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If you have visited our website this week, you may have noticed a few additions!

  Firstly we now have a school calendar which includes all school holidays dates, teacher training days, and all of the other exciting events and assemblies which take place at Abbeyfields.

Secondly, to keep in line with the rest of the Trust, we now have a Twitter account.  This will be used to relay special events and activities to you almost as soon as they happen, whilst also alerting you to upcoming events.  Our policy is that any photographs used will not contain any children who we have been told must not be included, and that names will NEVER be used.  If you would like to follow us, either visit, or follow us on Twitter @Abbeyfields FS.
Mindfulness Week
We are looking forward to a special Mindfulness week in school next week.  During the week children will be exploring different techniques for keeping calm and maintaining a positive outlook.  There will be some activities within their classes and some whole school events and visitors too.

As part of our Mindfulness week, our Educational Psychologist Jill Sandeman will be in school on Tues 20th March offering a talk to parents on “Raising a Mindful child” at 2-3pm, repeated at 6-7pm.  If you would like to attend either of these sessions, please respond by clicking here.

As it is also Sport Relief next week, we will be doing a “Wake and Shake” activity every morning, and will have a walk to school on the Friday morning, setting off from the car park next to St George’s church at 8.20am.  All children who wish to join us must be accompanied by an adult.  The majority of the walk will be through the park, and we will use pelican crossings and the Abbey Meadows zebra crossing for busy roads.
Abbeyfields Country Show 2018
We are pleased to announce the very exciting upcoming Country Show to be held at Abbeyfields on Friday 13th July 2018.  The event will showcase a plethora of Northumbrian country crafts and competitions from vegetable growing to jams and cakes. The event will include livestock, farming machinery, traditional crafts, stalls, games, live outdoor music and competition marquee and will incorporate the Abbeyfields Summer Fair.

We would love to hear from anyone who is able to contribute to the event, in particular those who could offer assistance with traditional crafts. We are looking for help from anyone involved in the area of outdoor pursuits, farming, allotment/gardening, baking etc.  We want to include not just the children at Abbeyfields but the local community. If anyone has connections to local groups or societies that could contribute to the Country Show we would be very grateful.

Please contact Mr Pearson via the school office or speak to the chair of FOAS Beccy Pearson.  We will keep you updated with all exciting developments!
16th March 2018            3.30pm-5.00pm            FOAS Disco for Nursery, Reception and Year 1
                                       5.30pm-7.00pm            FOAS Disco for Years 2 - 4
19th March 2018                                                 Mindfulness Week
21st March 2018            9am                              Reception Assembly
21st March 2018            12.20pm                       Year 1 Family Lunch
23rd March 2018                                                 Sport Relief (more information to follow)
27th March 2018                                                 Easter Service at St Mary's (children only)
29th March 2018            3.15pm                         School Closes for Easter
16th April 2018               8.50am                         School Reopens
24th April 2018               3.30pm                         Year 4 Swaledale Parent's Meeting
25th April 2018                                                    Class Photographs
Action for Children are holding various groups for parents at various locations throughout our area:

'Incredible Babies' - meet other parents and their babies and get to know, understand and enjoy your baby and learn how they develop during the first 12 months.  For further information, please click here.
'Incredible Years' - find out how to support your child during Years 1-6.  This course provides ideas to help your child learn both in school and in life.  For further information, please click here.

If you would like any further information on any other courses or groups run by Action for Children, please visit
Just a reminder that football training for children in Years 3 and 4 who have completed their forms is on Friday from 4-5pm.
Sport Relief is coming up in the week 17th March -23rd March. We will be selling the Sport Relief wristbands from Monday 19th March at morning playtime outside the north hall. If the children would like one please can they bring £1 to school.
We now have a post box in the front foyer which is to be used for any correspondence to be given to your child's class teacher, to the Headteacher, or to the Office, should the office be closed (i.e. if your child is at BSC or ASAC).  This post box will be checked regularly.

Easyfundraising is the simplest way to raise money for our school.  You can shop with any of over 3,300 well-known retailers via the easyfundraising website and a percentage of what you spend is passed to Abbeyfields School at no additional cost to you.  Some of the main retailers include Amazon, M&S, Vodafone, eBay, Tesco, Viking, Thomas cook, TUI and many more (see below). Please register to support us today by visiting  It really doesn't cost you a single penny and takes seconds to register.  You can even download a donation reminder so when you search the internet, all companies who are registered with Easyfundraising will have a notification beside it.

