Mt. Bethel Faith in Action: May 5-11 Mulch, New Heights News, Gertens Delivery, MN Connect, Calendar & Prayers
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Your help is needed & thank you for serving, Saturday, May 7, 9am: Mulching the perennial garden hillside is planned.  Mike Monjeau is bringing in 3 yards of mulch. The plan is to begin spreading mulch at 9am.  As Mike says this job is weather permitting. If weather is iffy with storms please text or call Mike at 612-325-5051 to confirm if mulching is on. 
Quoting Mike “Thanks for your help!!!”
Click here to read the current issue of MN Connect. This week's issue shares information about Arlington Hills UMC sponsoring a refugee family from Asia, Park Avenue UMC's connection to Prince and more.
Enjoy the newest issue of Interpreter, the magazine for United Methodists living their faith.  In this issue, a focus on the Social Principles as well as preview of General Conference 2016 legislation and articles about empowering women and millennials.  Click through and read the newest issue.  
     Mt Bethel Church will begin sharing our church facility with New Heights Community Church on Sunday, May 15th with NHCC worshiping in the fellowship hall at 10am & MB in the sanctuary at 10am.  Earlier this week three leaders of NHCC met with MB leaders (Jamie Gregg, Barb Mahovlich, Linda Emerson, Jill Lewis, Vern Emerson Pastor Dave & Polly Tabbert) for conversation of understandings and expectations as both churches move forward in distinguishing ourselves in the community
     Topics of discussion/conversation included:  Safety, main & side entrance use, directional signage, parking & handicapped parking, storage, Sunday school, worship service end time and the transition to shared fellowship time, kitchen refreshment-hospitality time and common local ministries (Feed My Starving Children, Neighbor Inc, Samaritan Purse shoeboxes &  Back to School Backpack Bash). 
  1. Prayer, introductions.
  2. Signage: outdoor and main entrance directing persons MB or NHCC worship. (NHCC signage for west entrance and main entrance)
  3. Encourage MB attendees to use main entrance and east entrance doors and park in the parking lot, not on Carmen Ave.  NHCC has two members who have a handicapped parking need too.
  4. Sunday school locations and expectations of space use, will tour spaces with trustees. NHCC offers Sunday school year round which occurs during worship; kids dismissed to Sunday School time following NHCC's opening music time.  Mt Bethel kids welcome, invited, encouraged to participate and adults too in facilitating- teaching a small group of kids. 
  5. Worship equipment storage conversation & musician practice times, site walk through with trustees.
  6. Anticipate shared refreshment hospitality estimate 60-70 attendees.  NHCC's practice is to be standing at hospitality time.  NHCC’s idea is to have tables set up on the fringe of room during NHCC worship time with expectation of tables to be moved into fellowship setting at conclusion of worship for those to sit and use high-top tables for standers. 
  7. Knowledge holders of “the kitchen” best practices, written & unwritten in-service & mentor likeminded NHCC members to kitchen best practices of start-up and cleanup of refreshment time. 
    1. Note: NHCC has not had available to them a source to brew coffee on site or refrigeration. They are use to hauling pots-thermos' of coffee from home; Want to learn the process of MB coffee making with brew machine. 
  8. Continue the practice of a free will offering basket to cover hospitality costs outside of the "treats" people provide. Cost ie: paper products, juice, coffee, etc.  $$Funds gathered by Joann Nelson (MB's kitchen supplies coordinator) or given to MB counters to be deposited for covering future expenses. 
  9. NHCC has a tub of paper product supplies to donate to refreshment/hospitality time from their current resources. 
  10. NHCC Sunday school/youth group has a practice of monthly mission projects.  To help cover expenses of monthly mission projects kids/youth of NHCC have the practice of an offering jar on the refreshment hospitality table.  The Sunday school/youth group leadership asks that the practice continue.  Agreed.  This jar will be marked/communicated as to what the monthly mission project is for people's loose currency/change to offer for the Sunday school kids/youth group missions. 
  11. NHCC has a family that copes with celiac disease; make aware MB treat providers’ appreciation of offering a gluten free treat option. 
  12. NHCC providing/sign-up for treats every other week- from sign-up posted on the back bulletin board (short conversation of idea of every other month....  Currently will do every other week sign-up)
  13. Facility usage fee due date confirmed.
  14. As sharing of facility is launched, MB & NHCC leaders meet on a regular basis to communicate what’s going well and monitor & adjustments as concerns and clarity is needed.
  15. Closing Prayer and facility walk through by MB trustees with NHCC leaders, door security, worship equipment storage area location and Sunday school location & storage and expectations reviewed.

The Gertens Fundraiser plants are being delivered Friday, May 13 sometime between 8:00 and noon.  We have to unload the truck, sort the orders and then they are ready for pick up.  We will call once the orders are ready. 

