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MegaGlest 3.11

Celebrating five years of MegaGlest

Almost exactly a year after we released v3.9.1 (and skipping v3.10) we present:

MegaGlest 3.11

This is also our five year birthday release. Thanks for your continued interest and contributions over all these years.

This new release brings a couple of new features as well as some bug fixes. Very noticable are the newly introduced health bars (see below). We also have some new graphics effects (camera shake), a new tileset, some new maps, user interface improvements and a bunch of news for modders.

There are two new game modes, one allowing you to share resources within your team, the other even allowing you to take control of your team members' units. This is also a great way to show each other how to fight or where to settle to. For a more complete list of changes, check the release announcement. Discuss these and other features and suggest improvements on the forums.

If you like this game, please donate. Your donations allow us to maintain supporting infrastructure, such as the masterserver, game servers, the forum, website, wiki etc. and to regularly provide builds for platforms we could not otherwise support (such as Mac OS X). Other forms of contribution are also welcome.

Norsemen fighters running across the desert sand, chasing indian workers; all units bear a colored health bar over their heads.
Feature preview
Health bars are a new way to indicate unit (and structure) health, available since v3.11. Activate them in preferences or by pressing # in-game.
A cut-out image from the game indicating an outdated version.
Upcoming patch
Initial player feedback on v3.11.0 indicates the need for a hotfix release. Expect v3.11.1 within the next few weeks. Keep an eye on the forums for details.
An "Annex - Conquer the World" preview screen showing female anime fighters,explosions, vehicles in combat
Another great game
Annex - Conquer the World v4.0 is an anime influenced modern warfare RTS game - built on the MegaGlest engine. This libre software game was released just a couple weeks ago.
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