Randall Children's Hospital Classroom: WINTER 2015-16
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a bridge between home, hospital & school

Randall Children's Hospital Classroom

Attend our fully-equipped classroom on the 7th floor just outside of the public elevators. It is open to school-age patients and their siblings. Missing just a couple of days of school is challenging and our licensed teaching staff is ready to help you during your hospitalization. We offer instruction, activities, and recommendations for a successful return to school.     
The classroom is now open
Mon-Fri 10am &12pm & 1:30- 3:30pm.

Click the video below to learn more about our program:
The classroom has started a new literacy initiative called Books on Wheels. 
Every month Teacher Ali rolls the book cart room to room to give books to patients and their siblings at Randall Children's Hospital. The book cart is a mobile library of high quality, high interest books for kids of all ages in both Spanish and English.
So far we have given away 56 books and are excited at the opportunity to grace the bookshelves of many students to come. You'll see us again on
March 28th!

Why is Literacy Important?

Over the past two years, our classroom has received generous donations and grants from partners like the Legacy Foundation, Green Bean Bookstore on NE Alberta, as well as Barnes & Noble. 

Here are just some of the reasons for our commitment to establishing a rich library: 

  • Reading leads to success in school and beyond 
  • Diverse books capture a diverse readership
  • Give students an opportunity to find a specific book for assignment
  • Give students an opportunity to escape and enjoy some "ME" time
  • Take a break from screen time
  • With the wealth of information on the internet, the demands on students to choose sources wisely is increasing
  • Tests are becoming more reliant on being a strong reader (GED, SAT, Smarter Balance)
  • There is an emphasis on high quality, non-fiction books
Click here to check out a local fundraiser meant to bring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) in our classroom.
Our classroom will be closed from March 19th-27th for Spring Break. We will see you again on the 28th at 10 am.
After receiving a donation from a former Randall patient of birdhouse kits, a Randall Student makes our first birdhouse of the season. This was paired with a powerpoint presentation about the Chickadee for which the birdhouse is intended.
Nurse's Corner
Featuring Nurse Katrina E., 4th Floor

I couldn't be more proud to work at Randall Children's Hospital and feel there are many services that make our hospital so special and unique. One of these services is our hospital school program. As a nurse, I know how important it is that our patients receive exceptional, quality medical care... but I also know so much of healing involves positive social interactions and establishing a sense of normalcy.

I remember one patient who was very hesitant to attend school, but after her first day her smile and energy told a very different story. We posted her school work all over the room for everyone to admire and she was able to meet other kids who were in similar situations. Slowly, a difficult situation turned into a "not so bad" situation.
The school at Randall gives children the opportunity to learn, ask questions and meet other children. Our skilled teachers work with our patients at whatever level they are ready for and are also able to tailor their teaching to address the child's individual needs. I encourage every patient to attend school at least once because you never know how you'll like it until you give it a try.
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Contact us at 503.276.9787
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