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17th October 2017           9.00am       2H Visit to Marks & Spencer (see website for information)
18th October 2017           9.00am       Y4 Assembly
18th October 2017           12.20pm     Y4 Family Lunch
19th October 2017                              Y3 Stone Age Day in the Yurt
19th October 2017           3.15pm       School Closes for Half Term
30th October 2017           8.50am       School reopens
8th November 2017         9.00am       Y2 Assembly
15th November 2017       9.00am       Y1 Assembly
17th November 2017                          Children in Need (details to follow)
22nd November 2017      10.00am     Nursery A Nursery Rhyme Assembly (details to follow)
24th November 2017       1.30pm       Nursery B Nursery Rhyme Assembly (details to follow)
13th December 2017      10.30am     Nursery A Christmas Performance (details to follow)
Change of Day                9.30am       Reception Christmas Performance (details to follow)
                                         2.00pm       Reception Christmas Performance (details to follow)
                                         9.30am       Year 1 Christmas Performance (details to follow)
                                         10.15am     Year 2 Christmas Performance (details to follow)
                                         1.45pm       Year 3 Christmas Performance (details to follow)
                                         2.30pm       Year 4 Christmas Performance (details to follow)
14th December 2017        9.30am      Year 3 Christmas Performance (details to follow)
                                         10.15am     Year 4 Christmas Performance (details to follow)
                                         1.45pm       Year 1 Christmas Performance (details to follow)
                                         2.30pm       Year 2 Christmas Performance (details to follow)
15th December 2017       1.45pm        Nursery B Christmas Performance (details to follow)
w/c 18th December 2017                    Christmas Parties (details to follow)
Parental Consultation Letters
The Autumn term parental consultation letters are now available on the school website under Parents, Letters, then your child's Year Group, then October.  Please complete the reply slip and return it to your child's class teacher as soon as possible.
Class Last Week’s Percentage Attendance Yearly Percentage Attendance to Date
RD 96.7% 93.9%
RM 93.6% 96.8%
1J 92.0% 94.7%
1B 96.7% 98.7%
2S 95.2% 96.0%
2H 96.7% 98.7%
3D 100.0% 99.1%
3C 97.9% 95.8%
4G 98.4% 96.5%
4H 99.0% 99.2%

Total Percentage



Our winner this week is Mrs Dale's class.
Friends Of Abbeyfields School News
1) Halloween Disco for Years 1-4 – THIS FRIDAY 13th October 5.30pm- 7.15pm
Excitement is mounting about the Halloween Disco this Friday!  All tickets have now been sold.  Children can attend without an adult - due to fire limits only adults who are helping with the event can be admitted unless they have purchased a ticket.  We would still really appreciate offers of help to staff the event.  The safeguarding of your children is paramount so we need to have strict signing in and signing out procedures.  At the end of the disco doors will be open from 7.05pm but please do not enter the assembly hall itself until asked to by FOAS helpers.  We really appreciate your patience and cooperation with these necessary procedures.  Fancy dress can be worn, but is not mandatory.  As in previous years we would be very grateful if children did NOT wear masks. Thank you.  We hope everyone who is going has a fantastic time!
2) Christmas Card Design Project- all designs in by Monday 16th please!
Following its success in recent years we are running the Cauliflower Cards Design a Christmas Card project again this year. The information sheet for submitting your child’s artwork to school should now have arrived home.  All children in the nursery and school are invited to create their own Christmas card design and you will be able to order packs of cards featuring this design to send to your friends and family this Christmas.  Gift labels and mugs are also available. Due to the children and teachers being so busy in school we ask that the designs are done at home - thank you for your help with this.

The company we are using photograph your child’s design, meaning that their design can use pens, paint and pencils but can also include collage, fabric, glitter, googly eyes or whatever they fancy using (within reason!). For ideas and inspiration go to and view their gallery and there is also a Christmas Art Ideas Book in the school foyer.  If any other members of your family would like to join in then we do have some spare order forms- please ask for these at the school office.  If you don’t wish to order Christmas cards please note that the same form can be used to order packs of cards with other greetings e.g. Thank You or Happy Birthday.

All completed designs (with forms) must be returned to your child’s classroom by Monday 16th October please. Online orders - Payment and ordering this year will be ONLINE- information regarding this is on the form.  Online orders can be placed until midnight on Friday 20th October.

The cards that were designed by the children in previous years looked fantastic and a lot of fun was had designing them. We hope that you and your children enjoy creating this year’s cards and we look forward to seeing all your designs!

3) Fundraising Bag Pack at Morrisons- £512 raised!
Morpeth Morrisons very kindly gave us the opportunity to raise funds for Abbeyfields by doing a bag pack on Sunday 8th October.  Morrisons’ customers were extremely kind and generous and a fantastic total of £512 was raised!  Quite a few people had been Abbeyfields pupils, parents or grandparents themselves and said they had very happy memories of the school!

