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Grand Opening of the Canopy
Thank you to all parents, carers and families who joined us for the official opening of the canopy last night.  It was great to see you all and we hope you enjoyed the occasion, made extra special by Mrs Middleton's first class canapes.  Thanks to Friends of Abbeyfields and in particular our former Chair, Melanie Scott and current Chair, Beccy Pearson who had the honour of cutting the golden ribbon on behalf of everyone at Abbeyfields - under and over the age of 9!  Without your generosity - of both time and donations - we wouldn't have the canopy, so once again, many thanks.  Let's hope the sun shines from now until July so we can enjoy it at its best.
Abbeyfields supports Morpeth's bid for Best Town in Britain in Bloom!
Well done to Mr Pearson and the Year 4 children who met with the Britain in Bloom judges in school yesterday.  The children impressed the judges with their supersonic knowledge about gardening.  They spoke with confidence and enthusiasm and we are so proud of them.  If it was up to us, a gold medal would be on the cards!  Good luck to Morpeth in the competition.
Keeping Children Safe at Abbeyfields
Our safeguarding policy, which can be viewed on the school website, starts with the sentence “The health and safety of all children at Abbeyfields is of paramount importance.”  This approach underpins everything we do, in lesson content and day to day arrangements.  Our PHSE curriculum can also be viewed on the website, under separate tabs for each year group.  We aim to cover a variety of topics throughout the year, as well as responding to issues that crop up, and also plan an event such as our recent Mindfulness week, on a regular basis.  In whole school assemblies recently Mrs Burn has talked about e-safety, Mrs Kirby about sun safety, and Mrs Ford has been talking about various playground situations, helping children understand that they can speak up for themselves whilst being a good friend.  Class teachers will be using the NSPCC information “Talk PANTS” over the next few weeks and you may also wish to explore this at home, finding suggestions for stories or simple videos by following this link: children-safe/underwear- rule/.
To keep up to date with the various events taking place, please check the calendar which is available on the School Gateway app, via our school website ( and also in our weekly newsletter.

Our Twitter account is proving to be popular with lots of followers.  This is used to instantly share what we are doing within school and helps to bring the children's learning to life.  Why not follow us @Abbeyfields FS or view the feed on our website.
Sun Protection
As the sun has finally arrived, we would like to remind you of ways of keeping your children safe:
  • Children should bring hats to school to wear when outdoors.
  • The use of sun screen will be encouraged as appropriate
  • Parents are encouraged to apply sun screen to children before they come to school
  • Children are expected to bring their own sun screen to school, clearly labelled with their name, and apply it themselves.  Please ensure that you show them how to sensibly apply these screens.
  • Children must only use their own sun screen.
To view our Sun Protection Policy, please click here.

We have red Abbeyfields legionnaires style hats for sale in the school office at £4 each.  Abbeyfields caps are available from www.totstoteams,com.
2nd May 2018               12.30pm                   Year 3 to Tag Rugby Festival (selected pupils only)
14th - 18th May 2018                                     Year 4 to Swaledale
6th June 2018                9am                         Music Assembly (more details to follow)
13th June 2018              9am                         Year 3 Class Assembly
20th June 2018              9am                         Year 2 Class Assembly
27th June 2018              9am                         Year 1 Class Assembly
4th July 2018                 9am                          Reception Class Assembly
11th July 2018               9am                          Nursery A Class Assembly
13th July 2018               9am                          Nursery B Class Assembly
13th July 2018                                                Abbeyfields County Show 2018
18th July 2018                                                Year 4 Leaver's Assembly

Easyfundraising is the simplest way to raise money for our school.  You can shop with any of over 3,300 well-known retailers via the easyfundraising website and a percentage of what you spend is passed to Abbeyfields School at no additional cost to you.  Some of the main retailers include Amazon, M&S, Vodafone, eBay, Tesco, Viking, Thomas cook, TUI and many more (see below). Please register to support us today by visiting  It really doesn't cost you a single penny and takes seconds to register.  You can even download a donation reminder so when you search the internet, all companies who are registered with Easyfundraising will have a notification beside it.

Wansbeck Valley Food Bank - Donations
Dear children, parents, carers and staff of Abbeyfields,

We would like to thank you so much for the donations which have already been received for the Wansbeck Valley Food Bank  These have been delivered and they were gratefully received!  Please continue to bring in any donations of non perishable food items that you may wish to make.

