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We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Beccy Pearson (for organising) and everyone who supported the Big Spring Clean on Saturday.  From the photographs below, it looked like everyone young and old(er) had lots of fun, and it is amazing how much was achieved in just a few hours.  We think you'll all agree that our school is looking wonderful as a result.  We are massively grateful for all of your time and effort.


Forest School Camping Night
Friday 22nd June

There has been a great response to this event and at the time of writing there are just over 20 places left. If you do want to come please respond via the link previously circulated on the newsletter as soon as possible. You will receive a text message to inform you whether you have been allocated tickets. Thank you very much.

If you or your friends or family members are looking for Nursery provision for your child please pop in to see us and our stimulating Nursery environment on; Friday 13th July 3:30-4:30. We look forward to seeing you. More details to follow…

We're delighted to see lots of families walking, scooting and cycling to school and benefiting from fresh air and exercise into the bargain!  If you need to drive, why not try parking your car a little distance away from school and walking the final leg of your journey?  There’s no excuse now that parking in the town centre is free and the beast from the east has gone!  As well as the benefits you will feel from the exercise you’ll be saving the environment, saving money AND easing congestion around school.  You may also like to consider car sharing.  Many of you already do this but if you're interested and are finding it difficult to get started, please inform the office and we’ll try to sort it out for you. 

Lets have as many children as possible walking, scooting or cycling to school this summer!
Door Release Button
Could we please ask that the children do not repeatedly hit/press the green door release button in the front foyer?  This button has been replaced three times within the last two years.  To exit, the button should be pressed gently in the centre.  Many thanks for your cooperation.
North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Service
The Reception children had a really exciting visit from the North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Service (NOTMRS) this week.  Kev and Rich showed the children some of the things they do during a rescue.

As the NOTMRS is mostly run through fundraising, they have asked if we inform you of two fundraising events they have coming up.  They are The Allendale Challenge which will takes place next March/April, and The Alwinton Challenge with is just a few weeks away.  If you are feeling brave enough to attempt them, please follow the links below:
To keep up to date with the various events taking place, please check the calendar which is available on the School Gateway app, via our school website ( and also in our weekly newsletter.

Our Twitter account is proving to be popular with lots of followers.  This is used to instantly share what we are doing within school and helps to bring the children's learning to life.  Why not follow us @AbbeyfieldsFS or view the feed on our website.
Please could we remind parents that if you would like your child to attend After School Club that you use the booking system via the School Gateway app, or at  It is really quick and easy to use and allows the staff to know who to expect.  We do appreciate that plans can change at the last minute, so, as the cut of time to use the booking system is 2pm, if your plans change after then, please call the office where we will be happy to add your child onto the list for you.  Similarly, if you have booked your child into ASC and wish to cancel, please contact the office so that we can amend the register accordingly and inform class teachers.
Sun Protection
As the sun has finally arrived, we would like to remind you of ways of keeping your children safe:
  • Children should bring hats to school to wear when outdoors.
  • The use of sun screen will be encouraged as appropriate
  • Parents are encouraged to apply sun screen to children before they come to school
  • Children are expected to bring their own sun screen to school, clearly labelled with their name, and apply it themselves.  Please ensure that you show them how to sensibly apply these screens.
  • Children must only use their own sun screen.
To view our Sun Protection Policy, please click here.

We have red Abbeyfields legionnaires style hats for sale in the school office at £4 each.  Abbeyfields caps are available from www.totstoteams,com
14th - 18th May 2018                                   Year 4 to Swaledale
6th June 2018                9am                       Music Assembly (more details to follow)
11th June 2018                                            Year 2 Trip to St Mary's Lighthouse
12th June 2018                                            Years 1-4 Theatre Trip (more details to follow)
13th June 2018              9am                       Year 3 Class Assembly
20th June 2018              9am                       Year 2 Class Assembly
22nd June 2018                                           Forest School/FOAS Camping Night
27th June 2018              9am                       Year 1 Class Assembly
27th June 2018              5.30pm - 6.15pm   'New to Nursery' Parent's Meeting
27th June 2018              6.30pm - 7.15pm   'New to Reception' Parent's Meeting
4th July 2018                 9am                        Reception Class Assembly
11th July 2018               9.30am                   Nursery A Class Assembly (CHANGE OF TIME)
13th July 2018               1.30pm                   Nursery B Class Assembly (CHANGE OF TIME)
13th July 2018                                              Abbeyfields Country Show 2018
13th July 2018               3.30pm - 4.30pm   Nursery Open Day
18th July 2018                                              Year 4 Leaver's Assembly

Easyfundraising is the simplest way to raise money for our school.  You can shop with any of over 3,300 well-known retailers via the easyfundraising website and a percentage of what you spend is passed to Abbeyfields School at no additional cost to you.  Some of the main retailers include Amazon, M&S, Vodafone, eBay, Tesco, Viking, Thomas cook, TUI and many more (see below). Please register to support us today by visiting  It really doesn't cost you a single penny and takes seconds to register.  You can even download a donation reminder so when you search the internet, all companies who are registered with Easyfundraising will have a notification beside it.

