FoHo 9: Prof Assaults Student, Courserank closes
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Ninth Edition: Monday, October 27th, 2014

In this edition (click to jump to article in email):

FOHO EXCLUSIVE: Stanford professor assaults student at frat party over noise dispute. Push here to jump below for more.
Reunion homecoming happened, with over 90001 alum coming home to drink with classmates they sort of remember. FoHo's award for innovation goes to IT Services, who sneakily updated iStanford with a new "mobile giving" option. Kudos. 
FoHo loved the Friday night life of the Stanford police, a blow-by-blow of the terrors and tyrannies SUPD has to deal with on a Friday night. These include “a case of edible marijuana gone bad on the quad,” a casing for a surveying tool called in as a bomb threat, a lost wallet, and a noise complaint against Kappa Sig (no prizes for guessing who made it -- read on).
The Stanford Review has a well-researched piece on whether Stanford is "doing all it can to preserve water" The answer, unsurprisingly, is very much a resounding no. As discussed in FoHo 3, Stanford uses 800k gallons/day on Golf and Athletics and 230k on student residences. Go figure. 
The Daily had a noteworthy Op-Ed for intro Chem and Math to be less awful and more like CS106A, which is something FoHo totally supports. We also saw a Q&A with Mac, the band drum major (the guy with the stick and whistle), who "discussed [only the G-rated] experiences with the LSJUMB".
We also loved the Stanford Arts Review profile of Sienna Streiber, a singer-songwriter frosh with quite the voice. 


In FoHo 8, we revealed the story of the "professor with the garden shears." We got dozens of tips, poked around and what we learnt was sort of insane.2

tl;dr: Caroline Hoxby, Econ dept professor, intentionally injured a Stanford student to the point of bleeding. The student was also threatened with garden shears. She's under police investigation for assault, and the local DA is currently deciding whether to press charges. Somewhat miraculously, she's still allowed to teach Stanford students while the investigation continues.

Longer version: Late September, Kappa Sigma hosts an all-campus party (Eurotrash). At close to 11:30pm, econ professor Caroline Hoxby and husband Blair (associate prof in the english dept) hop a fence and make a beeline to the speakers, where Caroline, brandishing a pair of metal garden shears, attempts to cut the power cable.3 She goes at it unsuccessfully for a while and a resident eventually asks her what she's doing. She grabs and twists his ear till it bleeds and yells "turn the music off right now".4

Bystanders step in and the frat calls the cops. Interviews are taken, the party is shut down. Cops return en masse to Kappa Sig the next day to interview over a dozen residents, as well as security staff and witnesses of the incident. Everyone up the chain including Provost Etchemendy and PrezHen are informed. As far as FoHo can tell, Palo Alto PD are investigating the incident as an assault and the DA will soon make a decision whether to prosecute.

Tipsters tell FoHo that University administrators in VPSA and ResEd have indicated they stand with the frat, and the police report makes it clear that residents fully cooperated with the cops. The Hoxbys are well known to the police for calling in noise complaints almost every weekend, but this is the first time they've taken matters (and Stanford students) into their own hands.

So, what are we left with?

1) A Stanford University professor assaults a Stanford student, draws blood, and threatens him with garden shears
2) While the police investigate, the University does nothing, zilch, squat to protect and inform said Stanford students.

Let's put this another way -- if Caroline Hoxby was a Stanford student (and not a professor), the University would come down on her like a ton of bricks.

FoHo does not think professors injuring students is OK.

FoHo also thinks you have the right to know and Stanford has the obligation to tell. This story is far from over, and if you have anything to share with us, please click here and email us, or hit reply.
Want to work on awesome investigative pieces for the most-read publication on campus? Know of any place we should send writers digging? Get in touch.

Courserank, the once incredibly useful website that lets you rate and review Stanford classes, is being shut down on November 30th. According to an email received by Courserank users, closing it down will allow Chegg (Courserank's evil corporate overlords) to 'better serve students.' Currently, Courserank is the only method students have of reviewing and rating classes publicly, and, unsurprisingly, people are pissed. 

So much so that a lovely FoHo tipster [could have been you!] reached out to Chegg and got the following reply (and this is a copy and paste from the email): "Sometimes because of copyrights or other partners you have to take other roads and paths to get to the actual spot the company should be in." 

FoHo expected nothing less from online ed company Chegg, whose business model consists of selling students textbooks then selling them the answers. Because of "copy rights and other partners." Yeah.

A little history: FoHo is told that Courserank was created as a class project by an entrepreneurial Stanford student (the same guy that created ExploreCourses). He sold out his incredibly useful project to Chegg in 2010, which screwed it up way past the point of reognition. 

At this point, FoHo would have loved to give a list of alternatives to Courserank, but there's nothing out there remotely helpful.

So -- CS majors! Are you looking to synergistically disrupt yaks using uber for mobile on airbnb with big data for a down-to-earth, awesomely useful class project? We can help -- hit us up. Also, someone should really scrape Courserank, like, yesterday.

1 We're not even kidding. #over9000
2 We should add that some facts, by their very nature, are impossible to verify. However, we've spoken to multiple eyewitnesses and are more than confident in our reporting. We contacted the AVP of UniComms and were told that they "do not have any information about this incident" [despite it being passed up to Hennessy]. We were referred to SUPD, who did not get back to us by publication time.
3 Clearly not a Physics professor
4 We guess it's not all right now


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