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3rd October 2017            7pm       FOAS AGM
4th/5th October 2017                    Individual Photographs
5th October 2017                          Y4 trip to Segedunum (more details to follow)
11th October 2017           9am      Y3 Assembly
18th October 2017           9am      Y4 Assembly
19th October 2017                        Y3 Stone Age Day in the Yurt (more details to follows)
8th November 2017         9am      Y2 Assembly
15th November 2017       9am      Y1 Assembly
12th December 2017                    Y1-Y4 Christmas Performances (details to follow)
13th December 2017                    Nursery Christmas Performances (details to follow)
                                                      Y1-Y4 Christmas Performances (details to follow)
w/c 18th December 2017              Christmas Parties (details to follow)
Class Last Week’s Percentage Attendance Yearly Percentage Attendance to Date
RD 92.3% 93.1%
RM 96.3% 97.4%
1J 98.7% 98.9%
1B 99.3% 99.6%
2S 95.5% 95.0%
2H 98.3% 99.1%
3D 97.9% 98.9%
3C 96.9% 97.3%
4G 99.4% 99.5%
4H 100.0% 99.6%

Total Percentage



Our winner this week is Mrs Heide’s class.
Forest School follows a progressive course to develop skills that are acquired from Nursery right through to Year 4. As each year passes, the level of difficulty and responsibility increases to build on prior learning and develop new skill sets. One example of this is our ongoing whittling project; in Early Years, children learn the basics of whittling using a potato peeler and build upon those skills and safety techniques each year, until Year 4, where children are using 4” blade sheath knives to carve more intricate objects.
We want to recognise the achievement of these unique skills that all our children learn by awarding children who fully master each Bushcraft skill a badge of merit. There are five main Bushcraft skills where badges can be awarded:
  • Fire lighting – without the use of matches or any man made tinder
  • Shelter building – using tarpaulins, ropes and the correct use of knots to erect an emergency shelter
  • Tool use – the safe use of a range of tools including sheath knives, billhooks, bow saws, loppers, axe’s and drills
  • Cooking – food cooked on an open fire started by the child safely and using foraged ingredients
  • Nature detection – this encompasses animal tracking, plant and tree identification and animal and bird observational skills
  • Gardening – growing vegetables from seed to harvesting for the use in the kitchens. Encompasses all aspects of horticulture
Each badge is in the form of an embroidered star that can be proudly displayed by ironing or sewing on to Forest School hoodies or bags. The stars are colour coordinated for each skill;
  • Fire badge – RED
  • Shelter badge – BLUE
  • Tool badge – SILVER
  • Cooking badge – BLACK
  • Nature badge – GREEN
  • Gardening badge – LIGHT BLUE
In addition to the six badges of merit, a seventh Gold badge of Forest School Excellence will be awarded to children who display outstanding levels of competency in Bushcraft skills, safety, teamwork, leadership and knowledge.
The five Bushcraft skill badges will be awarded to children in Year 4 at the successful competition of each skill challenge. Children must be in attendance for each skill challenge session in order to attain the relevant badge. The Gold Forest School Excellence badge can be awarded to children in any year group who display the outstanding criteria.
Good luck!


We will be having harvest activities and assemblies (for the children only) during the week of 25-29 September and would welcome donations for the Wansbeck Valley foodbank to be sent on Wed 27 September.  The food bank welcome tinned and dried foods, particularly:

tinned meat, tinned/dried potatoes, tubs of butter/spread, tins corned beef, biscuits, rice pudding, jars of pasta sauce, jars of jam, pre-packed cheese, tinned vegetables. They also accept sweets/chocolate and toiletries.

If you miss our collection at school you can donate to their basket in Morrisons or drop items into their warehouse at the New Life Christian Centre on Dacre street.

