event on to support our Clinic, let’s do our part. I know Mary and I are going, are you?

Our Valley has its own Mobile APP for our Valley. If you haven’t got it, e-mail our General Secretary, Honorable Bruce Rick KCCH, to get the link. His email address is: bar972@outlook.com. Not only does the Valley App inform you of coming events, you are able to communicate with other members, pay your dues, make donations, and pay for your dinners. I highly recommend for each member to get the app.

At the July stated meeting we will have our local scholarship winners here and present each with a certificate. 
I will hopefully know by then who our honorees are and will announce them.
If any member would like to participate in any capacity please let either Bruce Rick know or myself. We do need more members participating.

At the P/R meeting we found out that we will again have a reunion statewide. This time it will be split in half, the North will again be at Oakland Scottish Rite, will do the 5 mandatory degrees plus the 5°-13°, 15°-17°. This will be on  June 5, 6 & 7, 2020. The South will do the 5 mandatory degrees plus the 19°-29°, & 31°. I put in that our Valley will put on the 4° and 14°. In the year 2022, the North will do the 5 mandatory degrees plus the 19°-29° & 31°, the South will do the 5 mandatory degrees plus the 4°-13°, 15°-17°. I know our Valley will again set the standard for Degree work as we did in 2018. We may be asked to do another degree so we need to nail down the two that I committed to and possibly do another. If anyone wants to be in the degrees or be a part of stage, sound or wardrobe, please let Illustrious JC, or Honorable Andy Pippin, or Honorable Ron Ritter know. 

On behalf of Mary and I, have a wonderful summer.


P.R. Maurice Sourmany is presented a check for $2,500.00 for the Santa Barbara RiteCare Center from King David's Lodge No. 209 represented by members (l-r) Peter Champion, Bob Sachs, and Larry Cook.
From the Venerable Master
Hon. Bruce A. Rick, 32° KCCH

Greetings from the Lodge of Perfection.

Our June Stated Meeting night was again an enjoyable and interesting evening. A great meal, an informative and interesting lectiure, and productive Stated Meeting makes one really want to attend our July Stated Meeting night!

Join us as we enjoy another great meal, honor our local scholarship winners, hear from a RiteCare volunteer who is also a scholarship winner, and see the ROTC Medal we give each year to an outstanding UCSB Surfer Battalion Rider. our Stated Meeting will focus on our August celebration of our Scottish Rite members with 25 and 50 years of continuous service to our body.

You can help us out with the July New England Picnic by: buying a ticket or two, drop off an auction item at the office (looking for business gift certificates now), or give a donation to the RiteCare Center directly since that is where the picnic proceeds go. 

Hope to see you at lodge!



Bruce Rick, 32° KCCH - Venerable Master

The Orator's Corner
Orator Robert Sachs, 32° 

       “A few good men…”
     This phrase was made iconic when the US Marines used it in their promotional materials – that they were “looking for a few good men.”  And, as Masons, the same could be said, but with one further step added – to make good men better.  To ensure that our craft attracts good men in the first place, solicitation is discouraged, not because we are such poor judges of character, but rather we wish to see discerning men who admire the men within the Lodge and what they do and stand for within the community be the impetus to knock on our door.  If coming of “their own free will and accord,” we more quickly learn of a potential candidate’s commitment and motivations.

         In our Blue Lodge three degrees, the steps and stages of what one needs to learn and practice to become a better man are laid out and best summarized by becoming a man committed to brotherly love, relief, and truth.  The morals and virtues which support these commitments are spelled out, but are for us to contemplate, meditate, and integrate in our own way.  Freemasonry does not prescribe how best one can “practice out of the Lodge what we inculcate within it,” other than to encourage a participation in self-improvement, family harmony, and whatever activity one is best capable of offering to the betterment of one’s community, nation, and world.

     In days gone by, the lessons of Masonry coupled with an individual’s education and livelihood, lead many to engage in civil or government service, be it on the local, state, national, even international level.  In the history of the United States, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Monroe, John Jay, John Hancock, Paul Revere, John Paul Jones, and James Otis were Freemasons.  There were no less than nine Freemasons as signers to the Declaration of Independence, and nine (and some say 13) signers of the American Constitution.  During our War of Independence, thirty-three of the seventy-four generals were Freemasons.  Since then, any number of Freemasons have served in political offices, with 15 Presidents being members of our Craft.

