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Please go to our school website at to see the one year variation of the Three Rivers Learning Trust's admissions policy for Year 5 entry into Chantry Middle School in September 2018.
2nd December 2017                           FOAS Christmas Fair 
2nd December 2017        1.30-2.30    Reception Open Afternoon
3rd December 2017         11.30-2pm  Abbeyfields Christmas Carols, Sanderson Arcade
4th-8th December 2017                      Scholastic Book Fair (South Hall)
6th December 2017         12.20pm     Year 3 Family Lunch
13th December 2017       10.30am     Nursery A Christmas Performance - Nursery Rhyme Nativity
                                         9.30am       Reception Christmas Performance - The Tiptoe Nativity
                                         2.00pm       Reception Christmas Performance - The Tiptoe Nativity
                                         9.30am       Year 1 Christmas Performance - A Snowman at Sunset
                                         10.15am     Year 2 Christmas Performance - Prickly Hay Nativity
                                         1.45pm       Year 3 Christmas Performance - A Christmas Mash Up
                                         2.30pm       Year 4 Christmas Performance - The Three Little Pigs
14th December 2017        9.30am      Year 3 Christmas Performance - A Christmas Mash Up
                                         10.15am     Year 4 Christmas Performance - The Three Little Pigs
                                         1.45pm       Year 1 Christmas Performance - A Snowman at Sunset
                                         2.30pm       Year 2 Christmas Performance - Prickly Hay Nativity
15th December 2017       1.45pm        Nursery B Christmas Performance - Nursery Rhyme Nativity
18th December 2017                           Year 2 Christmas Party

19th December 2017                           Reception (South Hall) and Year 1 (North Hall) Christmas Parties
20th December 2017                           Christmas Lunch
20th December 2017                           Nursery (South Hall) and Year 3 (North Hall) Christmas Parties
21st December 2017                           Year 4 Christmas Party
We are once again selling beanies to raise funds for St Oswalds Hospice, with four different beanies to collect.  They will be on sale in the North Hall entrance from Monday 4th December and cost £2 each.  The beanies are really popular, so don't delay in sending in money with your child to avoid disappointment.  Many thanks.
The scholastic book fair will be in school again from 4th December, every day after school and also before school on Wednesday and Thursday 6-7 December in the South Hall (next to Nursery and Reception.)  There is a range of fiction and non-fiction books for ages 2-11, which are all being offered at half price, so it's an excellent chance to stock up for the festive season.  We hope you can support the book fair, as whilst grabbing yourself a bargain you will be benefiting the school.  We will receive commission of 10% of sales as books for classrooms.  There will be prizes of 5 x £5 vouchers to be spent at the fair which will be drawn at the assembly on Thursday 7th December.  Mrs Halliford will collect the children from their classrooms on Friday morning to spend their vouchers. 
We are still collecting green milk bottle tops which will be sent to the Children's Ward at Newcastle RVI.  There is a box in the front foyer.  Many thanks.
Class Last Week’s Percentage Attendance Yearly Percentage Attendance to Date
RD 94.3% 94.7%
RM 91.3% 96.4%
1J 93.3% 95.7%
1B 97.3% 98.2%
2S 99.7% 96.8%
2H 96.0% 98.1%
3D 98.6% 98.7%
3C 99.3% 96.1%
4G 97.2% 96.5%
4H 97.4% 97.3%

Total Percentage



Our winner this week is Mrs Sykes' class.
One of the children who attends Abbeyfields Toddlers has a confirmed case of measles.  Unfortunately the child attended toddlers during the infectious stage as there were no symptoms at that point.  Although this should pose no risk to any of the staff or children at Abbeyfields School, you should contact your doctor if your child experiences any of the following symptoms:

