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Presidents' Week Break
Volume 2, Issue 4

It's Februrary which means it's time to celebrate the Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, and Presidents' Week Break! If you're traveling be sure to check out our ebook collection and if you're staying in town, stop by the library to check out a few armfuls of books!

Book Trailers
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The Wanderers by Kate Ormand
Rook by Sharon Cameron
Tracked by Jenny Martin

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Librarian Picks
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Twins Josh and Jordan were raised with a ball in their hands by their father, a retired professional basketball player. On court they dominate and make an unbeatable team. Off court, things aren't going as more
Adults warn children not to stray in Piney Woods, they say that a madman lives there. Both Benji and Red grew up hearing fantastic stories about the madman, but when they finally encounter him and learn the truth, it tests their strength in ways they never expected.... read more
Have you ever seen a dragon attack up close? Felt the heat from their flame on your skin and smelled the sulfur in the air? Most people run for cover as soon as one is spotted. It takes a special type of person to run toward one. You need bravery, training, agility, skill, and a touch of madness. But slayers aren't the only ones crazy enough to seek out a dragon... read more
Over on the LRC blog we remembered David Bowie through his legacy and recommended some books.
Between the Words is a project that takes classics works of literature and shows what they would look like without the words--only the punctuation marks. The result looks pretty cool. Check them out here!

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