     Other than these notables of American lore and fame, more than likely, if you look at the annals of your own local and state governments, you will find many a Brother offering service to their communities and nation – contributing to the building and support of infrastructures that make it possible for our streets to be safe, our buildings to code, our borders secure, and our politics as free of partisanship as is possible in the realm of human engagement.  When I was researching my own Lodge and the role of Freemasons locally in San Luis Obispo County, the ranks of the movers and shakers who shaped San Luis Obispo and surrounding towns were well populated by the Brethren, their wives, and members of various appellate Masonic bodies.

     But, something has changed.  Freemasons are not so common in the political arenas these days.  Is it that Brothers are not interested in such?  Is the knowledge of one being a Freemason an asset or liability in the current politics of personal attack?  Before I was raised, I rhetorically asked a Past Master of our Lodge if the low numbers, almost non-existence of Freemasons being a part of the House and Senate of the United States could be one of the factors for their being an absence of civility and statesmanship by their members. 

     In our Lodges, we pray to the Supreme Grand Architect, and follow it soon after with “The Pledge of Allegiance,” which was first penned by a Brother of ours, Bro. Francis J. Bellamy of Little Falls Lodge No. 181, Little Falls, New York in 1892.  In that pledge, we offer our allegiance to “the flag” and “to the Republic for which it stands.”  It is a patriotic commitment – a commitment to that which our flag and Republic stand upon – an “indivisible nation” desiring to deliver to all of its citizens “liberty and justice.”  Such a commitment is echoed in the obligations we take within our Lodges, and is further expanded upon in Scottish Rite, whose mandate is to overcome ignorance, dispel fanaticism, and challenge tyranny.  As such, like WB George Washington, our patriotism is founded on principle, on law, and on a Constitution which makes it possible for us to live in one of the most free and welcoming Nations in the world, where the “tired and poor” can come, potentially thrive in, contribute to, and serve to grow inspiring communities for the benefit of all.

     What is the role of Freemasonry in this scheme of things today?  Is our only contribution to our communities and nation our philanthropy?  Or, are we living in a time when the mentoring of young men and our members in general can once again, inspire Freemasons to enter into the political arena and bring the values we so cherish back into the national dialogue? In a time where there are so many environmental challenges, where self-interest has replaced and almost been given a status of being more important than community welfare, where patriotism has been co-opted to mean only nationalism – a more elegant term for xenophobic tribalism – a call to the noble mandate of Freemasonry and the many virtues it endeavors to inculcate, could not be more urgent.  

     If we make such an intent known within our communities, if we seriously engage in Constitution Month, if we grow our scholarship opportunities, if we bring youth into our Lodges for school debates on local, national, and international issues – in other words, if we demonstrate our relevance in the bigger issues of our time, perhaps we shall not only attract young men and women to our youth orders, but begin, again, to see these people and the members of our Lodges see a role for themselves in a world in need of “a few good men” and women.

Our own Valley member Dexter Pehle KCCH was called upon by the Ventura Country Scottish Rite Valley to give a talk on the 18° at their June Stated Meeting. Note that the Ventura Valley 18° Team is well known for their portrayal of this degree.  
Santa Barbara Valley members Scott Wenz KCCH and Dexter Pehle KCCH present Scottish Rite certificates to UCSB ROTC Cadets.
Santa Barbara Valley member Larry Cook KCCH at the Memorial Day service at Goleta Cemetery.
Help support the Santa Barbara Valley RiteCare Center!
Your gift can be specified for one of the individual programs: Camp Chit Chat, Brain Gym, or Super Brains or for the general needs of the Center.

Call today to give a donation!
(805) 962-84691 or
Donate on line at our website
Camp Chit Chat is in its third week. We have 66 children enrolled and they are having so much fun!  Parents are loving the program as well. We receive daily accolades from the families about how much they are enjoying camp and their child wakes up every morning asking to go to Camp Chit Chat!
So far, we have practiced our speech and language skills while learning about pirates, mermaids, dinosaurs and this week we are going on a camping adventure! 

Staffer Julie and Katy Cuturan, our newest board member, participated in an event at the SB Zoo this past weekend. The zoo had a family event where non-profits were allowed to showcase their program and provide an activity for the attendees. Julie and Katy provided free face painting to 100 children at this event on Friday night.

