Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to present you with this newsletter which has been prepared as part of the MISTO AVILEAN! regional project.

The project is implemented by Terre des hommes Foundation Romania in partnership with: Terre des hommes Foundation Hungary, Fundación Secretariado Gitano in Spain, and Afeji in France. Through this partnership, the MISTO AVILEAN! project aims to ensure non-discriminatory and non-disruptive education for Roma children engaged in migration.

In this newsletter, you may read about the recent developments in the project and learn more about the issue which the MISTO AVILEAN! project is dealing with. Visit their website to find out more about the project, its activities and results.

You may join their community of practice to gain access to a database with registered international education specialists (professional profiles, contact details, publications) who are active in areas such as Education / Migration / Vulnerable persons / Roma ethnicity. You can also be part of this international professional network, by sharing your profile, contact details and publications with other registered users.


07 Jul 2020

"Romani Street View", film by Olivier Pagani - ”Six families from the same village did the same trip. 3000 km, from Romania to my school. We always imagine them on the roads, but they only talk about the one thing that...

30 Mar 2020

In January 2020, teachers, school principals and mediators participated in the training that Terre des hommes Foundation organized within the MIȘTO AVILEAN! project (”Welcome”, in Romani). The theme of the training was the prevention of inclusion...

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07 May 2020

Roma communities in Europe face a heightened risk for death and complications from COVID-19, as their situation marked by racism and poverty has been worsening during the last decade. Every third Roma child lives in a household where someone went to...

01 Feb 2017

Children from ethnic minorities who live in Kosovo, especially the RAE community, lag in their schoolwork behind the majority of pupils for several reasons. The result is a vicious circle where school failure leads to poverty which in turn deprives...

06 Apr 2016

Over the past few years,  there have been many lessons that have been learned in regards to facilitating Roma Inclusion. We have compiled here in this document four of the most promising practices to assist in the social inclusion of the Roma...

08 Apr 2020

The EEB report examines environmental racism referring to the effects on the Roma community in Central and South-East Europe. The 1st section clarifies concepts such as environmental justice, antigypsyism and its correlation to environmental racism...

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