News from our May 7, 2017 Meeting!
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 May 7, 2017


Dear Hibiki no Kai and Echo Society Members,



   Information Notes  



  14日    AM  第2学習室 PM  第2学習室 ダグさん・キムさん・告原さん・冨部さん・杉本さん
  21日    AM  第7学習室 PM  視聴覚室    ダグさん・キムさん・富部さん
  28日    AM  第7学習室 PM  第2学習室    ダグさん・杉本さん・キムさん・富部さん (告原さん?)
    4日    AM  視聴覚室   PM  視聴覚室  ダグさん・キムさん・富部さん
  11日    AM  視聴覚室   PM  視聴覚室  ダグさん・
  18日    AM  第2学習室  PM  第5学習室  ダグさん・
  25日    AM  第2学習室  PM  第2学習室  ダグさん・

会 計:
教室の予約: 石川さん  7月まで予約済みです。
プロジェクターとパソコン2台の申請: 野路さん 5月、6月も予約済みです。
ポスター掲示の申請: 鶴巻さん 
ドネーション集め: 大森さん 
ニュースレター作成: 杉村 ダグさんが助けてくれています。
メーリングリストの追加: 杉村  121人に送っています。
出席簿、入会申込、の作成: 野路さん
案内リーフレット、名簿、ポスターの作成: 杉村

● Facebook ひびきの会のグループ へどうぞ!

● ひびきの会の教室が、変更になったり中止になるときは、メールでお知らせしています。

● 返信メールを送る場合は、全員に宛てたメールなのか、個人に宛てたメールなのかを書いてください。
  English Class   
Today’s teachers and participants: Doug lerner, Yoshie Takamizawa, Yuko Ishikawa, Takahide Kira (and Taka's helper Eiji), Takato Hase, Hidemi Kakizawa, Yoshio Hirano, YoshioKuno, Yuriko Yamada, Akie Omori, Motoyasu Uki, Katsuyo Sudo, Yumi Mitsui, Seiko Okuyama, Yoshihiko Tokioka, Keiko Tsurumaki, Haxuong Li and Sanae Sugimura.
                                                   ●●       ●●

It's the end of Golden Week.

What did you do during Golden Week?



Good morning!
My given name is .......
My family name is .......
My nickname is .......   /   I have no nickname.
I am from ......                       
I live in .......
      I live in Hachioji, Tokyo.
My hobbies are........  /   My hobby is.......
     My hobby is having books read to me by volunteers.
     My hobby is listen to music.
     My hobby is going to onsen.
My personality is ............
     My personality is serious.   My personality is happy.
     My personality is depressed.   My personality is optimistic.
     My personality is pessimistic.    My personality is humorous.
     My personality is irreverent.
Nice to meet you!

Directions from Hachioji Station.


Everyday conversations

At the Movies

BOB: We’d like two tickets for the 3:30 show, please.

TICKET SALES: Here you go. Enjoy the movie!

[Inside the theater]

BOB: Would you mind moving over one, so my friend and I can sit together?

WOMAN: No, not at all.

BOB: Thanks a lot!

• The 3:30 show Movies are shown at different times throughout the day. This refers to the movie that starts at 3:30. Notice the emphasis on 3:30.
• Enjoy the movie! Notice how the intonation rises on movie. This is said in a friendly way, and is followed by an exclamation point.
• Would you mind is a polite way to ask “Can you do something for me?” Notice the verb ends in “-ing.” Compare this structure to “Would you mind if I” plus a verb that ends in “-ed” (Would you mind if I opened the window?).
• Moving over one Here “one” is short for “one seat.”
• No, not at all is a way of saying “No, I don’t mind” or “I will be glad to.” Notice the answer to “Would you mind” is in the negative form


Today's humor

Doug showed us a cartoon he thought was funny, but nobody laughed.

   English song Karaoke


“You've Got a Friend” by Carol King. Japanese cover by Rebecca Watanabe.

And "Hero" by Mariah Carey, selected by Yumi.



Crossword puzzle





 Computer Workshop 
Today’s teachers and participants: Doug Lerner, Toyoko Tsugehara, Shingo Fube, Newcomer, Motoyasu Uki, Masatoshi Mitsui, Yoshihiko Tokioka, Hidemi Kakizawa, Akie Omori, Yoshio Kuno, Yumi Mitsui, Seiko Okuyama, Haxuong Li and Sanae Sugimura.


AirDrop (iOS and macOS)

AirDropを使って、写真、ビデオ、Webサイト、位置情報などを近くのiPhone、iPad touch、またはMacにワイヤレスで送信できる。

See you !


 Walt's video and  photos
  Faces of Japan, Walt's video:

 New Hibiki home page        

 You can look at records of Hibiki’s past (from 2007). 過去の記録を見ることができます。

Aloha, I am writing to hopefully find a pen pal in Japan that can read and write English well enough to communicate with me through email.  I am a blind 50-year old Japanese-American guy living in Hawaii, and am a volunteer Braille, cooking and ukulele teacher at a local vocational rehabilitation center for the blind.  I am hoping to learn Japanese and to one day go on a sake and onsen tour in Japan.  If anyone is interested in corresponding , could you please forward my name and email address to them? Warm Mahalo.