This month we launch a redesign of our website, put up Issue No.1 in our Shop along with some other goodies, talk about our Pay What You Can model, and give you a reveal of the artists in the upcoming Issue! Welcome to our first Newsletter!
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Issue No.1 - Fall 2014

When we first started out this project, we were really set on making a beautiful printed publication, that would serve the purpose of a magazine with striking visuals, as well as have rich content like a book. We are so grateful to those that stuck by and helped us accomplish this goal, while still giving back to the artists involved.
We're equally as happy though to have taken a bit of a different path now, which is to offer our publication
digitally through our shop! We realize that this not only makes it more affordable for our readers, but also so that we can spread the word about these amazing artists in a greater way!

If you haven't picked up your copy, head on over to
our shop, where you can download the PDF and read about Basil Al-Rawi (a photographer based in Dublin), Aanchal Malhotra (a printmaker based in Montreal), Piers Faccini (a singer and songwriter), Tara Niami (a young photographer and filmmaker), and Mat Chambers (a fitness instructor)!

A different model:

With our launch of the digital edition, we also took the time to make a video laying out some reasons as to why we chose to go digitally, change up our website a bit, and the technical aspects of being accessible on all platforms through a PDF. The video also shows some quick demonstrations at the end, so go check it out! 

Another main reason for the changes was to offer up a Pay What You Can model, where you can name your price for the digital issue, based on what you can personally afford and what you believe the content is worth. We go a bit more in-depth about the whole concept in this blog post, where we also include some interesting links and articles, which talk about the music industry, record labels, buying directly from artists, and of course not working for free. They're really worth checking out!

Our Shop now also has:

We also have a couple other goodies in our shop, like a simple light-weight tote bag, which is sturdy enough to carry groceries or books, as well as some home-made patches for any of your favourite bags or backpacks! We hope you enjoy! 

Issue No.2 - Winter 2014

With our Mailing List, we mainly wanted to be able to share the things we were up to in one place, without all of our updates getting lost on various social media platforms. You now can have everything summarized in one e-mail with links back to our website and our blog, if you choose to read more about it. But there should be some sort of special perk for being subscribed, right? For being a loyal subscriber, we also want to share things with you that haven't made it up to our blog yet. We could call it a sneak peek of things to come! So for this month, let us show you who we've had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing for the Winter issue!

First off, there's Scott Conarroe, an extremely talented Canadian photographer who is well known for his North American series By Rail, as well as the Chinese counterpart The Great Eastern. Currently residing in Switzerland, he is now able to travel to several countries within his proximity, where he continues to work on his projects that incorporate historical context and powerful imagery.

Then there's
Ruby Elliot, perhaps better known by her handle rubyetc, who offers viewers humourous, insightful, and often heartwarming drawings. Her work ranges from comic cartoons, to visual diaries, often shedding light on her struggle with mental illness or day-to-day encounters, all while uniting people within the online community.

We also had the pleasure of speaking to Mark Johnson, who co-founded Playing For Change and continues to spread the motto "Peace through Music". Amongst recording several volumes of Songs Around the World, a compilation of songs where different musicians collaborate by performing their own renditions, the project continues to expand by creating music schools and scholarship programs through their foundation.

Then we have a local Montreal artist, Alexandra Levasseur, whose work portrays females in vulnerable and strong roles, in a scene typically filled with symbolism. Her work currently varies from a combination of painting, drawing, and animation, as a means to explore her environment and understand the relationships in the world around her.

Lastly, we're featuring a dear friend of ours, a visual storyteller extraordinaire, who is also native to Montreal: Vanessa Aisling. Her work typically deals with ideas of culture, tradition, homes, and often feels very nostalgic and dream-like. She most recently spent part of her summer at an artist residency in Cádiz, Spain, where she worked on her project and produced her book Getting Lost, Going Home.

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