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We have had an interesting week in school, focusing on we are feeling, what we can see, hear, taste and do.

Lots of fun activities have taken place including yoga, meditation, cooking, golf, inspirational art, mindful music, energetic exercise...and lots of laughing.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us this week - we are very grateful.  Abbeyfields has amazing mindful kids! 

We are celebrating 'Sport Relief' tomorrow (Friday 23rd March) to round the week off.  Please join us at St George's Church for a walk to school if you can (leaving at 8.30am prompt), but don't worry if you can't, all the children who are in Before School Club or who come in at normal time will be able to participate in the march around the playground before we go into school at 9am!  All children who wish to join us from St George's Church must be accompanied by an adult.  The majority of the walk will be through the park, and we will use pelican crossings and the Abbey Meadows zebra crossing for busy roads.

We hope you are enjoying our Twitter posts? It is lovely to be able to instantly share what we are doing and it is bringing the children's learning to life.

If you haven't had a peek yet, please do so...either via the school website ( or follow us @AbbeyfieldsFS.
23rd March 2018                                                 Sport Relief (more information to follow)
27th March 2018                                                 Easter Service at St Mary's (children only)
29th March 2018            3.15pm                         School Closes for Easter
16th April 2018               8.50am                         School Reopens
24th April 2018               3.30pm                         Year 4 Swaledale Parent's Meeting
25th April 2018                                                    Class Photographs
Sport Relief wristbands are still on sale outside the North Hall at morning playtimes for £1.

Easyfundraising is the simplest way to raise money for our school.  You can shop with any of over 3,300 well-known retailers via the easyfundraising website and a percentage of what you spend is passed to Abbeyfields School at no additional cost to you.  Some of the main retailers include Amazon, M&S, Vodafone, eBay, Tesco, Viking, Thomas cook, TUI and many more (see below). Please register to support us today by visiting  It really doesn't cost you a single penny and takes seconds to register.  You can even download a donation reminder so when you search the internet, all companies who are registered with Easyfundraising will have a notification beside it.

Wansbeck Valley Food Bank - Donations
Dear children, parents, carers and staff of Abbeyfields,

We would like to thank you so much for the donations which have already been received for the Wansbeck Valley Food Bank  These have been delivered and they were gratefully received!  Please continue to bring in any donations of non perishable food items that you may wish to make.

We are aware that the Wansbeck Valley Food Trust have experienced a huge demand over the past few months, and were concerned that they could not match the demand.  Fortunately due to the generosity of the local community they did manage to, however this emphasises that there are (sadly) people in our local community who need help all year round.

Please let's continue to show our generosity throughout the year to those in need.  Even small items are valued, and can easily be dropped off on your way in and out of school.  Let's support this worthy cause, and make this an ongoing Abbeyfields priority.

Thank you in anticipation.

As you know, we have been collecting green milk bottle tops in the front foyer for some time now and they have been given to the Children's Ward at Newcastle RVI.  The hospital sells the bottle tops to manufacturers who are able to recycle them and turn them into wellington boots!  Whilst being really good for the environment, it is a great way for the Children's Ward to raise funds to buy equipment which the children are able to benefit from during their stay in  hospital.

So, let's keep collecting those green milk bottle tops!
Class Last Week’s Percentage Attendance Yearly Percentage Attendance to Date
RD 100.0% 95.2%
RM 96.3% 96.1%
1J 98.0% 96.6%
1B 97.3% 97.1%
2S 97.3% 95.9%
2H 98.7% 96.6%
3D 100.0% 98.1%
3C 95.9% 96.2%
4G 90.0% 95.7%
4H 98.7% 97.5%

Total Percentage



Our winners this week are Mrs DaCosta and Dale's classes.
Friends Of Abbeyfields School News
The Canopy is on its way!
Construction of the playground canopy is due to start on Monday 26th March.  This should take 3 days.  We can’t wait to see the fruits of everyone’s hard work and fundraising appear in the Abbeyfields grounds!

Spring Disco
Thank you to everyone who came along to the discos on Friday and to all the parents, grandparents and carers for all your help and understanding with the signing in and signing out of the children.  We hope everyone had fun!  There was some amazing dancing and fabulous disco outfits!

We are very sorry if some people who wanted tickets were unable to get them, but we do have to stick to the fire limit for the school hall.

Just a reminder that FOAS has teamed up with the company Stamptastic to raise funds for the school.  If you are sick of sewing in name tapes or clothes going missing then this might be a good solution!  Those of us who have ordered these already have found them to be brilliant - really quick and easy, and still clearly legible after 2 terms of washing!  The company makes name stamps and special ink which can be used to label clothing and other items.  They will donate 20% of any order cost to Friends of Abbeyfields if you use the order code NE612LZ (the school postcode).

Social Evening in May
The FOAS team are hatching plans for an Abbeyfields/FOAS social evening in May - for parents and carers this time!  Watch this space for a date and further details.

The committee will be meeting tonight (Thursday 22nd) to discuss plans for the rest of the year.  As well as trying to fundraise to purchase equipment for the Abbeyfields pupils and enhancing their school environment, the FOAS team also strive to arrange events which our pupils and their families will really enjoy.  We would love your ideas and feedback in order to help us put on events which really appeal to our school families.  If you have 5 minutes to spare we would love you to drop us an email about what kind of events you and your children would like us to try and organise in the future.  Thank you!