A huge thank you to all the children who came and helped: Kieran, Lucy, Edward, Melissa, Samson, Clara, Katie, Tallulah and Beth. Thank you also to the parents who came along to bag pack: Kimberley Stacey, Jaz Manship, Mandy Dalglish, Lynsey Martin, Alison Rebair, Beccy Pearson, Melanie Scott and Rachel Lyons.  It was hard work, but hopefully everyone who helped feels that it was worth it for such a great total!
We are getting closer to our Abbeyfields Playground Canopy….!
As many of you will know, following a survey of staff and parent opinions we are currently fundraising for a colourful playground canopy to allow better use of the school’s outdoor space.  This will cost in the region of £10,000.  After our 14 fundraising events last year and the bag pack last weekend we are doing really well in getting towards our total. Our current total is…….£7512!  We are really hopeful that we and the Abbeyfields children can raise the rest of the funds necessary during this school year, so lots of fundraising plans are being hatched!
Thank you for all your ongoing support of FOAS activities.  As always, do get in touch if you have any queries or suggestions for FOAS, or if you are able to offer to help with any events- either speak to a committee member or email
Traffic and Parking 
 We've been delighted to see lots of families walking, scooting and cycling to school since we came back in September.  Don't forget that our bike and scooter parks mean you can leave your mode of transport at school for the day safely.  We'd like to see as many families as possible leaving the car at home or parking it away from school and walking the final leg of their journey if possible.  As well as the benefits you will feel from the exercise you’ll be saving the environment, saving money, easing congestion around school and ultimately making our environment safer for everyone.  If you really need to drive have you considered car sharing?  Some of you already do this but if you are interested and are finding it difficult to get started please inform the office and we’ll try to sort it out for you.  Hopefully the winter will be mild and everyone will be able to continue to WALK, SCOOT OR CYCLE TO SCHOOL!
We would like to say a huge thank you to Heighley Gate for our fabulous fruit cage for the allotment, and for the fencing around the outdoor areas of our Year 2 classrooms.  This has created an even safer outdoor environment for the children to use throughout the year.
Can You Help Us To Raise More Funds To Improve YOUR Child’s Education at Abbeyfields?
Did you know that by making a successful application for ‘traditional’ free school meals, you can help Abbeyfields to raise extra funds (Pupil Premium) to support and improve YOUR child’s education?
Why should I apply for ‘traditional’ free school meals if my child is already having a free dinner?
There are a number of reasons why applying now for ‘traditional’ free school meals is a good idea:
  • Your child will immediately become eligible for free school milk.
  • You may get help with the cost of educational visits.
  • You will get help with the cost of other activities such as music tuition.
  • If your circumstances do not change, your child will automatically receive traditional free school meals when they move into year 3 without you needing to do anything, saving you over £350 a year on meals.
  • School will receive Pupil Premium income for every child who is registered for traditional free school meals and will have more money to spend on helping your child to achieve their potential.
  • All of these benefits to you and school apply even if your child would prefer to bring a packed lunch to school – they just need to be registered for ‘traditional’ free school meals.
Would I qualify?
If you are in receipt of ANY one of the following benefits, then you should be eligible and able to help us raise more funds:
  • Child Tax Credit (Families receiving Working Tax Credit are not eligible)
  • Income Support
  • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Guaranteed Element of State Pension Credit
  • Support under part VI of The Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Working Tax Credit ‘run-on’ – the payment made for a further 4 weeks after someone stops qualifying for Working Tax Credit
How do I apply? To apply simply complete the on-line form at or call Free School Meals at County Hall on 01670 623592. For more information speak to Mrs Mungall or Mrs Gibson in the school office; your enquiry will be dealt with in complete confidence.
To all Year 4 Parents….
The online portal for admissions to Year 5 opened in September for children transferring from First to Middle/Primary School in September 2018.  We strongly advise that you use all of the three options for schools.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to speak to the Mrs Ford via the office.  Please note that the deadline for applications is 31 October 2017.
YEAR 4 - News in Brief
Year 4 are preparing for their year group assembly. We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday at 9.10am in the North Hall. After our amazing trip to Segedunum last week, the children have planned and began writing a story about George, from George's Marvelous Medicine, going to Segedunum on a school trip.  In topic this week, we have felt what it was like to experience an invasion.  We then looked at how many countries became part of the Roman Empire. In Maths, we have continued to look at addition and subtraction and using our skills to solve 2-step problems.
YEAR 3 - News in Brief
