OneLife Newsletter, January 16, 2017
Dear Member,

As we said, January 15th marked a truly game-changing moment for the OneLife Network and OneCoin cryptocurrency. 

First of all we are proud to announce the FIRST STEPS ONECOIN IS TAKING TOWARD BECOMING PUBLICLY TRADED! It's official - OneCoin is aiming to be listed on a major Asian stock exchange in the second quarter of 2018. With the IPO, all users who have OneCoins will be able to exchange them for OFCs - Future Certificates, which will guarantee the possibility to own shares in the future publicly listed company! Read on to find out how to exchange your OneCoins for OFCs!

And we know you've all been waiting for this - we announced 2017 would be the YEAR OF THE MERCHANTS and the result is here! We're officially launching our brand new MERCHANT PLATFORM - THE DEALSHAKER! There all OneLife Members will be able to sign up merchants, who will be able to offer their products and services to the global OneLife community! 

In addition, to make things even better, following the success of the amazing Winter Wonder Wheel promotion, we are continuing with another amazing opportunity for all of you - we're offering 25% EXTRA PROMOTIONAL TOKENS for all packages purchased and activated by February 4th, 2017!

There is so much exciting news this week, read on to find out what else is going on in the OneLife Network!


The OneLife Network (OLN) is a growing global network that was born out of the OneCoin cryptocurrency brand. The Network has a digital platform with a unique ecosystem of sophisticated products and social networking tools that help members achieve financial independence. Members enjoy access to an array of e-learning programs that help them apply financial theory to practice.

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OneLife Video Presentation. The Future of Payments [ENG]
As we said, January 15th marked a truly game-changing moment for both the OneLife Network and the OneCoin cryptocurrency. It is with great pride that we announce the FIRST STEPS ONECOIN IS TAKING TOWARD BEING PUBLICLY TRADED!
The procedure every company has to go through in order to become listed on the stock exchange is long and complicated, so we are sharing the information 15 months in advance, so we can all prepare accordingly. It is official - OneCoin is going public in the second quarter of 2018, and we want the coin to be open to everyone willing to buy and sell OneCoins.
Our goal is to become the first fintech, cryptocurrency and e-commerce company to be listed on a stock exchange. That is why we have launched an Initial Public Offering to allow all our Members to become part of this historical event. The only way to be part of the IPO is to hold OneCoins. You will be able to exchange these OneCoins over the next months for so-called OFCs. An OFC is a Future Certificate that entitles you to receive shares in the company OneCoin.
To express our gratitude toward those of you who have been with us since the beginning, we are launching a SPECIAL PROMOTION, which will only run in the month of February. When you convert your OneCoins to OFCs you will receive DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF OFCs! For more information check the backoffice, there will be a lot coming up in the next days, or watch the video below.

Please also note that will be closed to prepare for the IPO. Until then you can exchange your coins for OFC - or spend coins on our newly launched e-commerce platform
You can also see Dr. Ruja's announcement with CHINESE SUBTITLES below or watch it on Youku HERE.
特别公告 - OneCoin IPO 维卡币首次公开募股

We announced 2017 would be exceptional for the OneLife Network and the exciting news keeps coming! We have been waiting for this day ever since we started! A long-awaited opportunity for everyone in the OneLife family! We are launching our new merchant platform - the DealShaker
The DealShaker is the thrilling result of the collaboration between OneLife and OneCoin. Over 2,8 million active members of the OneLife network can now login with their OneLife credentials and join the first phase of this exciting project. Access the platform at, register a Merchant profile, create and submit your very first deal for approval. 

DealShaker will serve as an advertising platform and until mid-February will be accumulating deals for promotion and registering Merchants. On the 16th of February, 2017, OneLife members will be able to start shopping and taking advantage of the deals promoted. 

This is an incredible opportunity for all members as the platform enables both business-to-customer and customer-to-customer deal promotions, and will serve classified ads to more than 12 million people globally. 

This is an exciting moment for all OneLife IMAs, as the DealShaker will also bring a new BV generating opportunity, accounted to the MAB Maxout of 35K EUR per bonus round

So how will that work? Simple and easy! From today on you will have two sponsor links in the "My Profile" section in your BackOffice. The DealShaker sponsor link will work the same way as the OneLife sponsor link and will allow you to recruit new members in your OneLife team directly through the sign up form. 

All Merchant members signed up from the DealShaker website will register as Rookies in your OneLife Network tree. OneLife login credentials and DealShaker credentials will be the same and all members will have access to both websites.
And here is the huge advantage for all the merchants who join at this early stage of development - you can sell your products with a discount or at full price, but in both cases 50% of your deal value will have to be in ONE. Yes - you got that right - now, all OneLife members who have been waiting for an opportunity to market their services and products and accept OneCoins in exchange will have an outlet for promotion. 
Not only you can sell your product to a global community of millions, but the platform will be charging a much lower advertising fee than similar platforms. The process has started and we have already begun reviewing the first new deal submissions and Merchant Inquiries. 