Wansbeck Valley Food Bank - Donations
Dear children, parents, carers and staff of Abbeyfields,

We would like to thank you so much for the donations which have already been received for the Wansbeck Valley Food Bank  These have been delivered and they were gratefully received!  Please continue to bring in any donations of non perishable food items that you may wish to make.

We are aware that the Wansbeck Valley Food Trust have experienced a huge demand over the past few months, and were concerned that they could not match the demand.  Fortunately due to the generosity of the local community they did manage to, however this emphasises that there are (sadly) people in our local community who need help all year round.

Please let's continue to show our generosity throughout the year to those in need.  Even small items are valued, and can easily be dropped off on your way in and out of school.  Let's support this worthy cause, and make this an ongoing Abbeyfields priority.

Thank you in anticipation.

We are still collecting green milk bottle tops which will be sent to the Children's Ward at Newcastle RVI.  There is a box in the front foyer.  Many thanks.
Class Last Week’s Percentage Attendance Yearly Percentage Attendance to Date
RD 94.3% 95.0%
RM 97.0% 96.1%
1J 98.3% 96.6%
1B 98.0% 97.0%
2S 95.7% 95.8%
2H 99.0% 96.5%
3D 100.0% 98.0%
3C 99.7% 96.2%
4G 92.2% 96.0%
4H 98.4% 97.4%

Total Percentage



Our winner this week is Mrs Dale's class.
Friends Of Abbeyfields School News
Spring Disco
Thank you to everyone who has bought tickets for the discos this Friday.  At the time of writing all tickets have been sold for the 3.30 session.  A few tickets do remain available for the Year 2,3 and 4 session at 5.30pm and these will be available in the main yard at school pick-up today (Thursday) for £4 per ticket.

Nursery, Reception and Year 1 from 3.30-5pm - as this event is run by parent volunteers, we ask that children from Nursery and Reception are collected from school as normal and that children have a parent or carer with them (no additional ticket required). One adult can be responsible for a maximum of 2 children.  Year 1 children can attend alone if they are happy with this.  Coffee, tea and biscuits will be on sale for the adults present. We regret that we cannot accommodate younger siblings - the children can get quite excited and there is usually lots of exuberant dancing - we would hate for a younger sibling to get hurt.

Years 2-4 from 5.30-7pm - Children in Years 2-4 do not need an adult to be present.  Parents can stay but we ask that for this session adults who wish to stay DO purchase a ticket.

We hope everyone has a brilliant time and can’t wait to see all your best dance moves! 

We are very sorry if some people who wanted tickets were unable to get them, but we do have to stick to the fire limit for the school hall.

As well as trying to fundraise to purchase equipment for the Abbeyfields pupils and enhancing their school environment, the FOAS team also strive to arrange events which our pupils and their families will really enjoy.  We would love your ideas and feedback in
order to help us put on events which really appeal to our school families.  If you have 5 minutes to spare we would love you to drop us an email about what kind of events you and your children would like us to try and organise in the future.