The children did an amazing job of the assembly yesterday and we are delighted that all of them were confident enough to have a line to say. Thank you very much to those of you that were able to attend. The children should all have brought home their new spelling list tonight.  Please check book bags!  This is one for you to keep at home so that you know in advance what pattern will be focused on.  All the spelling lists are also on the website if they get mislaid.  The children will be given a list for each individual week to stick into their Home Spelling Book.  We have been looking at instructional writing this week, which included looking at what imperative verbs are and what a preposition is.  The children then had a go at following a set of instructions to make a woolly mammoth from the milk bottles that you sent in.  We will let you know when the display is ready for you to come and see how they got on.  Their cave paintings are also ready to be put up so there will be lots to see.  The children have all done an amazing job in maths as we moved onto combining all the skills we have learned to date in order to do column addition.  The explanations that they are able to give for their answers has shown a deep understanding of the process.  We are looking forward to to our Stone Age day next Thursday.  PLEASE can we have the last few parental consent letters for the children to take part in this day?  Please remember it is Parent's Evenings next week. There are still appointments left if you need to make one.
YEAR 2 - News in Brief
Another busy week for Year 2.  On Tuesday morning class 2S had a wonderful time in Morpeth.  They enjoyed looking around M&S, going behind the scenes into the fridge that was bigger than their classroom, seeing where all of the clothes and food and drinks are stored and even going inside a window  display and waving at people passing by.  The children also completed a survey of small shops in and around Morpeth, going to the greengrocers, the stationers and the butchers before calling in at Gebhards and the Cheese Shop to sample some free goodies!  Class 2H can't wait for their turn to go on the trip next Tuesday - don't forget to let Miss Halliford know if you can accompany us on the trip, we could do with some help.  We have also excitingly been out to Forest School this morning, harvesting food from the allotment, before cooking and eating it - yummy!  You might think we have been too busy having fun to do any work, but that is far from the truth. The children have been slaving away in their RWI and Maths groups, working as scientists looking at animals in their habitats and animals and their young, conducting experiments into hygiene (more info next week!) and thinking about the concept of belonging in RE/PHSE. Time for a lie down this weekend!
YEAR 1 - News in Brief
We have had fun exploring number sentences in maths this week and have begun to partition numbers in the number sentence using the part/whole model. Our science work has been very exciting as we have been finding out about what is inside our bodies and we can sing a song about the things that are inside us. We all visited Forest School today for our 'Autumn Adventure'. Ask us what we have been up to!
RECEPTION - News in Brief
This week the children have really enjoyed using their sense of smell to try and work out what is in the 'smell pots' and match the smell to the photograph. In Maths we are continuing to form the correct numerals (0 - 9) and order sets of numbers.  In our phonics lessons the children have been learning how to write letters correctly and in their independent 'child initiated' sessions it has been good to see them continuing to write them correctly.  As the children are taught the letter formation this becomes a 'target' letter so if it is in their name they have to try and remember to write it correctly (not the initial capital letter though!). The RWI homework sheets are the letters that have been introduced to your child so it would be good to attempt to work with them on their names and look to see which 'target' letters are in their names, e.g. Marian (if m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g and o have been introduced).  Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
NURSERY - News in Brief
We have really enjoyed our time in Nursery this week thinking about the colour yellow and the square shape. We enjoyed singing our yellow song (ask us to sing it at home) and we all thought very hard about things at home and at nursery that are yellow or shaped like a square.  We had great fun outside sorting objects into different coloured hoops, we were very good at it!  Inside we thickened yellow paint by adding flour and then made marks in it by dragging scraping tools through the paint.  We made lots of interesting patterns, we also made yellow square collages with a variety of materials.  We also played a game posting pictures of shapes from around the environment into the correct shape box, Mrs Shooter was impressed with how well we waited for our turn and shared all of the cards. Great work Nursery.
FOREST SCHOOL  - News in Brief
Forest School was packed with boys and girls, Mums and Dads and a fair few pieces of high-tech equipment on an otherwise deserted Wednesday night. Well over 100 well wrapped up children and adults set off in search of the illusive bats of Forest School to track down their homes and catch a glimpse of their feeding patterns. The night was kindly hosted by John Thompson of Eco North who have worked in partnership with Carillion to re-home bats along the site of the new bypass in Morpeth. We were all shown how to pick up the frequency of bats using echolocation to hunt for their early evening breakfast with special bat detectors. Once the sun set and the forest turned considerably colder, the little Pipistrelles came out one by one, much to the excitement of the crowd below. Thank you so much to everyone that came along and continue to show their support to Forest School.
ASAC  - News in Brief
With the children taking part in a bat walk this week, After School Club decided to create their own bats which are now hanging upside down from branches as part of a fabulous display. We have struggled a bit with the changeable weather but we have still managed to get outside and show the skills needed to play together and include everyone. It is a real joy to see the children being so respectful to adults and each other.
BSC  - News in Brief
The children have enjoyed football, parachute games, soft play, ball pool, target practise, diablos, Twister, Speed Balls, finger knitting, loom bands and colouring in activities.  Our story this week was 'There's a Tiger in the Garden' by Lizzy Stewart.  Nora doesn't believe Grandma when she says she's seen a tiger in the garden.  Can your child tell you what she did in the garden?  Was there really a tiger or was it her imagination?  Goodness, what did Nora and her Grandma find in the bath?!
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