Can You Help Us To Raise More Funds To Improve YOUR Child’s Education at Abbeyfields?
Did you know that by making a successful application for ‘traditional’ free school meals, you can help Abbeyfields to raise extra funds (Pupil Premium) to support and improve YOUR child’s education?
Why should I apply for ‘traditional’ free school meals if my child is already having a free dinner?
There are a number of reasons why applying now for ‘traditional’ free school meals is a good idea:
  • Your child will immediately become eligible for free school milk.
  • You may get help with the cost of educational visits.
  • You will get help with the cost of other activities such as music tuition.
  • If your circumstances do not change, your child will automatically receive traditional free school meals when they move into year 3 without you needing to do anything, saving you over £350 a year on meals.
  • School will receive Pupil Premium income for every child who is registered for traditional free school meals and will have more money to spend on helping your child to achieve their potential.
  • All of these benefits to you and school apply even if your child would prefer to bring a packed lunch to school – they just need to be registered for ‘traditional’ free school meals.
Would I qualify?
If you are in receipt of ANY one of the following benefits, then you should be eligible and able to help us raise more funds:
  • Child Tax Credit (Families receiving Working Tax Credit are not eligible)
  • Income Support
  • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Guaranteed Element of State Pension Credit
  • Support under part VI of The Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Working Tax Credit ‘run-on’ – the payment made for a further 4 weeks after someone stops qualifying for Working Tax Credit
How do I apply? To apply simply complete the on-line form at or call Free School Meals at County Hall on 01670 623592. For more information speak to Mrs Mungall or Mrs Gibson in the school office; your enquiry will be dealt with in complete confidence.
Attention all nursery parents - 30 hours of free childcare from September 2017
Nationally all three and four-year-olds are entitled to free high-quality early education, starting in the term after a child’s third birthday until compulsory school age.  The current standard free entitlement is 15 hours a week (570 hours a year) for 38 weeks of the year. Starting in September 2017, eligible families will be able to claim an additional 15 hours free childcare per week, taking their entitlement to 30 hours for 38 weeks of the year (1140 hours a year). 
As you know, following consultation with parents and due to restrictions around funding and space we made the decision not to make any additional offer from September and will be continuing to provide high quality education to our children in 15 hour nursery places on a choice of 2 attendance patterns.  However, some parents may not be aware that if they are eligible they can claim their additional free15 hours at up to 2 more settings such as a child-minder or another nursery.  If you are eligible you can then easily apply for a verification code which needs to be given to all of the settings your child attends, including Abbeyfields.  This is the case even if you are not immediately using more than 15 hours as each code generated needs to be allocated to a setting.  Please forward your verification codes to or drop them into the office. 
More information on the 30 hour scheme and how to apply can be found at: 

Plans are underway for events this term, including the Christmas Card Design scheme, Halloween Disco for years 1-4 and Christmas Fayre. Watch this space for dates and more details.

1) Friends of Abbeyfields AGM- DATE CHANGE!
This is planned for the evening of Tuesday 3rd October at 7pm in the school staff room. All parents and staff are very welcome to come along. We would love to see some new faces- please come and join in with planning the year of FOAS events and activities!

2) Fundraising Bag Pack at Morrisons
Morpeth Morrisons have very kindly given us the opportunity to raise funds for Abbeyfields by doing a bag pack on Sunday 8th October.  The more people who offer to help the more tills we can pack at and the more we can raise. If you can spare an hour or more from 10am onwards please do come along. Sign up sheets will be in the foyer. THANK YOU!

