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Thirtieth Edition: Wednesday, April 27th, 2016
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including referenda, laptops, fountains, divestment and more

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On Monday, the accused party in the #standwithleah Title IX case (see this [Daily], this [Juneau Empire] or this [HuffPo] for background, or see our summary below) filed state and federal lawsuits against Stanford alleging gender discrimination against men in their sexual assault disciplinary process. More below.
There was an election and some people got elected, but no-one really cared apart from the like 70 people that care a bit about those things but that's almost certainly not you.

Perhaps more interesting were the referenda* results:
  • 85% of voters rejected the Review's Western Civ proposal
  • 89% of voters backed a referendum urging Stanford to continue support of FMOTQ
  • 91% of voters backed our petition against the proposed ban on alcohol in student dorms
  • 91% of voters called for Stanford to redo last year's "flawed" Sexual Violence survey 
It remains to be seen whether Stanford will give any fucks at all about the opinion of the student body, but we've no reason to be optimistic.

Indeed, in an article on the sexual assault survey penned after the ASSU election results were announced, HuffPo wrote:
"The school said it won’t be redoing the survey, and that in fact it intends to reuse it in 2018. Stanford has also downplayed criticism of the survey, saying that only a small number of people have raised objections to it.

“There really is a single primary critic and students who were in her class,” Lisa Lapin, a Stanford spokeswoman, told The Huffington Post.
Of course, this is a lie.

There are most definitely multiple primary critics of the survey. Most of them were not in Dauber's class, (ex: Matt Cohen, the ASSU Senator who introduced the referendum). 

Lyin' Lisa Lapin also completely ignores the 1,975 Stanford undergraduates (some 90% of the electorate) who backed a referendum instructing Stanford to overhaul its Campus Climate Survey practices.

The Board of Trustees declined to divest from Fossil Fuel investments. In an exhaustive statement, the Board cites its inability to "evaluate whether the social injury caused by the fossil fuel industry outweighs the social benefit it provides" as its primary reason for declining to divest. Instead, it announced a new "climate task force" to brainstorm how to best address climate change on campus.

The statement also "thank[ed] the members of Fossil Free Stanford for their work on these issues", because nothing says thank you quite like threats from Stanford Legal. 😏
Stanford turned on the fountains exactly two years after turning them off as part of their "Drought Response Plan". (And just in time for admit weekend! -- Flipside). 

According to the PR people, Stanford fountains require "several thousand gallons" of water per day to "replenish water lost through evaporation, splashing and other factors". (Presumably, other factors include FoHo-ing). Of course, observant readers will note that it's been raining a lot recently, so we're sure it's, like, totally fine and stuff, y'know.

The Fountain Hopper would like to take this opportunity to remind Frosh and Sophomores who may not have experienced Fountain Hopping to go hop in some fountains.

The Merc reports that some 72(!) laptops have been stolen from Stanford's campus in the past six months, so you should probably consider locking your door or something. (Or get insured!) Here's an email thread [pastebin] sent round to RAs on the issue.
Hackers stole the W-2s of 600 Stanford employees [NBC], The Harvard Crimson (boooo) is unhappy that "For Fourth Year in a Row, Stanford Beats Harvard's Admissions Rate", The Review discovers that SSE's interim CEO might be just as shady as ex-CEO Groce, Daily OpEdster writes excellent OpEd on "How Stanford forgot about its mental health crisis", "My PHE Was Worth More Than $1000 A Year" [Review], and this is probably the best piece of long form journalism FoHo has seen all year [N+1 Mag]. 

Oh, and Stanford Robotics was featured in HBO's Silicon Valley!


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On Monday, the accused party ("John Doe") in the #standwithleah Title IX case (see this [Daily], this [Juneau Empire] or this [HuffPo] for background, or see our summary below) filed state and federal lawsuits against Stanford accusing the university of discriminating against men in its sexual assault disciplinary process.

(Federal PDF, Federal Scribd, State PDF, State Scribd)
These filings are the latest developments in a case that stretches back more than two years. Leah's case became a lightning rod for campus sexual assault reform and activism, prompting numerous rallies led by the accusing student, Leah Francis, as well as the hiring of Stanford's first dedicated Title IX coordinator and the creation on the Provost's task force on sexual assault
  • Leah accused Doe of rape in January 2014 in Juneau, AK.
  • The local DA declined to prosecute the case.
  • Leah reported the incident to Stanford, where a judicial panel comprising of five students, faculty and staff found that Doe "more likely than not" sexually assaulted Leah.
  • The panel sanctioned Doe to a two-year suspension, which, for practical purposes, meant a two-year delay in degree conferral. (Doe was a graduating senior and had been accepted into a co-term program.)
  • Disappointed with the lax nature of the sanction, Leah wrote a widely-circulated email, which sparked vigorous student protests.
  • In March 2015, the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights began investigating Stanford's handling of the Leah case -- an investigation that continues to this day.

The lawsuits allege that "Stanford acted out a manifest bias against John Doe because he is male" and ignored his right to due process "because of his gender in order to protect Stanford’s purported prestige and reputation against criticism that Stanford fails to adequately address alleged sexual assaults of women by men."

The lawsuit goes on: “In recent years, Stanford has faced significant criticism for failing to properly investigate allegations by female students claiming to be victims of sexual assault by male students. Stanford’s biased and unfair rush to judgment against John Doe was clearly a response to this criticism."

Reached for comment Tuesday afternoon, Doe's lawyer, James Quadra, emphasized that Stanford's system of dealing with on-campus sexual assaults does not assume innocent until proven guilty. "Students should be concerned that the University they attend has a system that is not fair, and that each one of them could be put in a position when that unfairness...will not guarantee them a fair resolution of any dispute... They would not want, I believe, to have a process that assumes any one of them is assumed guilty."

Reached by phone Tuesday evening, Leah stated that she was "not psychologically healthy enough to give any thoughts on the subject" and told FoHo that her Office of Civil Rights case against Stanford remains under review.

John Doe's lawsuits seek compensatory general, special, and punitive damages from Stanford, as well as a court order forcing Stanford to issue Doe a diploma. The initial case management conference for the federal case has been set for the end of July.


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