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Pittsburgh East-Suburban


Next meeting:
Monday, January 25, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Murrysville Community Library
4130 Sardis Road, Murrysville, PA
Open to anyone interested in learning & sharing information about healthy, plant-based food choices.

December Meeting Recap

At last month's meeting we created a BEST of 2015 Plant-based Eating list. Here are some of people's choices in the various categories.
Favorites from 2015 ...
  • Japanese sweet potatoes
  • Fingerling potatoes
  • Date sugar
  • Delicata squash
  • Kabocha squash
  • Cotton candy grapes
  • Beans cooked in crockpot or pressure cooker
  • Quinoa (Donna)
  • Beans (Stan)
  • Butternut squash with cinnamon (Roberta)
  • Spinach, pineapple, grapes, & almond salad (Mary)
  • Enchiladas filled with black beans, mashed yams, chili powder, & cumin; topped with salsa & cilantro (Linda)
  • Lindsay Nixon’s Happy Herbivore series
  • Laurel’s Kitchen
  • Raw – Brian Clement
  • Internet
  • To prevent stickiness when frying pancakes, brush pan with mixture of water + oil
  • Rice pudding: add date sugar, cocoa, &/or plant-based milk to leftover rice
  • Dosa: rice flour + water; let sit to ferment for 24 hrs.; cook crepes in pan or griddle
  • Kaya (Strip District)
  • Eden (Shadyside)
  • Randita's (Aspinwall)
  • Thai Cottage (Regent Square)

George Eisman, R.D., spoke in Pittsburgh in October (sponsored by Vegan Pgh. & Jewish Veg). Here are some highlights from his talk, Where do you get your protein?.
  • Natural growth hormones higher in cows' milk b/c cows now are pregnant for 3/4 of their lives. (In 1st yr., calves grow 50x's birth weight, humans 3x's.)
  • Natural growth hormones in chicken meat higher b/c chickens now killed at younger age when still growing (past killed at 6 months vs. 6 wks. presently).
  • Excess animal protein turns to fat.
  • Excess animal protein can result in kidney failure.

--> Here's a link to the NPR interview with Michael Moss (author of Salt, Sugar, Fat): How the Food Industry Helps Engineer Our Cravings.

HEALTHY EATING: 3-part class Wednesday Jan. 20, 27, + Feb. 3; 6:30-8 pm. Murrysville Community Library
Introduction to plant-based eating; includes typical meals, recipes, dining out, resources.
FREE, but must register in advance via library

Shopping for & Preparing Healthy, Plant-Based Meals Wednesday April 6, 13, & 20; 7-8:30 pm. @ high school kitchen
  class 1: Intro. to recipes & one-pot meals
  class 2: Ingredients & trip to grocery store
  class 3: Healthy snacks/desserts; resources

* register via Franklin Regional Adult School
Ingredients & Substitutions for Healthy Eating Tuesday April 26; 7:00-8:30 pm. @ high school kitchen
A focus on ways to substitute ingredients to maintain healthy yet delicious dishes. Includes common food allergies.
* register via Franklin Regional Adult School


Information about topics that arose during last month's meeting:

nts--Only two are recommended for vegans: Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D (if low). [PCRM]  Keep in mind that many juices, plant-based milks, as well as cereals, breads and other grain products are fortified with these vitamins. Rather than relying on supplements, it is healthier and safer to EAT your vitamins and minerals, via a variety of whole plant foods.
  • Vitamin B12. The recommended dietary amount is 2.4 micrograms/day. If you do take a B12 supplement, buy methylcobalamin (natural derivative) rather than cyancobalamin (synthetic). (I take 1,000 mcg 2/wk.)
  • Fish Oil. This supplement has been touted for its omega-3 fatty acids, which fish derive from eating plants. So, instead of consuming fish oil or fish (with mercury & other toxins), directly eat the source of the omega-3 fatty acids, i.e., PLANTS! Healthy sources include ground flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, soybeans, tofu, Brussels sprouts, spinach, cauliflower. Even the spices basil, oregano, marjoram, & cloves contain omega-3 fatty acids.
Dr. Mercola--I looked up information: He was cited by FDA to stop making unsubstantiated claims and has had complaints via Better Business Bureau, etc. In my opinion, he seems to be making a lot of money selling his products without solid peer-reviewed research backing his claims. I suggest these sources for reliable, evidence-based newsletters & information:
> Fork over Knives:
> John McDougall
> Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

> T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies


  • Sweet Potatoes, Spinach & Carrots pack the most nutrition for lowest cost.
  • Broccoli Stem Leaves are loaded with Vitamin C & calcium.
  • Raw Cacao Powder has more antioxidants than red wine & green tea.

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