July 2, 2020
New “Power of the Purse Coalition” Unites Unlikely Allies to Restore Congress’s Appropriations Powers

A new coalition of groups from across the ideological spectrum have come together to form the Power of the Purse Coalition to urge Congress to take back appropriations powers that have for too long been ceded to executive branch agencies. As the 2020 election approaches, members of both parties should have an incentive now more than ever to reassert Congressional authority over important matters of spending.
The coalition, comprised of the National Taxpayers Union, Demand Progress, R Street Institute, Project on Government Oversight, FreedomWorks, and Protect Democracy, believes that the abdication of federal tax and spending authority in Congress has resulted in unchecked executive branch power that is less responsive to democratic oversight and pressure from taxpayers.
In the Power of the Purse Coalition’s first letter to Congress, the group lays out some legislative priorities that Congress must emphasize: Reprogramming, a comprehensive inventory of federal programs, apportionment transparency, and oversight of mandatory spending. Working to restore Congress’s role in these areas would make major steps to restoring the constitutional balance of powers.
The coalition writes:
Enacting any true reforms into law ultimately requires strong cross-partisan cooperation, and a commitment to the unique powers of the legislative branch. Only then can we recalibrate the balance of inter-branch power and, in so doing, yield a federal government more accountable, transparent, and responsive to the needs of the American people. We believe the reforms we have outlined would be a great start toward putting us on that path.
To speak to a representative of the coalition about why it has come together, please contact the individuals below:

NTU: Kevin Glass, Vice President of Communications, at 703-299-8670 or
POGO: Caitlin MacNea, Media Relations Manager, at or (732) 757-7370
FreedomWorks: Jason Pye, Vice President of Legislative Affairs, at or (770) 601-7287
Protect Democracy: Soren Dayton, Director of Communications and Policy, at or (703) 399-6728
R Street: Corinne Day, Media Relations Manager, at or (201) 661-1023
Demand Progress: Daniel Schuman, Policy Director, at or (240) 237-3930
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