Stay alert! The next month will be of essential importance to the OneLife network and the development of OneCoin as a mass crypotcurrency. All Merchants who have submitted their deals for approval before March 1st, 2017 will be subject to promotional advertising fees for their sold deal coupons. The 16th of February will mark the official launch of the DealShaker Shopping section.

For more information please contact our support department at or your upline.

Please note that the DealShaker merchant platform and the Mobile App Builder (MAB) are not directly connected to each other and represent different offers and parts of the One Ecosystem. The DealShaker is a platform, which allows merchants to offer their products to the Members of the OneLife Network, while the MAB lets users build their own Application, which is open to the public and aids in their personal business sales. 

You can also see Dr. Ruja's announcement with CHINESE SUBTITLES below or watch it on Youku HERE:

We have some very exciting news for you! As you already probably know, the OneLife Network is on the verge of a major breakthrough, which we have all been waiting for - the DealShaker Merchant Platform! This will allow all Members to use their OneCoins to purchase goods and services at special discount prices!

To celebrate this memorable achievement, we have decided to give you an EVEN BETTER PROMOTION! We would like to inform you that all packages and upgrades, purchased and activated by February 4th will get 25% EXTRA PROMOTIONAL TOKENS! Don't miss the chance to maximize your purchases with this special offer!


The OneLife Network has established itself as a world leader in the network industry, and continues to reiterate its goal of becoming the best in the business with yet another step in its constant strategic expansion.

The OLN is proud to welcome the latest addition to the OneLife Family – the Millennium community! The deal will allow around 200 000 people in Brazil and the Latin American region to join over 2,8 million Members in the OneLife network worldwide, enhancing the OLN’s global footprint. The Millennium Prime network has become a leading direct-sales company in South America over the past 18 months and specializes in the sale of digital products.

The Millennium members will also have the opportunity to benefit from the expansive selection of products and services the OLN has to offer - a unique ecosystem of sophisticated products and social networking tools that help members achieve financial independence. Members enjoy access to an array of e-learning programs that help them apply financial theory to practice.

The OneLife Network’s vision is to provide alternative payment solutions and equal access to financial education to people worldwide. The OLN makes financial transactions and trade safer, easier, and available to everyone on the web. Our ecosystem of virtual tools and services holds the potential to open new economic markets for cross border trade and to stimulate economic growth.


We would like to remind all OneLife members to strictly adhere to the provisions in our Terms and Conditions, to which all members are legally bound, concerning the dissemination of false information regarding the OneLife Network company.

Any proven violation including, but not limited to misleading information about an IMA official Leadership Rank, OneLife products and services or the company’s compensation plan may result in severe sanctions, reaching fines up to 5 100 EUR, effective immediately.

As a network marketing company, we manage to provide opportunities each day by channeling the power of collective effort. We encourage all IMAs to take individual responsibility for the stable and successful growth of the Network in 2017. Thank you all for your efforts!


Earlier this week the Chinese authorities launched investigations on anonymous cryptocurrency exchanges to look into possible market manipulation, money laundering, unauthorized financing and other issues, Reuters report.

The move comes as Beijing's tries to crack down on money flowing out of the country illegally. The weakening yuan has prompted many people to try to buy foreign currencies. Some cryptocurrencies had marked excessive growth in demand in the first days of 2017 in China. The Chinese central bank also stated that the "spot checks were focused on how the exchanges implement policies including Forex management and anti-money laundering".



In order to improve and streamline your OneLife experience, we would like to remind all Members to submit their username with every ticket to our Support Department. This is the only way for our Support Team to identify the users, locate their accounts in the system which will allow us to address your inquiries significantly quicker and will avoid delays.

Also, please make sure you contact the correct email addresses, as follows:

Email Address

Corresponding department

Accounting/ Payment/ Withdrawal

Deutscher Support

Português Support

Russian Support

中国支持团队/ Chinese Support


Spanish Support

One Academy



Here are some general, but not exhaustive compliancy requirements for IMAs. Please refer to the relevant Terms and Conditions and IMA Agreement for all requirements.

