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Rescuing Nature's Bounty for the Benefit of Our Community

October with GleanSLO

Decorative(and Edible) Gourd Season Has Arrived

Autumn Updates from GleanSLO

Already this season we've harvested over 1,100 lbs of beautiful winter squash, adding to this year's annual poundage of 142,000 lbs of fresh, local produce!

Donations for Wine Waves & Beyond 2019

2019 will be the 10th anniversary for the big Wine, Waves & Beyond fundraiser, and to make it our best event yet, we wanted to reach out into our community and ask if anyone has any connections to some awesome auction items.  If you have any ideas send me them our way!  

Harvest Leaders wanted!

In order to tackle the local bounty, we rely on the help of our dedicated harvest leaders- and we're looking for more help! During our harvest leader trainings trainings you learn how to lead your own harvests, making more backyard harvests possible in this time of abundance. Contact Emily,, for more info about the harvest leader program.


SLO Food Bank's Annual Turkey Drive & Turkey Trot

The SLO food bank is facilitating KCOY's annual Turkey Drive and will take place one week before Thanksgiving, on Thursday, November 15.
To get more info, visit the food bank's website here, to donate a turkey go here, and to volunteer at this year's event, sign up here.


End of the Season at Firstfruits Farm SLO

For those who may not be familiar with Firstfruits yet, the FF Farm is a completely volunteer run collaborative project of Trinity Presbyterian Church and Grace Church. They grow a wide variety of crops exclusively for donation to local food pantries. And while their season may have come to an end, they still need some help- they have now launched a fundraiser to help purchase a new drop spreader, a tractor implement used to spread soil amendments. This would allow for a much larger capacity and would ease the workload of volunteers.

Fall Time Food Justice
Some Thought Provoking Articles Concerning
Food Waste and Ethical Eating

No doubt our food system here in America is broken, but what's the best way forward? The big(and complicated) answer to this question is addressed in an article published on Civil Eats in October

Looking to eat more ethically but having trouble knowing how to do that*? Check out this article from Huffington Post about the challenges of eating ethically, or see the website of the Food Empowerment Project for more resources on how to eat more sustainably.

"We spend a lot of time researching what computer or car to buy or what companies to invest in and we don’t take that same type of time to look into where our food is coming from or why it’s so cheap and who is paying the true cost of that labor." 
Lauren Ornelas, Founder of Food Empowerment Project

Decorative vs. Edible, Pumpkin vs. Squash

Great Gourd Goodness- Fun Facts and Recipes for Fall

For the kitchen inclined, we've got some Autumn-oriented recipes for your pumpkin(or winter squash*) abundance...

For those who can't wait for it to get cold to start soup season- Roasted Butternut Soup (try substituting other winter squash for the butternut in this type of recipe- totally tasty)
For the ones who have been waiting all year to make their first loaf of pumpkin bread- Classic Vegan Pumpkin Bread (Forget what she says about canned pumpkin- it's super easy to roast up your own [I use butternut] and blend it in a blender) (also, date bits, chocolate chips, and nuts are never a bad idea)
For the more savory carb lovers- try incorporating winter squash into your next loaf of bread(this is one of my favorite easy bread recipes) by substituting some of the moisture with roasted squash.
Pumpkins make for a great savory sauce in this twist on mac'n'cheese...
And if you're into snacking, try blending up your winter squash with olive oil, tahini, lemon, garlic, salt(all to taste), and spices of your choosing for a super satisfying hummus-like dip. Something like this.

*What's the difference between a pumpkin and a squash? A gourd and a pumpkin? The most concise answer to this can be found through the Missouri Botanical Garden's website.

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GSLO Scooter or E-bike!

Your old scooter or e-bike just sitting around collecting dust? Consider donating it to GleanSLO! We can use things like this to scout properties around SLO while still remaining environmentally minded, using larger vehicles only when absolutely necessary. Contact to find out how to donate.
Rather just donate money directly to GSLO?

We can take care of buying the equipment!
Make a financial donation using the button below or set up a regular donation through
the SLO Food Bank website.
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Thank you to our recent produce donors & community partners!

Talley Farms
Creekside Farms
Carol Hisasue
The Daniels Family
Deborah Johnson
Cal Poly Organic Farm
SLO Farmers Markets
L&C Smith Groves
Templeton Farmers Market
Cortez Farms
Ikeda Brothers Farms
Carol Harlow
Master Gardeners @ UCCE
FirstFruits Farm
Island Farms
RobinSong Farms
Leanne Buckner
The Robertson Family
The Stevenson Family
7 Sisters Brewing
Los Osos Valley Organic Farm
Cirone Farms
Check out last year's bounty!

Did you know that in 2017 alone, GleanSLO rescued over 279,000 lbs of fresh fruit and veggies from around our county? Check out other fun facts about our recent accomplishments in our
2017 annual report!
8 Years of Sharing the Bounty from SLO County

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