JETAA USA National Conference Announcement
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Request for Chapter Presentations

Due Monday, September 19th

These chapter presentations play a very important role at NatCon.  This is when we will learn about the great events happening across the country and what we can take home and copy in our local area. The following events have been shared at NatCon and now happen across the country thanks to these presentations: Yukata pub crawls, 10+ events, book clubs, origami nights, cooking challenges etc.
During the conference, every chapter will give a 5 min presentation on TWO to THREE events you have held in the past year. Please use the template provided (two slide options) and fill in the details of the event.  After the conference, these slides will be posted on the website and will tell the complete story of what happened at your event and can be used by other chapters to get ideas for the future. 2018 presentations are posted on the website
Please create no more than 5 PowerPoint slides and upload using the link below.  The presentation must be submitted prior to NatCon in an effort to manage time for all 19 chapters to present.  Please think of events beyond departure conferences, Shinnenkais, career seminars and job fairs, because all chapters host these events unless you have a unique twist to share.

Slide #1: Marquee Event (choose one event) - Present an event you are most proud of.  This is an event that is probably unique to your chapter and area. Select something that can inspire other chapters to think out-of-the-box. See Example in the template of a Kakigori Booth.

Slide #2 & #3: Chapter Event (choose one or two events) - Present events that you hosted, that another chapter can learn from, and copy in their area. This will help chapters come up with new ideas to host in their local area.

Important key points to include:
  • Chapter name, logo and contact information
  • Name of the event & photo(s)
  • File name must include your chapter name
  • Description: What happened at the event and what was the goal or purpose
  • Details: How did you execute the event and who attended it
  • Tips: How to host this event successfully and maybe something you learned from hosting it
Sample and Template
Download the template and work in PowerPoint program on your computer. Delete sample slides and save as a PowerPoint file including your chapter name and upload .ppt file using link below.  

Questions, issues, support please contact
Download Template
Upload Presentation
Sample Slide
We will NOT have WIFI connection in the conference room to access Google slides so all presentations will ultimately be downloaded into PowerPoint.