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Thank You and Happy Holidays
We would like to thank parents and carers for your support this short but busy half term, from supporting in school, helping on visits, coming to assemblies, and with events such as Pirate and Greek Day.

Please look out for parental consultation letters on the first Monday after half term.  The consultations will be held on 5th and 6th March.

Finally, we would like to wish you all a very happy and peaceful half term and look forward to seeing you all refreshed and raring to go on Monday 19th February.
New Uniform Items
Our three lovely new uniform items are now available to purchase from the Tots to Teams website.  They are:

Abbeyfields logoed bobble hat: £4.50
Abbeyfields logoed Early Years / Small PE bag: £3.84
Abbeyfields logoed KS1 & KS2 / Large PE bag: £5.16

The PE bags are perfect for our cloakrooms as they take up much less space and are less likely to end up on the floor and cause a trip hazard than backpacks or bags with double drawstrings. We look forward to seeing these items around school but PLEASE remember to name all of them.  Iron on name labels are available on the Tots to Teams site at £2.40 for 20.
Year 4 Swaledale Visit - May 2018
Thank you to all of the Year 4 parents for completing the contact and medical information form.  Mrs Halliford has received 100% of the forms and is able to complete the advance risk assessment.  She will contact you nearer to the time for more detailed medical information, and you can contact her at any time if you have concerns about your child's diet, health or general well being.

Some deposits are still outstanding and we are asking for two further instalments on 1st Feb and 1st March, so please check your School Gateway account and speak to Mrs Mungall if you are having any technical difficulties. 

There will be a parents' meeting at 3.30pm on Tuesday 24th April for information about meals, itinerary and practical arrangements.  The kit list is already on the Year 4 letters page on the website so you can check it if you are planning a shopping trip.
Traffic and parking update
 We're delighted that in spite of our recent cold weather lots of families are still walking, scooting or cycling to school.  We would like to see as many families as possible leaving the car at home or parking it away from school and walking the final leg of their journey; it's a really good way to get out of de-icing the car!  As well as the benefits you will feel from the exercise you’ll be saving the environment, saving money AND easing congestion around school.   If you must drive have you considered car sharing?  Many of you already do this but if you are interested and are finding it difficult to get started please inform the office and we’ll try to sort it out for you. Let's all continue to 
Walk, scoot or cycle to school!

Create, Connect and Share Respect

A better internet starts with you

Safer Internet Day 2018 will be celebrated globally on Tuesday 6th February 2018. In school we will be talking about how to use the internet safely. We ask that you take at look at the following leaflets and websites and talk to your child about how to be safe on the internet. They are full of lots of helpful tips on how to keep your children safe whilst they are using the internet.

Further leaflets can be found on the school website in the Parents section under General Letters.

One of our Year 4 girls is cutting her hair which she is going to donate to the Little Princess Trust.  If you would like to make a donation, please put it into a sealed envelope marked Little Princess Trust and leave it at the office.  We will then pass it on to this amazing little girl.  Many thanks

Easyfundraising is the simplest way to raise money for our school.  You can shop with any of over 3,300 well-known retailers via the easyfundraising website and a percentage of what you spend is passed to Abbeyfields School at no additional cost to you.  Some of the main retailers include Amazon, M&S, Vodafone, eBay, Tesco, Viking, Thomas cook, TUI and many more (see below). Please register to support us today by visiting  It really doesn't cost you a single penny and takes seconds to register.  You can even download a donation reminder so when you search the internet, all companies who are registered with Easyfundraising will have a notification beside it.
Before School Club Update
Attendance at Before School Club continues to grow and it's lovely to see the children enjoying all of the activities on offer and parents appreciating the slight head-start on their day that BSC offers!  Charges for this club have remained static for many years in spite of our costs rising continually, so we have now decided that an increase will be implemented after half term starting on Monday 19th February.  The new rates will be: 

8am - 8.50am: £2.20
8.30am - 8.50am £1.10

I'm sure you'll agree that this still represents excellent value for money and the additional income will ensure that we will continue to be able to offer lots of fun activities in a safe and stimulating environment for the children every morning. 

