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Webster dictionary defines change in the following ways:
: to make different in some particular
to make radically different human nature
: to give a different position, course, or direction to
: to replace with another let's change the subject
 : to make a shift from one to another
As adults, we have experienced hundreds of changes throughout our lives.  We have learned to navigate the waters of numerous types of change to find a healthy outcome for our lives. Along with any sort of change comes an emotional transition. A change event is considered physical meaning you can draw a timeline or track the event in some way. An emotional transition is the actual emotional transition that happens to a person as they navigate through the physical change.
But what about children? Specifically children not placed with their biological parents. Children in care. Who can help them navigate the waters of change? Changes they did not want in their young lives. Changes their young minds are not yet equipped to navigate. So what can we do?

The presence of a stable caregiver in a child’s life can help a child to process changes which in turn helps a child deal with change and adversity in their adult years. A child who feels safe and cared for in the home environment can begin to heal from traumatic change in their lives. Be that constant person in a child’s life. 

Understand that a child whose brain is not fully emotionally developed is unable to deal with emotions that change may bring about for them. Often a child with behavioral issues is trying to navigate through their emotions as a consequence of traumatic change. So if you see a child in your care act out in anger or break a toy or yell obscenities at an adult try to remember that a child’s mind is not developed the same as an adult mind. Also, children often show their worst behaviors with the adults they feel most comfortable around. Give the child a quiet safe zone to work through their feelings and be present for the child when they are ready to talk about how they feel.

By assuring that a child has supportive relationships with caring adults in out-of-home care we can work together to help a child through the multiple stressors from traumatic change in their lives. Thank you for your willingness to be a stable caregiver in the life of a child.   

Reach out to your Kinship Support Specialist, Therapist or Family Permanency Specialist for further information regarding Change and Child Development!

September is Kinship Awareness Month!
This September marks the second year Kinship awareness month will be recognized in Nebraska. The month of September continues as a time to honor and recognize Kinship Care, promoting awareness to those who play such a valuable role in supporting children in Nebraska. We know that relative and kinship homes are where children should be if it is a safe, viable option because this is where children thrive and feel the most connected. PromiseShip thanks you for your important role in helping children in our community by allowing families to be families!

PromiseShip Events

Freshen Up for School Open House
August 8th   
4:00 - 7:00 PM
2110 Papillion Pkwy

August’s theme is a Freshen Up for School! Bring your family to enjoy a meal and live entertainment and activities while we help you get ready for a fresh start to the new school year. There will be basic haircuts offered by professional hair stylists for youth 18 years old and under. Families can receive new socks, underwear, hygiene products and books. Important service information and resources will also be available. Open to all families working with PromiseShip.
Kinship Appreciation Event
Saturday, September 7, 2019
10:00 am to 12:00pm
Papio Fun Park
210 E Lincoln St  Papillion, NE

This is a free event for our Kinship and Relative care providers, their families and the children in their care.  Lunch will be provided!  Keep an eye out for more information coming soon!

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