Our next event will be the 29th Annual New England Picnic. Please purchase your tickets and plan to attend. It's a fun day. 
Julie & Summer make speech therapy fun by using weekly themes to target goals. This week was a Lemonade Stand theme! The kids had fun squeezing lemons and drinking the lemonade at the end! 
Then one on one therapy. Here is Summer with a concentrating learner.
Summer, Colleen, and Lena-Rex doing the Dino Pokie!
Julie and little Dinos completing a puzzle.
Little Dinos - Grrrrrrr!
Santa Barbara 
RiteCare Board  

                       Sean Simms, President
                       Ernie Sandoval, Vice-President 
                       Debbie Kleinpeter, Secretary
                       Rosalyn Collins, Treasurer
                       Katy Cuturan
                       June Longcob
                       Erika Ronchietto 
                        Maurice Sourmany
                        Bruce Rick 
                        Summer Calvert
                        Julie DeAngelis
Visit our York Rite of California website
York Rite Trestle Board

5:30 pm   Dinner at State Street IHOP 
7:00 pm   Stated Communication

5:30 pm No-host Dinner at State Street IHOP
7:00 pm Stated Conclave - Awarding Meritorious Service Medal to Sir Knight A. Pippin

5:30 pm   Dinner at State Street IHOP 
7:00 pm   Stated Communication

6:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Stated Meeting
Corinthian Chapter No. 51 Officers

High Priest-Elect    Bruce Rick
King                         Jon Jorgensen                Scribe                      Maurice Sourmany
Treasurer                Pat Lennon
Secretary                Raul Anon
Chaplain                  Dexter Pehle
Captain of the Host Nevin Chamberlain
Principal Sojourner Andy Pippin
Royal Arch Captain Scott Wenz
Master of 3rd Veil     Jeff Matson
Master of 2nd Veil     Chris Veres
Master of 1st Veil       David Amaral

From the Royal Arch High Priest
High Priest Bruce Rick

Corinthian 51 was well represented at the June 15th Grand York Rite Reception. Our new Grand High Priest Leland Routt, expressed his pleasure in becoming a Corinthian 51 honorary life member and receiving our honorarium. GHP Lee told us about the design of his lapel emblem . See the picture below. Ask him the story at the July 6th SLO 3-way Grand York Rite Reception!
A great announcement was made by the Cryptic Masons Grand Master naming our own Andy Pippin to begin the grand line as Grand Sentinel.

Our July Royal Arch Corinthian No. 51 meeting is Wednesday the 3rd at 7:00 pm. Our program will be presented by Companion Chris Veres on "The Connections of the Blue Lodge to Royal Arch".

Our September 4th Corinthian No. 51 Stated Communication will be centered around the Most Excellent Master Degree, Corinthian 51's specialty. 

Anyone can join us for a no-host meal at the State Street IHOP at 5:30 pm before we head over to the Masonic Center.

I encourage you to read the Grand York Rite of California quarterly Encompasser and the monthly Workman. These can be accessed online. Ask me if you can't locate them on their website
Link Here .

Please wear your red jacket for updated photos at our July meeting.

Companion Bruce Rick
St. Omer Commandery No. 30 Officers

Commander              Bruce Rick
Generalissimo          Raul Anon
Captain General       Nevin Chamberlain, PC
Senior Warden          Jon Jorgensen, PC
Junior Warden          Floyd Griffin
Prelate                       Dexter Pehle, PC
Treasurer                  Pat Lennon, PC
Recorder                   Andy Pippin, PC
Standard Bearer       Jeff Matson
Sword Bearer            Scott Wenz
Warder                        Fred Ervast
Sentinel                      Bill Gordon
From the Apartment of the Commander
Eminent Commander Bruce Rick
Sir Knights and Friends, 

Our June 5th conclave was a really fun time. A lot was accomplished in record meeting time. We celebrated Sir Knight Ervast's becoming a Knight Templar this month (years ago), we presented 25 year member certificates and label pins to 4 of 6 eligible members, and had our St. John the Baptist June Celebration.

At the June 15th Grand York Rite Reception, Sir Knight Chamberlain escorted new Grand Commander William "Bill" McBroome. Commander Rick presented GC Broome with a St. Omer No. 30 Honorary Life Membership and a personal honorarium. GC McBroome told the story behind his design of his lapel pin. See the picture below. Hint: those are motorcycle chain links and a redwood tree.

Our August 7th Conclave will be another busy one with the program highlighting the awarding of the Mertorious Service Medal to our own Sir Knight Andy Pippin. More interesting items are on the agenda.

Please note that any Christian-oriented York Rite Mason may request an application to join our merry band. 