3) Stamptastic
We have joined up with the company Stamptastic to raise funds for the school. If you are sick of sewing in nametapes or clothes going missing then this might be a good solution!  Those of us who have ordered these already have found them to be brilliant- really quick and easy!  The company makes name stamps and special ink which can be used to label clothing and other items. They will donate 20% of any order cost to Friends of Abbeyfields if you use the order code NE612LZ (the school postcode).
4) Uniform Sale
Thanks to all the parents and grandparents who bought clothes at last week’s Uniform Sale. A total of £28.35 was generated from the sale of clothes.
Thank you for all your ongoing support of FOAS activities. As always, do get in touch if you have any queries or suggestions for FOAS, or if you are able to offer to help with any events- either speak to a committee member or email
YEAR 4 - News in Brief
We have enjoyed another fantastic week in Year 4.  Our first Friday Fun session was very successful. The children had great fun taking part in Forest School, cooking, animation, craft and also working towards their Art Award.  Our Year 4 AMPs have embarked on their new careers with great enthusiasm and a sense of importance. Well done! In the classroom we have been busy too.  In English we have been concocting our own recipes to give to Grandma, just as George did in George’s Marvellous Medicine. We have been using alliteration and similes to make our writing more exciting. Our marvellous mathematicians have continued to learn more about place value by ordering numbers and rounding. In art we have studied the drawing style of Quentin Blake and drawn a selection of characters from the Roald Dahl stories.
YEAR 3 - News in Brief
Year 3 have begun to research the Stone Age and are already recalling many of the facts that they have been taught.  They are using the correct vocabulary and are keen to share ideas.  We are beginning to write a report on the Stone Age life using the facts that we have found out and putting them under appropriate headings such as food, shelter, tools and clothes.  We will be starting our Stone Age craft activities next week and so if you could keep the small sticks, stones, moss and 4-pint milk bottles coming in that would be great.  In maths we have been using counters to help us understand how to add and subtract 100 and 10 from a 3-digit number.  We started our ukulele lessons on Wednesday and the children carefully listened to the instructions given and were all successfully playing C7 by the end of the session as well as trying to get their strumming technique sorted.  Please ensure that your child has a suitable outdoor PE kit in school for Friday as we will be doing football out on the field, weather permitting.
YEAR 2 - News in Brief
Another super week in Year 2...well done!  The children had a great start to the week celebrating Paul Klee by wearing their most colourful clothes.  This then moved onto researching our artist, experimenting with mixing paints, taking a line for a walk and finally producing beautiful artwork.  The children have also worked hard in their RWI and Maths groups and continue to impress their leaders with their number skills and writing skills.  Finally the Year 2 team would like to say many thanks to all the parents who came to our share meeting on Tuesday night.  We hope you found it useful.  If you didn't make it and would like any information about the share meeting then please ask a friend, pop in and see us or look on the website for our PowerPoint and any extra resources.  Enjoy your weekend!
YEAR 1 - News in Brief
In Year 1 this week the children have been working very hard in their maths lessons.  We have been reading number words and using mathematical language to compare groups of objects.  We have also been working out what is one more and one less than any given number.  In literacy we have been looking at capital letters and matching them to their lower case letters.  As part of our topic work we have been painting some fabulous portraits; using mirrors to look closely at our facial features.  Thank you to those of you who have already sent in some baby photos; we are going to enjoy looking at them on Friday!
RECEPTION - News in Brief
We have had opportunities to talk about ourselves and the things we like and don't like. Thank you for all the fruit that was brought in. The children enjoyed finding out about the artist Giuseppe Arcimbaldo who created images using natural, seasonal objects such as fruit and vegetables. It was great to see all the children working together to make a gigantic image of a face! We have been feeling the fruit and describing the different textures such as rough or smooth. We have been learning some letter and numeral formation and rhymes that help the children remember how to write them correctly. Another busy week!  Have a good weekend everyone
NURSERY - News in Brief
We have had a super week in Nursery.  We have been thinking about the colour 'green' and the shape 'circle'.  Lots of children brought in things from home that were green or that were the same shape as a circle.  Some children even managed to bring in things that were both green and circular, great job!.  We have been trying to find green things in the nursery outdoor environment and we made our own collages and collections inside and out!  We have been thinking about things that we eat that are green; apples, peas and broccoli.  We had fun learning our green song, ask the children to sing it at home.  Please send PLOD sheets back to Nursery as soon as you can.  Next week we will be thinking about things that are blue and shaped like a rectangle.  The children can bring things in to share at nursery but please remember to name them if you would like them back.  We also still have a few children without wellies at school, please send in a named pair to keep in their welly bags on their pegs. Thank you.
ASAC  - News in Brief
We've been really busy in our After School Club activities with the children making lavender bags and mosaics out of dried beans. The mosaics of owls and dogs look fantastic and some of them will be part of a display! Outside, we have brand new footballs which are certainly being put to good use.
BSC  - News in Brief
Another busy week having fun!  The children have enjoyed basketball, soft play, ball pool, Twister, skipping, big cars and lorries, and craft activities.  We also welcome some more new Reception children to BSC who have joined in with our circle games.  Can they tell you anything about Witch Witch Fell in a Ditch?  Our story this week was 'How to be a Practically Perfect Pig' by Nick Ward.  Have you ever said the wrong thing?  Or done something in front of visitors that make your parents blush?  Well, it's hard to be good all the time!  A fun book to read.  Can your child tell you about this story?  Was he really so perfect?
FOREST SCHOOL - News in Brief
This half term has been the biggest test for those striving to achieve their first star award, the Tool Badge. Each child in Year 4 is being put through their paces in an ultimate test that draws on all their skills and knowledge gained over the last five years at Forest School in the safe use and practise of a range of tools including sheath knives, bow saws, axes, billhooks and loppers to name but a few. A successful Forest Schooler would need to demonstrate competency in using a range of tools to produce a wooden Roman tool or weapon and most importantly of all, conduct themselves in a safe manner throughout the whole process. Only after successfully completing all stages of the test will a child be awarded the highly sought after Tool Badge. A very big congratulations to all those who have already been awarded their badge as, speaking from experience, it is NOT an easy thing to do!
At the start of each year we set the children in Year 4 the target of achieving a minimum of two out of a possible seven stars. Each badge has difficult but achievable criteria for the award. The purpose of the badges is to award and praise children who have mastered a very difficult Bushcraft skill that has taken lots of hard work and effort over several years to achieve. Although, understandably, every child would love to gain all seven badges, in reality managing to do so would be very hard (even for the most experienced of adults!) That is why you and your child can be so proud of each badge earned and if some fall short of reaching the pass criteria on a particular badge, they have several other opportunities to strive for their goal of two overall stars. Keep up the hard work!
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