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Spring Break

Volume 1, Issue 4

Spring is here and with it a nice chunk of reading time that we call spring break!  Look below for ideas on what to take with you this vacation. 

Overdrive Tutorial

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Packing light?  No problem!  Use our overdrive service to check out ebooks wherever you are.  

Latest Arrivals

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Book Trailers

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Worst Passwords of 2014

How safe are your online accounts and data?  Not very if you're using a password from this list of the most popular passwords.  From the obvious "123456" and "password" to the rising popularity of "baseball" and "batman" the full list is at gizmodo.

Ballet and Technology
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What do you get when you combine a traditional art with modern technology?  New E-Traces shoes can track a dancer's movement and turn it into a stunning visual.  Read more here or click on the image below to see it in action.  Don't forget to check out the books on ballet and technology below.

Cinderella Stories

With the latest Cinderella movie hitting theatres, try some of these re-imaginings of the Cinderella story.

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