- a runny or blocked nose
- sneezing
- watery eyes
- swollen eyelids
- sore, red eyes which are sensitive to light
- a high temperature
- a rash
- aches and pains
We would like to inform anyone who would like to advertise a local business in our Newsletter that the charge will increase to £6.00 per week from 1st January 2018.  There will still be a discounted rate of 5% for half a term and 10% for a full term.  If you would like to advertise your business, please contact Sharon Mungall in the school office on 01670 513582 or email to discuss.  Many thanks
 Friends Of Abbeyfields School News

 Abbeyfields Christmas Fair- THIS SATURDAY 2nd December 1-3pm
This is always a great event with lots of Christmas stalls, craft activities, face painting, games (for children AND grown ups..!), mulled punch and mince pies, Tombola and......a visit from Santa! There will be live Christmas music during the second hour of the Fair provided by our wonderful Year 4 Carol Singers and we will have a number of local trade and craft stalls selling Christmas gifts.  Thank you very much to everyone who has offered to help- it is hugely appreciated! Thank you also to everyone who has contributed prizes for the Tombola and Raffle Hampers- you have been very generous!

We will be running a toy stall so if you have any good quality used toys which you can spare please bring them in either on Friday or on the day of the fair (we are short on storage space). Thank you!

Year 1 will be running a cake stall and donations for this from all years would be very welcome on Friday or the day of the fair.

This should be a brilliant afternoon- really hope you can make it!

Carol Singing at the Sanderson Arcade- Sunday 3 rd December 11.30am-2pm
The Sanderson Arcade have very kindly allowed us the opportunity to Carol Sing for donations to the Playground Fund. It would be great if the children could wear school jumpers, hoodies or coats (and lots of warm layers!). Older siblings and parents are very welcome too. Don’t worry if you can’t make the whole time- any help would be very much appreciated!

Cauliflower Christmas Cards
We hope that everyone who ordered items is really pleased with them!  If you decide you want extra packs, or mugs etc. these can be ordered from the Cauliflower Cards website. As our school used Online Ordering you need to click the “PARENTS ORDER HERE” icon in the top right hand corner (not the “Reorder” tab- this only applies to schools who did cash payments). FOAS WILL still get a contribution of £1 per item on extra orders.

If your child or children were wanting to design a card or Christmas mug and you haven’t had time yet you can still post late orders direct to Cauliflower Cards until 6 th December. They charge a £4.50 per household processing and packaging fee but Friends of Abbeyfields DO still get a donation from your purchases. Details are available at artwork.html and you will need to print a late order form at

We are getting closer to our Abbeyfields Playground Canopy….!
As many of you will know, following a survey of staff and parent opinions we are currently fundraising for a colourful playground canopy to allow better use of the school’s outdoor space. This will cost in the region of £10,000.  Our current total is £7945!