Wansbeck Valley Food Bank - Donations
Dear children, parents, carers and staff of Abbeyfields,

You will already have heard of the Wansbeck Valley Food Bank, as we have sent donations to them at Harvest Festival time, and they have been into school to talk to the children themselves.

We are aware that they have experienced a huge demand over the Christmas period, and were concerned that they could not match the demand.  Fortunately due to the generosity of the local community they did manage to.

This emphasises that there are (sadly) people in our local community who need help all year round.  Therefore we will be leaving a box in the from foyer at the main entrance of school.  Any donations will be delivered to the Food Bank on a regular basis.

Please let's continue to show our generosity throughout the year to those in need.  Even small items are valued, and can easily be dropped off on your way in and out of school.  Let's support this worthy cause, and make this an ongoing Abbeyfields priority.

Thank you in anticipation.

Abbeyfields' football team are looking for a parent who is willing to take over the coaching.  You would need to be a qualified coach.  If you are interested, please leave your contact details at the school office.  Many thanks, Rik Sykes.
Class Last Week’s Percentage Attendance Yearly Percentage Attendance to Date
RD 90.3% 94.9%
RM 97.0% 96.1%
1J 99.3% 96.4%
1B 94.0% 97.2%
2S 99.0% 96.3%
2H 98.0% 96.7%
3D 96.8% 98.1%
3C 96.6% 96.1%
4G 98.8% 96.1%
4H 96.1% 97.3%

Total Percentage



Our winner this week is Mrs Sykes' class.
Friends Of Abbeyfields School News
Some dates for your diaries:

The FOAS team will be holding a Mother’s Day Secret Shop so the children can choose gifts for the special ladies in their lives.  This will be on Monday 5th March for Years 3 and 4, Tuesday 6th March for Years 1 and 2, and Wednesday 7th March for Reception and Nursery.  All gifts will be £3.50.  If your child wants to choose one or more gifts, please send in the correct amount of money in a sealed envelope clearly marked with your child's name and class so they can bring it along to the shop on the day.  Thank you!

We will also be holding a Spring Disco on Friday 16th March.  This year we will be holding two separate sessions and inviting children from Nursery, Reception and Year 1 from 3.30-5pm then Years 2-4 from 5.30-7pm.  Admission wristbands will be £4 per child including a hot dog, juice and a treat.  We will let you know when tickets go on sale.

We are busy hatching other exciting plans too for the summer term!  Watch this space…

As well as trying to fundraise to purchase equipment for the Abbeyfields pupils and enhancing their school environment, the FOAS team also strive to arrange events which our pupils and their families will really enjoy.  We would love your ideas and feedback in order to help us put on events which really appeal to our school families.  If you have 5 minutes to spare we would love you to drop us an email about what kind of events you and your children would like us to try and organise in the future. Thank you!