We would love some new volunteers to join us in 2018 so if you think you might like to become more involved with FOAS and fundraising for your child’s school, then please get in touch with Beccy Pearson at . Thank you!
YEAR 4 - News in Brief
Mrs Ford shared some of the children's vision statements, which they wrote last week in English, during The Three Rivers Strategy Saturday and leaders there were so impressed they thought adults had written them!  In English this week, the children wrote excellent descriptions using the 5 senses about a mysterious never-ending tunnel.  We then improved our work even further using a range of vocabulary and punctuation.  In topic we discovered how a river is formed by creating our own river on the field to show the journey of a river.  We used Google Earth to track the River Wansbeck from source to mouth.  The children found this very interesting and enjoyed seeing the different stages of the river.  In Maths, the children have continued to impress us with their addition and subtraction skills and have applied these in word problems.  We are looking forward to our Mindfulness Week which starts on Monday.
YEAR 3 - News in Brief
The Year 3s this week have been using Mrs Pepperpot in their English lessons. They wrote character and setting descriptions using some fantastic vocabulary to create a wonderful mental image for the reader.  Following on from their homework, they also looked at speech marks recalling the rules that they needed to use. In Maths they have been having fun learning how to measure the perimeter of shapes and are now all really good at calculating the answer.  They then used their knowledge to think about the perimeter of the different houses that The Three Little Pigs could live in.  In Topic we looked at the steps that lead to the eruption of a volcano and then looked at models using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to represent the steps.  3D looked at what happened when you add Mentoes to coke and luckily remembered to try it outside!  3C will get the opportunity to see this next week.  The children have begun their own project to design a bespoke Easter Card and we are looking forward to seeing all the different versions.  Please look out for a letter about the Year 3 swimming lessons in your child's bag tonight.  We need these signed and returned as our first lesson will be the first Tuesday after the Easter Holidays.  We are looking forward to our Mindfulness Week next week - if your child would like to bring in a soft toy on Wednesday for one of the sessions that would be lovely but we do have spares if they want to use one from school.
YEAR 2 - News in Brief
This week the children have continued to learn about maps, routes and following directions.  They have enjoyed working in their RWI groups to use accurate punctuation and some children have even been writing about a Morpeth walk using adverbs and conjunctions. In Maths the children have been amazing their group leaders by showing off their multiplication and division skills.  The highlight of the week has been making little Scottish dancers which will soon be on display outside Miss Halliford's classroom.  Next week is Mindfulness Week and the children are going to be very busy working with different leaders across the Key Stage.  Please see your child's reading record book for extra information.
YEAR 1 - News in Brief
What a week!  The children have continued to impress us with their fantastic homework and interesting space facts.  It is lovely to see that the children are enjoying this topic as much as us.  In topic this week we have been finding out about animals visiting space.  We have also been investigating materials and thinking about what would be the best material to make a space suit.  In Maths we having been comparing numbers.  We have been using the greater, less than and equals symbols ( < > = ) to compare numbers.  Ask your child to compare 2 given numbers - can they use the correct symbol?  For example 20>9, 18<20 or try comparing these 10+3<14, 11+2<20.  What symbol will you use?  We also practised ordering amounts of objects and numbers, for example 21, 50, 34, 2.  Can you put these in order of smallest to biggest?  Have a go at home with other numbers.  We have been practising our read, write, inc sounds by reading nonsense/alien words and carefully thinking about what sounds are in the words we are reading.  We blasted off into space on Wednesday and performed our fantastic Year 1 assembly to the whole school and parents.  We are so proud of all the boys and girls for singing their hearts out and for saying their words so clearly.  The songs from our assembly are so catchy we hope you enjoyed singing along to them too.
RECEPTION - News in Brief
This week the children have been very busy collecting and counting tallies and using the information to make bar charts.  They have been continuing with their adding and trying to remember to keep the largest number in their head and continue to count.  This is only one method to use and the children have been encouraged to use it if necessary.  They might not need to use it for sums like 5+5= or 4+4= as they might use instant recall (remember the facts).  It has been water travel this week and one aspect has been pirates which they have all been keen to do during their child initiated tasks.  In Art the children decorated eggs using finger paints and marbling ink.  They enjoyed adding the ink to the water and watched as it floated on the surface before adding the paper egg!  On Wednesday 21st March is Reception Assembly and the children are all very excited to share some of the work that has been done over the past six months.  We have based the theme on Festivals and Celebrations as it is so close to Easter.  The children have been asked to wear their uniform with red jumpers or cardigans if possible for our assembly.   A reminder to anyone who could help walk the children to the church on Tuesday 28th March, please contact their child's class teacher.  Next week is 'Mindfulness Week' so we've lots of mindfulness activities planned throughout the week!  Thanks for all you support, the Reception Team.
NURSERY - News in Brief
This week we have continued our topic about wheels, thinking about emergency vehicles and people who help us.  Outside we have had a great time playing in role as fire fighters, wearing hats and jackets, driving the fire engine, getting to emergencies fast, using hose pipes, pumps and other equipment to put out the fires and warning people to 'stand back' - it was so much fun.  Fire Chief Shooter said we will all make excellent fire fighters when we grow up.  Inside we have enjoyed playing with the hospital and fire station in our small world area.  We looked at pictures of problems and matched them to pictures of the people who would help us to sort it out, thinking about their vehicles, equipment and the words we would hear them say.  We also did some amazing work looking at sets of objects, making two sets the same and then different.  Next week in school is Mindfulness Week and we will be spending the week looking at and replicating the work of Kandinsky, a famous artist who loved to work with colours and circles, so lots to look forward to. Thank you.
ASAC  - News in Brief
After School Club has been busy in the craft department by following in the footsteps of renowned artist Henri Matisse, whose abstract style we have been replicating.  Outside, there has been plenty of teamwork involved in our football and basketball matches. We are also offering homework support so if your child wants to get their homework done before they get home, an adult will be on hand to help if they need it.
BSC  - News in Brief
Another busy week playing football, parachute games, ball pool, large skipping rope (learning how to jump in and run out!).  Craft activities continuing with the Easter theme with some lovely colourful eggs going onto our display.  More poetry from our amusing Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar.  Can your child tell you what their favourite one was?
To view the menu for w/c 19th March 2018, please click here.
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