Save money by downloading the School Gateway app

If you have a smartphone, both you and the school can save money when you download the ‘School Gateway’ app from your app store (Android and iPhone).  We currently have just less than 70% of parents using the app, but we'd love to increase this – please help us achieve this.  Once you’ve downloaded the app, our texts will be delivered to you as instant app messages, saving us the cost of texting.  Any messages that you send to school using the app will be FREE of charge to you.  It’s quick and easy to do.  All you need to activate the app for the first time are your email address and mobile number that school holds on record for you (Priority 1 parents only).  If you have trouble logging in, please call us on 01670 513582.  Many thanks

Wansbeck Valley Food Bank - Donations
Dear children, parents, carers and staff of Abbeyfields,

We would like to thank you so much for the donations which have already been received for the Wansbeck Valley Food Bank  These have been delivered and they were gratefully received!  Please continue to bring in any donations of non perishable food items that you may wish to make.

We are aware that the Wansbeck Valley Food Trust have experienced a huge demand over the past few months, and were concerned that they could not match the demand.  Fortunately due to the generosity of the local community they did manage to, however this emphasises that there are (sadly) people in our local community who need help all year round.

Please let's continue to show our generosity throughout the year to those in need.  Even small items are valued, and can easily be dropped off on your way in and out of school.  Let's support this worthy cause, and make this an ongoing Abbeyfields priority.

Thank you in anticipation.

As you know, we have been collecting green milk bottle tops in the front foyer for some time now and they have been given to the Children's Ward at Newcastle RVI.  The hospital sells the bottle tops to manufacturers who are able to recycle them and turn them into wellington boots!  Whilst being really good for the environment, it is a great way for the Children's Ward to raise funds to buy equipment which the children are able to benefit from during their stay in  hospital.

So, let's keep collecting those green milk bottle tops!
Class Last Week’s Percentage Attendance Yearly Percentage Attendance to Date
RD 100.0% 95.3%
RM 95.8% 96.1%
1J 93.3% 96.5%
1B 98.3% 96.9%
2S 98.7% 96.3%
2H 97.5% 96.8%
3D 99.6% 98.3%
3C 91.8% 96.1%
4G 93.1% 95.3%
4H 100.0% 97.6%

Total Percentage



Our winners this week are Mrs DaCosta's and Mrs Heide's classes.
Friends Of Abbeyfields School News
The Abbeyfields Big Spring Clean
A HUGE thank you to all the families who came along to help on Saturday at the Spring Clean! The sun shone and everyone worked SO hard to help with painting, clearing, gardening etc. The grounds are looking sparkly and fab now- well worth all the effort!

As well as trying to fundraise to purchase equipment for the Abbeyfields pupils and enhancing their school environment, the FOAS team also strive to arrange events which our pupils and their families will really enjoy. We would love your ideas and feedback in order to help us put on events which really appeal to our school families. If you have 5 minutes to spare we would love you to drop us an email about what kind of events you and your children would like us to try and organise in the future. Thank you!