We are really hopeful that we and the Abbeyfields children can raise the rest of the funds necessary during this school year, so lots of fundraising plans are being hatched!  Thank you for all your ongoing support of FOAS activities. As always, do get in touch if you have any queries or suggestions for FOAS, or if you are able to offer to help with any events- either speak to a committee member or email Beccy Pearson at
There were three scooters left on the school grounds at the end of the last half term and they have not yet been claimed.  If you believe that one of them could be your child's, please contact the school office.  We have also had a Frozen small scooter handed into the office.
YEAR 4 - News in Brief
This week, Year 4 have been looking at improving their writing by using adverbs and a variety of openers. We have used pictures and animation to inspire creativity. We also continue to focus on presentation, trying to use neat joined handwriting in all our written work. In maths, the children have been working on fractions and decimals. We are all now experts in converting fractions into decimals, and vice versa. In art the children have been busy creating a stained glass window design. The designs are looking good and we can't wait to see the finished products. Rehearsals are well under way for our C*******s performance. We are so impressed with the quality of the singing so far. We think you are in for a treat!
YEAR 3 - News in Brief
The Year 3s have moved on to looking at division this week using the 2, 3, 4 and 5 times tables to start with. The children are even able to use the bus stop method and the explanations that they are using to justify how they get their answers are lovely. In English we have been continuing to use Flat Stanley as our inspiration for stories around Europe. We had a fabulous time at the Leisure Centre yesterday. We hope that the children have told you all about it. Thanks again to the parents that were able to help us with the walk to and from the Leisure Centre. Preparations continue for the Christmas Show and please keep a look out for the part that your child has.
YEAR 2 - News in Brief
Year 2 would like to say a massive thank you again for all your support with homework. It is making a huge difference!  The children are making great progress with their tables and we are SO proud of them.  Lots of the children can now chant their tables, answer tricky and quick questions and can teach their friends about arrays and division.  They have also started learning about fractions, halving, quarters and much more... their knowledge now is VERY impressive.  In English and RWI the children have shown amazing skills in their reading and writing and have recently wowed their teachers with their scientific knowledge and enquiring skills in science, ask your child to tell you more about this as Miss Halliford planned some pretty exciting and challenging work this week in Science! 
YEAR 1 - News in Brief
The children in Year 1 have had fun with numbers this week. We have been counting and ordering numbers and showing off our mathematical skills. We particularly enjoyed learning a new game called 'Treasure Hunt' where we had to count forwards and backwards and collect the sparkly treasures! We are getting underway with our rehearsals for our seasonal production (we are not mentioning the C word until December!). Most of the children will need to bring a black T shirt/top and black trousers/leggings to wear for the performance. If your child will require other items we will contact you directly.
RECEPTION - News in Brief
We have started practicing our Christmas performance called 'The Tiptoe Nativity'.  The children will be given a sheet explaining what part your child will be playing and ideas for a costume.  Please bring costumes into school by Friday 8th Dec in a clearly named bag.  DON'T PANIC....if anyone is unsure or finding some items difficult to find, just have a word with a member of the Reception team who will be only too happy to help!!!! We have used this as a homework activity for this week.  At the beginning of the week we looked at the Jewish Hanukkah festival and compared it to other festivals we celebrate where we light candles, send presents and eat special types of food. Today we have begun to talk about Advent and Christmas celebrations.  Next week our focus is the Nativity Story so the children will be completing lots of challenges and activities linked to this.....along with practicing it too!  We hope you all have a lovely weekend and many thanks for all your support so far and remember, if you have any queries, please get in touch - ANY TIME!
NURSERY - News in Brief
Well, Christmas has well and truly arrived in Nursery. We have had a lovely week starting to make our Christmas crafts, there are glitter and sparkles everywhere! How exciting! We have started sharing the story of the very first Christmas and learning the songs for our Christmas performance. Ask us to tell you about it at home. The nursery Christmas post box will be available on Friday, we would like the children to make and send in one card for their Nursery friends which we will share and display in Nursery. There is a pot for a voluntary £1 donation. More information about performances and party will follow later. Thank you.
ASAC  - News in Brief
This week a specialist golf coach is teaching us all about golf through fun games.  In the classroom, we are creating winter craft including pattern snowflakes and snowy silhouette scenes.  Can we please remind all parents and carers that After School Club finishes at 5.30pm.  Any late collections will be subject to a £10 late collection charge.  If you are going to be late, please could you make alternative pick-up arrangements, and also let the after school club staff know by calling 07493942798.  Many thanks.
BSC  - News in Brief
A busy week trying not to mention 'that magical word' until the 1st!  So the children have been kept busy playing in the soft play, ball pool, football, table football, darts, hoola hoops, My Little Pony, circle and  parachute games.  Miss Stewart has kept them busy with winter activity sheets - much nicer than our current weather. Brrr!  Our story this week was 'Cuddly Dudley' by Jez Alborough. Dudley loved to play.  He loved to play diving in, jumping in and splashing, but most of all Dudley loved to play ... all by himself!  Can your child tell you who Dudley is and why he wanted to be left alone? (His brothers and sisters couldn't resist having a huddle and a waddle and a cuddle).  Ask them which friend they gave a cuddle to after the story.
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