Our calendar of faith in action

Thursday   May 5
8:00 am      Cleaning Ministry
10:00 am    ABM Mother's Day Brunch

Friday           May 6
7:00 pm        Iglesia Cristiana Worship

Saturday     May 7
8:30am      May Day 5K run/walk Vets Community Center
9:00 am     Help spread mulch on Chruch's hillside.
2:00 pm     Stalker/Rich Housewarming
7:00 pm     Iglesia Cristiana Worship

Sunday       May 8  Mother's Day
9:00 am       Choir Practice
10:00 am      Worship
Scrip Delivery Date
11:00 am      Refreshments/Fellowship
2:00 pm        Iglesia Cristiana Worship
Monday     May 9
6:00 am      Power Pray-ers
6:30 pm      Quilting Group-Polly's home

Thursday   May 12
8:00 am      Retiree Breakfast/Stark's
9:30ish        Cleaning Ministry

Friday           May 13
Noonish         Gertens Flower Delivery
7:00 pm        Iglesia Cristiana Worship

Saturday     May 14
7:00 pm     Iglesia Cristiana Worship

Sunday       May 15
9:00 am       Choir practice
10:00 am      Worship
Storm Faith Sunday
11:00 am      Refreshments/Fellowship
2:00 pm        Iglesia Cristiana Worship
No matter what condition we are in — suffering or rejoicing — it is better to go through it with the help of others. Together, suffering is more bearable, and rejoicing feels even greater.  This past week in worship, the following joys & burdens were communicated to our church community. Thank you for adding this week’s concerns and gratitude of joys to your prayer journal. Prayerfully submitted to you, Power Prayers
Joys shared
-Don Roberts Mayo test results and 1 year of healing from stroke
Be The Tool mission trip safe return home of Deb Schneider & Linda Brausen
Heather Dorniden- Kempf great races at Drake Relays in prep for Olympic trials
-Pastor Dave & Lisa’s safe return from France vacation
-Good worship music, thank you Al & Tim.

Burdens shared
Unspoken prayer needs
Loved ones who are coping with illness, injury, surgery:
-Shirley Draine’s son-in-law Jack/recovering from staff infection
-Gaye Phillips past week-a hospital stay
-Barb McAdams’ back/arthritis, Heather & Emily Jennings, Erica
-Sandy Larson knee replacement healing/rehab
-Dick Larson’s kids: Rick/leg surgery recovery, Troy/back, Kim/neck + migraines
-Vaughn Winter’s Lorey Fairbanks/Parkinson, Tricia Winter/cancer
-Al Ashley knee replacement healing/rehab
-Dean Freer cataract surgery Thursday.
-Dave Eshelman’s mom Mary Alice hospice
-STORM Faith’s Jerry Brown jaw cancer treatment next steps
-Jill Lewis sister-in-law Cherine Zehnder recover from fall & head trauma.
-Kathy Behrendt brother Jon, weight loss & preping for knee surgery
Coping with grief and loss;
-Al Oferosky loss of brother Dave from cancer.
Employment seekers;
-Juan Jose and Cristina Chacon
Officers- Adam, Katie, Grant Snyder
Loved ones with dementia/Alzheimer and the caretakers
Coping with depression, addiction, anxiety & mental health
-Kelly, Jeff
-Shirley Drain’s granddaughter Stephanie
Connecting unconnected family & friends to worship
Our local, State and Federal leaders in their wisdom and discernment reflect values of Jesus; peace patience, grace, love.
Our Hilltop Elementary Neighbors
The United Methodist Church
Privacy note: The Mt Bethel Prayer list is not to be circulated in oral or written form beyond the recipients. Prayer concerns are included with the express permission of the individual(s) involved. We wish to honor our connections and respect the privacy of those requesting prayer. In worship people announce their traveling plans. To honor your home's wellbeing, names are not included in this prayer request. God knows. Requests may be edited for length and content.
One more thing... When Pastor Joanne Armarl delivered the message, 'Sharing the Road' from Luke 24:13-39 when Pastor Dave & Lisa were on vacation, she challenged attendees to talk about our experiences with God to another. (She was specific to grandchildren but we all are not grandparents)  Pastor Joanne termed it, exercising our Faith muscle. "How have you experienced God recently in your life?"  Choose to get your faith muscle in shape.  Be courageous; tell another about how you have experience God recently in your life.  
     This Sunday, May 8, Mother's Day, Pastor Dave will be following up on how we did in exercising our Faith muscle. 
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MOE - Mission, Outreach & Evangelism co-Chair: Ellen & Tim Bomstad
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Trustee Chair: Barb Mahovlich
Worship co-Chair: Kathy Behrendt & Joann Larson
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