We would love some new volunteers to join us in 2018 so if you think you might like to become more involved with FOAS and fundraising for your child’s school, then please get in touch with Beccy Pearson at . Thank you!
YEAR 4 - News in Brief
Swaledale time eventually arrived this week!  4H had an amazing time at Swaledale during the start of the week and were lucky enough to have beautiful sunny weather.  4G were super excited for Wednesday to arrive and are now enjoying their time at Swaledale and will be back on Friday evening ready for an early night!  During time in school, 4G enjoyed writing a letter for someone in 4H asking them about their time at Swaledale.  4H will be writing a letter in response to the one that they received and 4G are looking forward to reading these next Monday.  In Maths, the children drew bar charts to represent the data they collected during the Morpeth walk, including how many pedestrians and vehicles they saw.  They also created a pie chart in ICT to present this data in a different way using School 360.  We made the most of the dry, warm weather by practising for the Quad Kids competition coming up next half-term.  We had a go at the standing long jump, long distance running, sprinting and throwing a howler.  We hope the children have a relaxing weekend and re-charge their batteries ready for the last week of the half-term.
YEAR 3 - News in Brief
This week in English the children continued with their work on the Slightly Annoying Elephant.  They had designed and made scenes last week which they then used to create a mini film using i-Motion on the iPads.  The results were really good fun to watch.  In Maths we are still working on telling the time.  The children have made clocks to try and help them to understand the difference between the hour hand and the minute hand.  In readiness for our World War II mini topic next week we have been watching Spywatch.  This has introduced the children to what life as an evacuee may have been like as well as having a very exciting story!  As part of our Medieval work we have looked at what some of the punishments used were and why they might have been used.  The weather has been gorgeous this week so please could we ask that the children come to school each day with a water bottle and a cap.
YEAR 2 - News in Brief
The Year 2 teachers and pupils would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of the parents and grandparents who came along on our trip on Friday.  Having so many patient, helpful and interested helpers made the trip all the more engaging for our lovely lot - who were so well behaved and motivated - true Abbeyfields Ambassadors.  This week we have taken things a little bit more steady; working outside with our STEM resources lent to us by our friends at ESH Group, writing our own Enormous Crocodile stories and solving complicated problems in Maths.  Well done Year 2!
YEAR 1 - News in Brief
What a busy week in Year 1!  On Tuesday we went to a Hoopstarz Festival at Chantry Middle School.  The children loved hula hooping and learnt some fantastic new skills too.  After our fun morning of hula hooping we went on a walk through Morpeth looking at buildings on our way and enjoyed lunch at the park.  We had such a fantastic day out of school and the children coped very well in the warm weather conditions.  Well done Year 1.  The children then produced wonderful maps with a key of their walk around Morpeth.  They thought carefully about what features to contain on the map such as buildings, roads, river, bridges and the park.   In English we wrote a recount of the traditional tale 'The Three Little Pigs'.  We tried to include full stops, capital letters, adjectives (describing words) and connectives in our stories.  In Maths we have been learning to find half of an amount.  We counted counters, cubes, pencils and coins and then found half of the amount - keep practising finding half of an amount at home.  You could use 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins - can you find half of this amount?  Tomorrow we will be talking about the up and coming royal wedding and join in with the wedding celebrations.  Have a lovely weekend!  Year 1 Team
RECEPTION - News in Brief
It has been another busy week in Reception.  We have enjoyed all the visitors who have told us more about how they help others when they are at work.  In Maths we have been consolidating doubling facts and are now beginning to use them to work out halving numbers.  If I know 3 + 3 is 6 then half of 6 must be 3.  It would be helpful for the children if they could instantly recall double and halving facts to and from 12 then 20.  Learning the 2 x table helps's like a doubling machine!  1 x 2 = 2, 2 x 2 =4.....5 x 2 =10.  This needs to be done very practically and in a fun way....but don't forget to write a comment about it in your 'Happy Homework Books'.  Please could ALL reading books be returned each Monday so staff can then change them ready for us to independently or group read with your child during the week.  If have not already sent in a named cap / sun hat and suntan lotion, please could you do so (we want to keep them safe and will return them before the summer holidays!)  We do like to help you give out invitations for any child's party but please remember that we will only send them out on a Friday when the children have their school bags.  DON'T FORGET to sent in the COMPLETED reading record leaflet next week so your child can get their certificate.  Everyone is also welcome to visit our EY Library before or after school.  Thanks again for all your support.  The Reception Team
NURSERY - News in Brief
Another busy week in Nursery, so nice to be out enjoying the sunshine.  Inside we have been continuing our rhyming work, finding pairs of words that sound the same and completing our rhyming task on the interactive screen, 'win zin put it in the tin'.  Outside we have had great fun keeping cool playing in the water trays.  We have been trying to put water into containers so that they are half full, full and then empty, great fun filling and pouring.  We also tried hard to put water into two containers so that one had 'more' water than the other, which had 'less'.  We also had fun learning how to pass and throw beanbags and balls carefully.  Such a busy week.  The Nursery team would like to thank everyone who was involved in the FOAS's spring clean event this weekend - we are so proud of our Nursery environment and outside now looks even better than before. Thank you.
This week we have been getting into the mood of the royal wedding!  With Harry and Meghan tying the knot, we thought we would create and decorate our very own crowns using only paper and sparkly things.  If it's good enough for Harry and Meghan, then it's good enough for After School Club!  Outside, the new remote controlled cars are certainly getting plenty of use and the new scooters are being ridden by Reception and Year 1.
The children have enjoyed playing football outside in the lovely weather.  Hula hoops, parachute, Brio trains (great fun!), soft play, ball pool and darts have still been popular inside.  Please have a look at our new BSC display showing what the children feel about their morning club.  Our story this week was 'The Bunged Up Trunk' by Melanie Joyce.  When Elephant gets something stuck up his trunk, he's worried that he won't be able to trumpet in the jungle concert.  Can your child tell you what happened in this funny story?
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