In Hoc Signo Vinces,

Bruce Rick               
From the Apartment of the Prelate
The Lord is my light and salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is my strength of my life; of whom shall be afraid?”
                                                 Psalm 27:1
The month of June brought serious thoughts to mind with many instances of death surfacing nearly on a daily basis.  It began at Memorial Day, in late May, with the annual remembrances of our fallen military.  And then the seventy-fifth anniversary of the WWII D-Day landings at Normandy, France. Aging has quite an effect on memory. Memories of visits to hallowed grounds around the world reach deep into emotional heartstrings. And now, we are getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July, the foundation of our Nation.
As a veteran that served during the non-conflict years of the 1950’s, I often reflect on how I may have acted if there had been an active conflict during the years that I served. Recently, I was asked to present a recognition and scholarship check to a ROTC Cadet at UCSB. This young female cadet is getting ready to serve her country during a time when she could be assigned to a combat zone. At 21 years of age, with her whole life in front of her, she is ready to serve, whatever the cost. Would I have that same courage at that time of life?
One of my first lessons in Masonry was what talk is forbidden in the Lodge, as a manner to promote harmony and peace within the organization. Politics was at the top of the list. When a person is given opportunity to use a “bully pulpit” it becomes tempting to use it.  I joined Masonry to surround myself and be in the presence of good people, people whose ideals were alighted with mine. I tend to shun away from those not so aligned, whether they be ‘brother’ or people I meet.  I realize that today’s environment at the national level concerns me, but I know that the ideals that Masonic teaching have taught are still the ones that I will follow.
I lost another mentor this week. The sad e-mail came from across country to notify me of the passing of a fellow I served in the Air Force with. My friend, Glenn, was gifted teacher and an excellent musician. The first choir that he started was a male chorus of which I was a member. I don’t know if he ever became a Mason or not, but Glenn was one of those persons who had all the attributes of what a Mason should be. Farewell ‘my brother.’ Save a place for me in that heavenly choir.
Let us Pray:
Oh God, The Author of life and Guide of the pilgrim: defend us, your humble servants in the paths that we take this day, that we may always take the road that you would have us to take: that trusting in your defense, we may not fear the power of any adversaries, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  AMEN

Dexter Pehle, Prelate
St. Omer Commandery No. 30
Our celebration banner! 130 Years of Continuous Service to our community.
  Channel Islands York Rite Association        
                    Ventura Chapter No. 50, Royal Arch Masons
                    Corinthian Chapter No. 51, Royal Arch Masons
                    Oxnard Chapter No. 86, Royal Arch Masons
                    Ventura Council No. 15, Cryptic Masons
                    Ventura Commandery No. 18, Knights Templar
                    St. Omer Commandery No. 30, Knights Templar

                             President                   Bruce Rick
                             Vice President            Edwin Escamilla
                             Secretary/Treasurer    Fred Ervast

                 MON  September 16  QUARTERLY MEETING - Ventura                                               Masonic Center
                         6:00 pm Working Dinner and Meeting
Grand York Rite of California leaders with their cakes preparatory to the ceremonial cutting and practical eating.
(l-r)  Grand High Priest Royal Arch Masons Leland Routt, Grand Master Cryptic Masons Eduardo Estrada, and Grand Commander Knights Templar William McBroome, Jr. 
Santa Barbara Shrine Club Trestle Board

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WED   OCTOBER 24, 2019
            ANNUAL MEETING
5:30 pm  Lite Dinner
6:00 pm  Meeting
Santa Barbara Shrine Club Officers - 2019

President  Jay Lockwood
Secretary/Treasurer   Bruce Rick
President Jay Lockwood
Can you believe that the 4th of July is only a week or so away. We have finalized the 4th Parade. We will be riding in the Santa Barbara Hot Rod Limo. You will not be able to miss us this year in a bright yellow stretched vintage Ford, full of Fezzes and crazy Hawaiian Shirts. This is sure to be a great time.

Finalizing the El Desfile Histórical Parade Friday, August 2nd. The Santa Barbara Shrine has participated in this yearly event for more than 75 years and we are proud to continue this tradition. It's also one the oldest and longest running Equestrian Parades in the U.S.                                                        

On July 19th the Santa Barbara Shrine Club is going to the Polo matches from 4-6 pm. See the announcement below with all the details. Should be a great time. 

A list of all the different activities available to Shrine club members are below. Great way to meet new Brothers and their families outside of our lodges area and have a ball doing it.

Our next stated meeting will be held Oct. 24, 2019. As always everyone is invited to our meals before the stated meetings to learn more about the Shriners and discuss solving the problems of the world. 
Till next time we meet Nobles 
  Jay Lockwood
Santa Barbara 4th of July Parade Route
Independence Day
July 4
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