We would love some new volunteers to join us in 2018 so if you think you might like to become more involved with FOAS and fundraising for your child’s school, then please get in touch with Beccy Pearson at . Thank you!
The immunisation team now have a link to their services which provides information to schools and parents regarding their vaccination programmes and further information regarding the vaccines that are given to children. 
Please find the link below.
For any further information regarding the vaccination programme you can contact the Immunisation team at the following address:-
Stephanie Gibbs
Safe Care Lead (PHSN)
Immunisation Team
Hutton Health Suite
John Willie Sams Centre
NE29 8LJ
YEAR 4 - News in Brief
We have had a very mindful week in Year 4.  We have sampled Yoga and Tai Chi which helped us to relax and control our every movement.  The children have also enjoyed beginning every day with Go Noodle activities and Zen Den meditation.  In English, we have thought about our special place where we feel happy and content and have written a description about it using adjectives, similes and alliteration.  We then drew our special place in Art using our chosen media, including water colours.  Mrs Fraser came in to to talk about breathing techniques and got us to focus our minds by playing 'Kim's game' where we had to identify which object was missing.  The children thoroughly enjoyed playing team games which encouraged them to be mindful of each other and to work together as one.  In Maths, we have continued our work on multiplication and moved onto division using the bus stop method and we have applied these skills in problem solving.  A huge well done to all of the children who competed in the Tri-Golf tournament on Wednesday.  You all represented Abbeyfields extremely well and made us incredibly proud.  Please look out for an additional letter next week regarding Year 4 dates for your diary.
YEAR 3 - News in Brief
The Year 3s have been working hard in English to write a story of their own in the style of a Mrs Pepperpot tale.  They used a grid with lots of ideas on and threw a dice to help them generate which characters, setting and dilemma they would use.  In Maths they have been looking at fractions - see if they can tell you the difference between a unit fraction and a non-unit fraction.  We have been enjoying our Mindfulness activities during the afternoons.  We have looked at the different emotions that people may have and enjoyed a good discussion about different feelings we have had.  We also discussed worries and how to deal with them through different breathing techniques.  We also learned that laughing is one of the best ways to take our mind off things so we all enjoyed a session of making each other laugh!  In the mornings we have been starting our day with an active song followed by a calming Zen Den relaxation.  We are looking forward to our Sport Relief day on Friday.
YEAR 2 - News in Brief
Year 2 have really enjoyed their time this week embracing many different activities to help them be mindful.  We have enjoyed learning about how keeping our bodies healthy set off a happy alarm in our brains, used our sense of smell, touch and taste to create cookies and peppermint creams, valued and respected each other during peer massage sessions, learnt how to use our breathing to help us stay calm and focused and thought about how our actions impact upon how others feel.  Are you being a bucket-filler or a bucket-dipper?  Hopefully the children should bring home lots of simple and easy ideas you can try with them to help you have a happy and mindful home!
YEAR 1 - News in Brief
Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed immersing themselves in our 'Mindfulness Week'.  We have begun every day with a session of positive thinking through active and relaxing activities as a school, and this has helped us to be ready for our work in the classrooms. We have particularly enjoyed making thought bubbles, worry warriors, buckets full of happiness and playing mindful games during the afternoons.  We have also had a visit from Mrs Fraser today - why not ask us about what we have done.  We have also had a very practical week in Maths.  We have been measuring the weight of objects and the capacity of containers.  We are using a lot of new Maths vocabulary including grams and kilograms when comparing weight, and millilitres and litres when talking about how full a container might be.  Perhaps the children could use some scales to measure the weight of objects at home, or fill and empty containers at bath time?  Don't forget to bring your PE kit tomorrow.
RECEPTION - News in Brief
The children have enjoyed being 'Mindful' this week and working on lots of techniques and activities to help support this.  The children were excellent in the Assembly and you should be very proud of them - the Reception Team are!  Tomorrow is our 'Scooterthon' so scooters can be brought to the Reception entrances (class scooter park areas).  Please bring helmets and kneepads etc. into the cloakrooms in case it rains.  The 'Scooterthon' is taking place in the afternoon so if you are wanting to join the Sport Relief walk to school, scooters can be dropped off before or after the walk if this helps.  Thanks for all your support.  The Reception Team!
NURSERY - News in Brief
My goodness, we have had such a busy but fun filled week in Nursery.  For 'Mindfulness Week' we have concentrated on the artist Wassily Kandinsky.  We have carried out lots of art activities that copy the work of Kandinsky, using circles and different bright colours.  We have painted multicolour circles, made tissue paper circle collages, drew chalk circles on the boards outside and made shade circles starting with white and watching the colour get darker and darker.  Using the mouse we completed a computer program called 'spinner' which made circles of different sizes and colours.  In the South Hall we worked as a team to make beautiful mosaic circles and drew around lots of different sized circles to make a lovely pattern (please see our Twitter feed for some lovely pictures of some of the children taking part in this activity).  We are putting all our artwork together to make a fantastic display in Nursery - watch this space... For sport relief we had two 'wake up and shake up' sessions with our Reception friends.  What a busy week!  Next week we will be busy getting ready for Easter. Phew!
ASAC  - News in Brief
Outside, After School Club have been playing plenty of team games with the emphasis on fun in a team environment while using teamwork, cooperation skills and including your team mates.  Basketball and football are very much the order of the day!  Our craft this week is bobbing bunny creating!  Just in time for Easter the end product looks great and very appropriate for Easter.
BSC  - News in Brief
The children have played in the soft play and the ball pool.  Parachute games, football and target practise have also been popular.  They have also enjoyed circle games, where bean bags are passed around like a hot potato and doing a dance routine in the centre for the very brave!!  Some children even wanted to do it twice!  Our story this week was ... yes you've guessed, Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar.  We continue with these funny poems and the children do remember when one has already been read!  Which was their favourite this week?  Our 'move around' Thursday changed a little this week; instead of reach up high, touch the floor, spin around, funky dance and ninja pose, we changed it to .... can your child tell you?  Bet they can!!
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