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A new monthly bulletin to cover important news & events in MENA water research, training, innovation and development cooperation.
The Middle East Desalination Research Center (MEDRC) recently launched the 2016 desalination training schedule under their Continued Professional Education and Training in Water program. The training courses are designed to suit various positions, from entry level to expert level.

New courses that have been added to the schedule this year include “RO Level 1: Water Chemistry”, “RO Level 2: Seawater Reverse Osmosis System Design”, “RO Level 2: Process Analysis Laboratory Course, Hands On”, and “RO Level 2:  RO Membrane Chemical Cleaning, Hands On”.  

Training will take place at their training facility in North Al-Hail, Muscat, Oman, where they have the only dedicated RO desalination training plant in the Middle East with a highly equipped chemical lab.

This year the prices have been reduced by over 30% and special discounted packages are available. 

Their training courses have been extremely successful and they will continue to deliver high standard training to allow trainees to leave being ready to operate and maintain much larger desalination plants. 
The Sur desalination plant extension project is nearly 70% complete

The Sur desalination plant extension project is nearly 70 per cent complete, according to officials of Veolia. The additional capacity produced by the project to be completed in September 2016 will meet the projected demand for potable water in the Sharqiyah Governorate. The total production of the plant is expected to reach 131,000 cubic metres per day and will enable the supply of drinking water to around 600,000 residents. READ MORE
Non-Revenue Water Management (Advanced Level) Technical Training Course
MEDRC hosted an advanced level training session last week on Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Management, attended by water sector experts from Palestine and Jordan. The objective of the training was to build on existing knowledge, share best practice and to understand advances in NRW Management techniques. READ MORE 

Operation and Maintenance for Small Agriculture and Domestic use Desalination Units (Jordan Valley, Palestine)
In cooperation with the Palestinian Water Authority and the Ministry of Agriculture, Palestine, MEDRC is implementing an ongoing program to address basic operation and maintenance issues for small scale agricultural and domestic use desalination and water treatment units in the Jordan Valley, Palestine. READ MORE

GCC’s desalination carbon footprint cut crucial to achieving water sustainability
Advanced technology promises up to 17% and 16% annual energy savings for desalination in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, respectively. GCC utility providers and businesses must invest in energy efficient water desalination to reduce the carbon footprint and hefty expenses associated with increased power consumption, urge experts. READ MORE

Qatar's mega water work begins
Qatar's mega water supply engineering E-bid project, constructed by Chinese construction major CGGC, has been launched smoothly. The project forms the part of Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation's (Kahramaa) key decision to launch an ambitious water project to provide strategic water storage within its network system. READ MORE

UAE, China Partner On Renewable Energy-Based Water Desalination Technology
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and China recently signed an agreement to work together in increasing the use of renewable energy in water desalination technology. Representative of Masdar and China Vanke will collaborate on this front. READ MORE

Dubai Plans $7.3 Billion Renewable Energy Tenders 
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority has announced a comprehensive plan to significantly increase investment in renewable energy projects. READ MORE

Bahrain: Largest waste management organisation in GCC partners
In a 5 year contract signed in Bahrain on the 8th of December with the Ministry of Works, Municipalities and Urban Planning, averda will deliver a range of waste management and sustainable solutions using proven systems and technology tailored to the kingdom’s specific needs. READ MORE

“Historical” deal as Tunisia joins H2020 
Tunisian scientists are set to benefit from Horizon 2020 on a par with EU member states following the signing of a bilateral association agreement. The association agreement allows for enhanced co-operation in R&I and sees Tunisian research institutes, universities, businesses and individual researchers have access to the opportunities and funds of Horizon 2020 in fields ranging from blue sky research to demonstration projects. READ MORE

National Programme for the Improvement of Water Quality by desalination in Tunisia
On behalf of SONEDE, Tunis, and within the National Programme for the improvement of water quality in Southern Tunisia, GKW Consult has prepared a major feasibility study, with the aim to provide sufficient quantities of drinking water with a salt content lower than 1.5 g/l until 2035. With the feasibility study it was investigated if desalination plants for the treatment of brackish/salty groundwater can be supplied with renewable sources (wind, solar). 

Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan reach deal on controversial Nile dam 
Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan signed an agreement regarding a controversial mega-dam project being built by Addis Ababa on the NileREAD MORE

French companies tapped to study Nile dam project 
Two French engineering companies were chosen to carry out environmental impact studies on Ethiopia's planned Grand Renaissance Dam on the Nile River, at a meeting in the Sudanese capital. READ MORE

UAE: Agreement Signed with Ministry of Energy to Collaborate on Strategic Energy and Water
The UAE Ministry of Energy has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Masdar Institute to strengthen collaboration on strategic energy and water initiatives for the UAE. READ MORE
5th Water Expert Group (WEG) Meeting, Luxembourg
The UfM secretariat together with the European Commission and Jordan, co-President of the Union for the Mediterranean organised the 5th meeting of the Water Expert Group on 23 and 24 November in Luxembourg. The Euromed water directors reaffirmed the need of joining efforts to address the challenges and the need for cooperation in the region. READ MORE 

Energy Recovery bags deal for giant desalination plant in China
Energy Recovery will partner in the project with Beijing Originwater Technology. It will provide its PX-Q300 Pressure Exchanger devices for the Dongjiakou desalination plant, located in Shandong province. The order is scheduled to ship during the second quarter of 2016. READ MORE

Veolia wins O&N contract for desalination plant at Cerro Lindo mine in Peru 
Cerro Lindo became the first mining site in Peru to stop using river water for its mining operations. Its desalination plant supplies the site with industrial process water without weighing on the region’s water stress. READ MORE

IISc develops solar hybrid desalination system 
With desalination being out of reach currently for the shallow pockets of the government, researchers of Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have hit upon the idea of utilising copious solar energy in the South to reduce the costs of the process. READ MORE 

Desalination is a thirsty business, but does solar provide an answer? 
The abundance of sunlight, combined with aggressive technology improvements and cost reductions have made solar PV one of the most affordable generation sources in regions such as the Middle East. READ MORE

Could coastal desalination efforts help farmers? 
One would think that tapping the coastline for water would reduce the competition for other surface sources of water throughout California. Certainly farmers stand to benefit if they no longer must compete with cities and urban water managers for access to the Colorado River, the Central Valley Project or the State Water Project. READ MORE

The U.S. could cut water use by 33% using existing technology
The White House thinks the U.S. can dramatically reduce its water use, and announces a "Water Summit" to unleash innovation in a stagnant sector. READ MORE

Nanopores for desalination could take the salt out of seawater 
University of Illinois engineers have found an energy-efficient material for removing salt from seawater. The material, a nanometer-thick sheet of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) riddled with tiny holes called nanopores, is specially designed to let high volumes of water through but keep salt and other contaminates out, a process called desalination. READ MORE 

5 Key performance indicators in RO operation
The five most important parameters to be monitored daily are the silt density index (SDI), differential pressure, normalized permeate flow, percent rejection and pressure drop coefficient. They indicate the fouling potential and extent of fouling and/or scaling, the two major causes of premature membrane element replacement. READ MORE

European Researchers develop new tools to protect drinking water
Impurities can enter the supply network as a result of repair work, industrial accidents or operational errors, as well as criminal or terrorist attacks. Researchers in Germany and France developed tools for water utilities that enable them to respond quickly to pathogens or toxic substances in the drinking water supply. READ MORE

Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) Deputy Head and MEDRC Executive Council Member Receives Kingdom of the Netherlands Order of Merit
In a ceremony in Gaza last month, Eng. Rebhi Al Sheikh was presented with the Order of Merit in recognition for his outstanding work in the Palestinian water sector. Eng. Al Sheikh leads many national cooperation efforts, including MEDRC, and has spearheaded efforts to overcome the water challenges faced by the population of Gaza. READ MORE
Industry's Best Water Brand Named for December 2015 by 10 Best Water
10 Best Water, in its newly released selection of the year's best water brand, named Tibet 5100's glacial spring water as the industry's leader for 2015. Water from equally exotic locales secured other top rankings from the expert judging panel, with Hawaii's Waiakea brand of volcanic spring water and the artesian Fiji Water taking second and third places, respectively. READ MORE

2nd World Irrigation and Drainage Prize - Call for Nominations
International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) invites nominations for the ‘2nd World Irrigation and Drainage Prize 2016’ (WID Prize). Nominations must be submitted latest by 30 June 2016. The Prize will be awarded during the 2nd World Irrigation Forum (WIF2) scheduled from 6-12 November 2016 at Chiang Mai, Thailand. READ MORE