We are aware that the Wansbeck Valley Food Trust have experienced a huge demand over the past few months, and were concerned that they could not match the demand.  Fortunately due to the generosity of the local community they did manage to, however this emphasises that there are (sadly) people in our local community who need help all year round.

Please let's continue to show our generosity throughout the year to those in need.  Even small items are valued, and can easily be dropped off on your way in and out of school.  Let's support this worthy cause, and make this an ongoing Abbeyfields priority.

Thank you in anticipation.

As you know, we have been collecting green milk bottle tops in the front foyer for some time now and they have been given to the Children's Ward at Newcastle RVI.  The hospital sells the bottle tops to manufacturers who are able to recycle them and turn them into wellington boots!  Whilst being really good for the environment, it is a great way for the Children's Ward to raise funds to buy equipment which the children are able to benefit from during their stay in  hospital.

So, let's keep collecting those green milk bottle tops!
Class Last Week’s Percentage Attendance Yearly Percentage Attendance to Date
RD 95.0% 95.2%
RM 97.3% 96.1%
1J 99.0% 96.7%
1B 97.0% 96.8%
2S 99.3% 96.1%
2H 98.0% 96.6%
3D 100.0% 98.2%
3C 100.0% 96.3%
4G 93.4% 95.3%
4H 95.8% 97.5%

Total Percentage



Our winners this week are Mrs Dale's and Mrs Cowey's' classes.
Friends Of Abbeyfields School News
Playground Canopy Opening
Thank you to those who attended the Canopy Opening.  We hope you enjoyed your canapés!  Now the big gold ribbon has been cut we hope that the canopy will be a really useful and beneficial addition to the school environment. 
The Abbeyfields Big Spring Clean- Saturday 12th May 10am-3pm
Spring has finally arrived but our school needs a hand getting ready for the Spring and Summer so we are organising “The Big Spring Clean” to spruce up our school.  On Saturday 12th May we’d like to bring as many of our school community as possible together to volunteer to help clean up the outdoor areas of our school for our children.  We’d love parents, children, grandparents and carers to come along and help out.  The idea is to pick up leaf litter, paint fences, paint benches, paint railings and generally tidy up the areas around the main and nursery yards. Lots of great jobs for the kids to take pride in to improve our wonderful school.  An email was sent out on Wednesday 25th April to allow you to sign up and volunteer at this event.  If you cannot sign up via this route you could speak to a FOAS Committee member or email  Any time you can offer on the day would be very greatly appreciated.  Many thanks in advance!
Just a reminder that FOAS has teamed up with the company Stamptastic to raise funds for the school. If you are sick of sewing in nametapes or clothes going missing then this might be a good solution!  Those of us who have ordered these already have found them to be brilliant- really quick and easy, and still clearly legible after 2 terms of washing!  The company makes name stamps and special ink which can be used to label clothing and other items. They will donate 20% of any order cost to Friends of Abbeyfields if you use the order code NE612LZ (the school postcode).

As well as trying to fundraise to purchase equipment for the Abbeyfields pupils and enhancing their school environment, the FOAS team also strive to arrange events which our pupils and their families will really enjoy. We would love your ideas and feedback in order to help us put on events which really appeal to our school families. If you have 5 minutes to spare we would love you to drop us an email about what kind of events you and your children would like us to try and organise in the future. Thank you!