(You can also save the "Say this, not that" guidelines as an image for future reference)
We would also like to remind you that as per the OLN’s T&C: 
  • IMAs are not allowed to promote acceptance of the OneCoin cryptocurrency by merchants as a mean of payment without prior express written consent of the Company.  
  • Cross-line sponsorship and any attempt to do the same within the OneLife Network system are prohibited. Cross-line sponsoring means the acquisition of a person or a company already an IMA in another ONELIFE NETWORK sales line or that has business relations with the Company within the last 12 months.
  • The IMA is entitled to transfer his/her account only with the prior written consent of the Company and upon presentation of the purchase and /or transfer the contract with the third party, as well as the presentation of the IMA application of the third party to the Company. The IMA is obliged to notify the Company of the intended transfer of its sales structure in writing. 
  • IMAs are required to identify themselves as Independent Marketing Associates in all of their business dealings. As a rule, all websites, stationery, business cards, car labels, advertisements, promotional materials and the like shall include the words Independent Marketing Associates of ONELIFE NETWORK. The Independent Marketing Associate of OneLife Network Logo has been designed for this purpose.
  • Re-selling of gift codes at a discount price is strictly prohibited and against the Company’s policy. IMA can resell gift codes only to his/her own downline. Violation of this policy leads to this that your money will not be returned. We warn you to buy gift codes from reliable source and if you have any doubts - contact us at 
  • IMAs are not allowed to sell goods and/or services for competitors of the Company. IMAs may not offer products other than ONELIFE NETWORK products at the same time, in the same place or in the immediate vicinity or on the same website, Facebook page or other social media/online platform. IMAs are also prohibited from recruiting other ONELIFE NETWORK IMAs for the sale of other Company’s products. 
  • IMAs are not allowed to use the logo of OneCoin in their promotional materials. They are allowed to use only OneLife Network IMA’s logo. 


We promised to dedicate the year of 2017 to eradicating child labour though sustainable methods, taking into account local cultural and economic aspects. Therefore, we decided to pursue three strategies to do so, namely, facilitating and promoting awareness programs, encouraging self-help initiatives and developing educational programmes.

As our first project in this direction, OneWorld Foundation joins efforts with Childhood Enhancement through Training and Action (CHETNA), an Indian NGO working on the protection of street and working children (SWC), which mission is to create a child-friendly society. CHETNA managed to reintegrate 7000 children into primary schools since its establishment.

At present, CHETNA is helping over 4000 SWC through 100 contact points in Delhi and its neighboring states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The contact point is a local meeting place for outreach activities and engagement with the SWC. The contact points are identified with the help of the community leaders. They are managed by trained street educators and counselors, whereas one street educator is responsible for two contact points and, thus, reaching out to 40-50 children on a daily basis.

The activities taking place at the contact points are designed to be participatory, practical and interesting to meet the specific needs of street children. They include activities promoting basic hygiene standards, counseling, recreational workshops, alternative education which promotes basic math and writing skills. After ensuring that children meet the basic entry requirements, they are encouraged and supported to enter government schools.

OneWorld Foundation's support will facilitate the opening and running of 6 new contact points at Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. The street educators were recruited and went though a complete training before starting their work with the children. Now they will have the whole year to empower and encourage SWC to continue their education. Through this project 200 children will receive much needed support and counseling and at least 50 of them will be integrated in the formal school system.

We will get back in April when the first monitoring report will be ready. Until then you can follow our progress on social media.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to get the free package(s), you need to be clear in your communication with the ACCOUNTING department of the company.

In order to receive your promotion, the packages must be ordered and banked all at once.

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To become the everyday essential brand for all our members and shareholders, OneLife must continue to build a successful and enduring company with the right tools and resources.

To achieve this, all OneLife members MUST PRESENT THE ONELIFE BRAND IN A CONSISTENT, UNIFIED WAY that will resonate across the Network. To achieve this, we have prepared

These guidelines have been developed to familiarize the Network with our brand identity and ensure the consistency, accuracy, confidence and purpose of all communication initiatives across all communication channels.

The OneLife brand book has one purpose - to help all OneLife members be heard globally by communicating in one voice - louder, clearer, simpler!


(Check out all of our downloadable materials in the Media Center -> Resources section at


The State of the Nation Webinar brings you all the latest news from the OneLife Network. It's available in English and in Chinese. Stay tuned for this week’s State of the Nation Call on Thursday afternoon, giving you the latest updates on what is happening around the company!

Visit the OneCoin Webinars YouTube Channel or OneCoin Webinars website for more information.
OneLife Webinar - 12.01.2017
The OneLife Network (OLN) is a growing global network that was born out of the OneCoin cryptocurrency brand. The Network has a digital platform with a unique ecosystem of sophisticated products and social networking tools that help members achieve financial independence. Members enjoy access to an array of e-learning programs that help them apply financial theory to practice. This allows them to understand, mine and trade cryptocurrency, and make secure, low-cost, cross-border transactions.

Our vision is to provide alternative payment solutions and equal access to financial education to people worldwide. The OneLife Network makes financial transactions and trade safer, easier, and available to everyone on the web. Our ecosystem of virtual tools and services holds the potential to open new economic markets for cross border trade and to stimulate economic growth.
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