Masters course in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (MESPOM) for 2016-2018: call for applications
The two-year Masters programme enables students and early career environmental professionals to respond to complex environmental challenges, especially in an international context. The deadlines for applications are February 4, 2016 (for individuals applying for financial aid) and May 3, 2016 (for self-financing applicants). READ MORE

Palestine-Regional Water Utilities-Team Leader
A team leader is needed to contribute to the establishment and operation of Regional Water Utilities (RWUs) in West Bank & Gaza Strip. Apply before: 26th of February, 2016. READ MORE


  • Article on Solar Desalination by Dr. Jauad El Kharraz (Head of MEDRC Research) in the Arab Water World (AWW) Magazine. READ MORE
  • EcoPeace Middle East Releases the First-ever Regional NGO Master Plan for Sustainable Development in the Jordan Valley. READ MORE
  • 2nd edition of "Applied Groundwater Modeling" now available. READ MORE
  • A new study maps the earth’s groundwater supply. READ MORE
  • Wind and Geothermal Energy in Desalination: A Short Review on Progress and Sustainable Commercial Processes. READ MORE
  • Worldwide electricity production vulnerable to climate and water resource change. READ MORE
  • A modified oxic-settling-anaerobic activated sludge process using gravity thickening for excess sludge reduction. READ MORE


  • FILTECH, 11th-13th of October, 2016, Cologne, Germany. FILTECH is the largest and most important filtration event world-wide, deadline for abstract submission is on the 26th of February, 2016. READ MORE
  • Special Issue "Photocatalytic Wastewater Treatment": Research articles, review articles as well as communications are invited. Deadline for manuscript submissions: 15th of February, 2016. READ MORE
  • Now open for comment, the Water Standard will now undergo a 60-day period of public consultation, investor and industry comment closing at 17:00 GMT 12th of February, 2016. READ MORE
  • IDA International Conference on Water Reuse and Recycling: Turning Vision into Reality, Nice, France, 25th-27th of September, 2016. Submissions of Extended Abstracts will open on the 1st of February, 2016. READ MORE 
  • 18th International Conference on Desalination and Renewable Energy (ICDRE 2016) to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, 27th-28th of June, 2016. Has launched a call for papers to be due on the 27th of January, 2016. READ MORE 
  • International Journal of Water Resources Development Call for papers for a special issue on “Understanding emergent participation practices in water governance”. Interested to send their abstracts to and , by the 30th of March, 2016 at the latest.


  • Sustainable Water Integrated Management programme (SWIM) Phase II Demonstration projects. Deadline for the submission of concept notes is on the 1st of March, 2016. READ MORE
  • Jordan calls for tenders for Red Sea-Dead Sea canal construction. Deadline for submission is by the 30th of March, 2016. READ MORE
  • Call for Applications: IRENA/ADFD Open New Round of Funding for Renewable Energy in Developing Countries. Deadline by the 15th of February, 2016 READ MORE
  • Next H2020 calls for proposals related to water. READ MORE


  • RO Level 1 : Seawater Reverse Osmosis Operation, Monitoring & Troubleshooting, MEDRC, Muscat, Oman. From the 15th-18th of February, 2016. READ MORE 
  • RO Level 2: Seawater Reverse Osmosis System Operation & Features of Optimum Design, MEDRC, Muscat, Oman. From the 7th-10th of March, 2016. READ MORE 
  • RO Level 2: Seawater Reverse Osmosis Maltreatment, MEDRC, Muscat, Oman. From the 28th-31st of March, 2016. READ MORE\
  • Membrane Technology, Process and System Design, EDS, Rome, Italy. From the 14th-16th of March, 2016. READ MORE
Upcoming Events
  • AWWA and AMTA are teaming together for a fifth year to present the latest developments in membrane water treatment technologies from the 1st-5th February, 2016, San Antonio, Texas, USA. READ MORE
  • The Saudi Water & Power Forum (SWPF 2016), 7th-9th February, 2016, Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaREAD MORE
  • The 2016 conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP Water) will be held on the 10th February 2016 in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. READ MORE
  • International water conference: "Water Resources in Arid Areas: The Way Forward", from the 13th-16th of March,  2016, at SQU, Muscat, Oman. READ MORE
  • International Water Technology Conference, from the 21st-23rd of April, 2016, Sharm El- Sheikh, Egypt. READ MORE
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