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Opportunities & Obstacles

We will be moving our home base back to Africa in just a few weeks. For the past several years we have been working in Africa while based in the U.S. - traveling back and forth frequently. While God has done amazing things through this itinerant ministry, our heart has always been firmly planted in Africa.  And now it is a new season!
The door has opened for us to return to Africa (living in Togo) and to continue working across the region on behalf of children. God is opening doors of ministry before we even arrive and there are already numerous opportunities waiting for us!

The Opportunities
  • Burkina Faso – The leaders of the Children’s Ministry Department have contacted us asking when we will arrive. They would like to begin a children’s ministry training and development program for their national leadership as soon as possible and they are anxiously awaiting help. They have also asked for help implementing a national children’s ministry training program for all their teachers.
  • Ghana – The Children's Ministry Director has invited us to be a part of a national training event in November. He has also asked for help developing children’s ministry goals and objectives for the next several years.
  • Liberia – The national church leadership has contacted the missionaries currently in that region asking if we will help them develop a children’s ministry department for their entire nation.
  • Benin - We are already working with the children's ministry leadership team to build Sunday school shelters in every district of Benin. This project helps build Sunday school space for churches that have a heart to reach children but don't have the financial means to build a Sunday school classroom.

All of this is in addition to our day-to-day work with the Togo Assemblies of God Children’s Ministry department. Praise God with us for the many opportunities we will have to impact the lives of children, not only in Togo, but throughout the region of West Africa.

Watch & Learn

The Obstacles
While we are excited about the opportunities that are waiting for us in Africa, there are some significant hurdles to overcome before we leave. We are reassured that with God’s grace and the faithful support of our ministry partners we can meet these challenges. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support. Here are some specific ways you can help us:

  • Both our children are staying in the United States. This is big for them, and big for us. Our oldest, Jake, is beginning work at his new job and will be moving into his first apartment. Our youngest, Grace, is starting college at Southwest Baptist University and will be studying Physical Therapy.  Please pray with us that all these transitions will go smoothly. This is the hardest goodbye we’ve ever had to say.
  • We need to raise a bit more financial support before we can return. Thanks to the generous support of several individuals and churches, we have raised more than half of the one-time funds we needed to pay for shipping, import duties, taxes and tickets to return to the field. We still need about $9,000 more in cash offerings before we go.

Every day, another new detail pops up. Sometimes they are small like, “Will our 220V dryer arrive in time for the shipment?” Sometimes they are big like, “Will we find a tenant to rent our house?”  Please pray with us for the million details that go with a move of this magnitude. 

Take Action
Connect with us:
Phil & Robin Malcolm are appointed Assemblies of God missionaries to the children of Africa. Contact them via email at or by phone at (417) 861-5145.