We would love some new volunteers to join us in 2018 so if you think you might like to become more involved with FOAS and fundraising for your child’s school, then please get in touch with Beccy Pearson at . Thank you!
YEAR 4 - News in Brief
We have all become playwrights and performers in Year 4 this week.  The children have studied features of a play script, including stage directions, and have worked with a partner to perform a play.  They then went on to plan and write their own play version of Roald Dahl’s 'The Three Little Pigs'. In Maths, we have used data from our science investigations to create bar charts and line graphs.  We have all become experts in interpreting data.  In Geography, we have continued our journey around the world to identify and locate capital cities.  We would like to say a big well done to our Year 4 gymnastics team who came third in the local schools competition last week.  We are looking forward to participating in a golf and athletics tournament over the next few terms.
YEAR 3 - News in Brief
The Year 3s have had a very busy week this week.  On Tuesday we had a fantastic trip to the Hancock Museum where we looked at the Ancient Greek Gallery and solved lots of tasks.  We then had a workshop where we looked at the Parthenon, Myths, depicted images on vases and put a vase back together.  The children then explored other areas of the museum in the afternoon.  On Wednesday we thoroughly enjoyed showing the parents our assembly and went on to have an extremely successful day being Ancient Greeks.  We had a go at some of the following activities: making plasticine Medusas, using different materials to create an exciting picture of Medusa, writing our name using Greek letters, continuing with our Greek vases and looking at the column and lintel structure of the Parthenon using paper cups and baking trays (ask your child about it!).  In the afternoon we did some Greek dancing led by Miss Brown followed by a delicious Greek feast.  Many of the children tried foods that they had not had before!  Many thanks for the contributions made so that this was a success.  In Maths we have looked at bar charts and tables and in English we have continued to use our imaginations to write about being a Spartan boy.  We hope that you all have a lovely half term and please ensure that you do lots of reading over the week.
YEAR 2 - News in Brief
Year 2 had the most amazing day ever this week with a truly outstanding Sail the Seven Seas Day on Tuesday.  The day was a perfect round up of what has been the most exciting, engaging and informative topic for the children - and the staff.  We were absolutely blown away by the fabulous costumes the children were wearing and the incredible food brought in for our Banquet at the Captain's Table.  We are overwhelmed by what clever and creative children and parents we have in Year 2. Enjoy your well earned rest next week - we look forward to welcoming you back for another fabulous half term on Monday 19th February.
YEAR 1 - News in Brief
We have had lots of fun this week in Year 1. In Maths we have been making comparisons between the lengths and heights of objects and using the language associated with these including; long, longer, longest, tall, taller, tallest.  We have also been exploring the classroom using rulers to measure objects in centimeters.  Great fun!  We have really worked hard with our mix of spellings this week and are getting more confident when writing the days of the week.  Well done to everyone for all the reading you have been doing as part of our reading challenge.  We really have 'blasted off with books'!  We are looking forward to our reading treat tomorrow, before we finish school for the half term break.  Please can we ask that after half term you encourage your child to say their goodbyes to you in the cloakroom.  We are continuing to promote independence and the children are all doing very well with organising themselves and their belongings. Enjoy the holiday.
RECEPTION - News in Brief
The children have enjoyed finding out about Chinese New Year and how other children celebrate it.  They have used ordinal numbers such as 1st, 2nd etc. to order the animals in the Chinese zodiac race story.  We have also been continuing adding numbers and coins to make given values. Over the holidays we will be sending out our holiday reading sheets again so please find time to share a range of books with your child, both fiction and non-fiction books can be recorded.  Our next topic is 'Getting Around' so we will be thinking about all the different ways of travelling which are linked to stories. Rosie's Walk is our first week's focus.  We all hope that you have a lovely, restful holiday.
NURSERY - News in Brief
We have come to the end of another busy half term, we have really enjoyed our topic; 'houses, homes and habitats'.  We have enjoyed thinking about our own homes, who lives in them and the shapes that make up our houses.  We have enjoyed singing lots of different songs about houses.  We also had great fun looking at houses from other places, IGLOO's.  This week we have enjoyed looking through our Learning Journals with our grown ups, looking at how much we have done so far in Nursery and doing lots of jobs.  We will be sending journals home after the holidays.  Holiday homework for half term is getting us thinking about our next topic, 'wheels go round'.  New planning maps and PLOD sheets will also be coming home after the holidays. Have a lovely half term.
ASAC  - News in Brief
With a nod to Valentine's Day - I know it's a tad early - we are creating heart shaped mobiles which the children can take home.  We have a few created already and they look fantastic!  As for outdoors, we have been using lots of energy playing a variety of sports and games.  Don't forget, the contact number for ASC is 01670 500726.
BSC  - News in Brief
Although it has been a particularly cold week, the children have kept warm, if not a little hot, playing football, parachute games, passing the bean bags around like hot potatoes, hula hoops and the soft play.  My Little Pony, action men, large tonka toys, bin lorries, diablo and craft activities with Miss Stewart have also been enjoyed.  Our story this week was ,A Quiet Night In, by Jill Murphy featuring The Large Family.  Can your child remember any of the children's names?  (Lester, Laura, Luke and The Baby).  It's Mr Large's birthday and Mother Large is planning a quiet night in without any children.  But in the Large household things never go as planned.  Can your child tell you about this amusing story? 
The BSC team would like to wish the children and their families a great half term holiday.
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