We would love some new volunteers to join us in 2018 so if you think you might like to become more involved with FOAS and fundraising for your child’s school, then please get in touch with Beccy Pearson at . Thank you!
YEAR 4 - News in Brief
The children have released their imaginations this week during English lessons where we have used a video clip from Literacy Shed as a stimulus for our creative story writing.  As well as allowing our imagination to run wild, we had to remember to include a range of vocabulary, including fronted adverbials, adjectives, adverbs and similes.  In Maths we have revisited equivalent fractions and also looked at improper fractions.  We created a fraction wall to enable us to identify equivalent fractions.  Match Fit was a great success again this week.  The children have looked at different food types and discussed what a balanced diet is.  They also showed great teamwork skills during football games on the field.  This week in Geography we used an Atlas to locate major rivers of the world and to find information about each one, including the length and where it begins and ends its journey.  Please remember that PE kits will be required each Wednesday this half-term.  Just to let you know there will be no Forest School next Friday (4th May) therefore the group due to have Forest School on that date will move to Friday 25th May.
YEAR 3 - News in Brief
This week the Year 3s have been using the book 'There's a Snake in my School' by David Walliams to practise the use of conjunctions in sentences and instructional writing.  In Maths they have continued with fractions and are looking at finding the fraction of a number.  In topic they continued with their Medieval History and learned that people were split into three groups depending on what they did - see if your child can remember the three groups.  In Art they drew pictures of monsters using inspiration from Tony Ross who is the illustrator for the David Walliams books that we have been reading.  We will get some up on display soon for you to have a look at.  The children did a great job in their swimming lesson and enjoyed having a longer time in the water this week.
YEAR 2 - News in Brief
Year 2 have been super-busy again this week.  We have been getting to know the characters in our key texts even better - what we don't know about Mr Grinling, Mrs Grinling, Hamish and the pesky seagulls isn't worth knowing!!  The children wrote letters to Mr Grinling on Tuesday, and lo and behold received a reply from him on Wednesday...incredibly exciting!  As well as lots of information about Mrs G's tasty pies, Mr G told us lots of facts about lighthouses in modern times and then we used the computers to research lighthouses of the past, so that we could make a comparison between the two.  In Maths we have been working hard with the Numicon, tens and ones counters and base 10 to solve multiplication and division problems - tricky work, but we're getting very confident and independent these days.
YEAR 1 - News in Brief
This week in Year 1 we have been reading different versions of the traditional tale 'The Three Little Pigs'.  The children have been reciting, recounting, sequencing  and reading the story.  It has been lots of fun.   Ask your child to retell the story of The Three Little Pigs - what happens at the beginning, middle and end?  Can they remember the catchy parts?  "I will huff and I will puff and blow your house down!"  In Maths this week we have been adding equal groups together and have been making arrays (see our Twitter feed for some fab pictures!).  We made arrays by making equal groups and building them up in rows or columns.  We then wrote about what we had made.  We did this practically and also answered some problem solving questions too.  Can you make any arrays at home using groups of 2, 5, 10?  For example OOOOO  OOOOO - there are 2 groups of 5, therefore 5+5 = 10.  On Wednesday the children had their class photograph taken and were fantastic at posing!  We will be doing this week's spellings on Friday.  Have a lovely weekend - fingers crossed for nice weather again.
RECEPTION - News in Brief
We've had another busy week in Reception.  We have been continuing with ordering numbers which we are slowly getting to grips with.  We are about to begin doubling numbers - why not try this at home.  In PE we have been practising our tennis skills.  As part of our 'People who help us' topic, the Fire Service are coming in to visit and talk to us tomorrow, and we will also be having a visit from Mountain Rescue - how exciting!  If you have a job which helps people and would like to come in and speak with the children, please contact your child's class teacher.
NURSERY - News in Brief
We have had a super week in Nursery.  Our new role play area is open and we have had great fun playing in our Library and Coffee Shop.  In the library we have enjoyed choosing and reading books, scanning library cards, answering the telephone, typing on the computer and writing messages.  In the Coffee Shop we have taken orders, worked the till and enjoyed tea and cakes, delicious.  Fabulous role play.  This week our focus book has been 'The Gruffalo' written by Julia Donaldson, we have enjoyed joining in with the repeated text, talking about our favourite parts and characters and singing the Gruffalo song.  We have painted Gruffalos and completed our sticker challenge, colouring the Gruffalo, cutting him out and sticking him on the sheet.  Great fun!  Another classic Julia Donaldson text next week...
This week after school club have been putting the field to good use to play football matches.  In the craft corner, we have been creating floating chalk designs which look really fab when they are finished!
Another busy week playing in the soft play and ball pool.  Parachute games, football, target games, Tonka toys, loom bands, circle games, and craft activities with Miss Stewart are also keeping the children busy.  Our story this week was part 2 of 'Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Big Adventure' by Kristina Stephenson.  He's bold, he's brave, he's awfully clever.  He likes adventures with terrible beasties, wily witches and fire breathing dragons.  Can your child tell you who was at the top of the tower and why she was upset?  How did Charlie Stinky Socks help? 
To view the menu for w/c 30th April 2018, please click here.
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