WOL Newsletter 184: Glory (He Is Worthy)
April 17, 2016
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Edited by Stacie Thomas
At one particular point in this sermon, I feared Pastor Doss' head would explode; at the very least, his neck veins...
The 'rant' (as I made note of it between Revelation 5:12 & 13), when he finished, made me breathe a sigh of relief for him, and grief for Jesus. People, I don't know if you were listening, but I can tell you, you should've been. Take note- it wasn't in his notes; it was an 'additive'; a bonus so-to-speak, and we ought to take heed. Therefore, I give you, 'The Rant', courtesy of Pastor Doss:  "Why would you not give all power and all wisdom and all strength and all justice to the One that has already proven that no matter what you put in His hand, down to His last dying agonizing breath, He’ll use every bit of it to protect you and love you back to Him. You never have to worry is He gonna abuse it; is He gonna thumb His nose at you. You never have to worry what He’s gonna do with it or what He’s thinking—that’s why He’s worthy. He’s so worthy—put all the power in His hand, give Him all the justice because there’s nobody that’s gonna use it to love you more than Him. So that’s why He’s worthy of the glory and the power and the riches and anything and everything you can put in His hand and give to Him and trust Him with out of your own life, you give it to Him because He’s worthy to use it to glorify you in love the way you’re glorifying Him. Why would God glorify you? But He has promised that He’ll give His glory to you and make you kings and queens and priests because He loves you so much. Why would you trust your anything to anyone but Him? Knowing that’s the character, that’s the man, that’s the God, that’s my Jesus, that’s what He’ll do with everything I give Him, and God the Father gives Him and all of Creation gives Him—it’ll all be used for me, even though I’m scum, because that’s how trustworthy and awesome His character is. That’s how all enveloping His love is for me. Don’t you tell me He’s not worthy. That’s why there’s nothing in your life that isn’t just a shadow; you should give it all to Him and never worry again because the character of the One you’re giving it to…You get what I’m telling you, and then tell me how it can’t change your life. Tell me how it can’t change what you’re willing to give up. Tell me how you can not want to go and meet with Him just to say ‘I love you,’ And if He’s that worthy then you say ‘Lord, I don’t understand, I don’t like it, it doesn’t make any sense, but I’m gonna do what you tell me because I know you’ve got me in mind when you tell me; and I know you know better. If you’ve gone through all you’ve gone through, I won’t even hesitate to give this to you, even though it hurts because you’re gonna take care of me.”
[And breathe] Whew.
What are we waiting for? Do we need to be reminded that just because we will bow down and worship our King in Heaven, doesn't mean we have to wait until Heaven to do so? Maybe if we don't bother to glorify Him now, He won't bother to bring us into His Glory, then... Where will we be left then? Trust Him with it all. Give it all to Him. And drop to your knees and watch what He does with it. It will amaze you...

Glory (He Is Worthy)

For the past several weeks, we have been on a purposeful path, to drastically alter the attitude and relationship we have with our Lord, Jesus; because to be honest, our mindset, relationships, and love for Him have not even been close to what Scriptures blatantly teach they should be. Many have been trying, based on the knowledge they’ve had; based on what we think following Christ means. Your level of worship and prayer; your ability to resist embracing sin; the level at which you are trusting in Christ through your situation now; your ability to continue walking with Him as your Lord, no matter what comes is directly related to how real and important Jesus Christ is in your life. Here is the bottom line: you cannot ever pray more, worship more, trust more, sin less, or live better, out of your own forced ability. He has to become more in your eyes. Your main goal in coming to Christ is not to get blessings, healings, answers, or direction; your main goal in coming to Christ, is to have more of Christ. Your number one purpose in life, above everything else is to bring glory to Christ through how you live for him. Philippians 2:10-11; Revelation 5:11-14.
Glory: doxa: to make glorious by bestowing honor, dignity, praise, or admiration, to elevate to celestial glory, to represent as glorious. It means you see something so amazing, and worthy in someone, that you have to praise them and honor them for it. How would you do that in with your life? With your actions? With your emotions? By seeing that who they are, and what they stand for is so wonderful, you would never want to go against them or hurt them. By being so overwhelmed in love and gratitude for what they've done, that you want everything you do to lift them up, and honor them. By being so touched by how awesome they are, and how wonderfully they have loved you, that you just have to tell them in returned love. By feeling such adoration for them, you just crave being with them more and more. Therefore, if we are not naturally GLORIFYING Christ with hearts, lips & lives; it simply means, at the core, that we probably do not have a real understanding of who He is, & what He's done; or It means we are just too proud to let it break us.
Another thing that really needs to be clarified for us to have the right attitude towards Christ: Is it our primary goal as Christians to Glorify God or to Love God? Because there are verses and principles that seem to tell us both; and there are people that glorify Christ in actions, and seem to have no love (Legalists); and there are those that claim they have total love for God, but do nothing to glorify Him. 1 Corinthians 6:20: we are to glorify God in body and spirit. John 14:15: to obey Him; we can't serve two masters. We will eventually fail in glorifying and obeying, if real love is not the motivator. 1 Corinthians 13:1-3: God wants real love, or GLORY is empty and dead. (This is why to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind is the Greatest Commandment!) So glorifying Christ in body and spirit is: Body: Obeying His commandments in life, because we love His heart and trust His knowledge; in order to bring honor to Him in everything. Spirit: And it is having such appreciating for who He is and what He's done inwardly, that we must express it in worshiping, singing, praying, and being near Him in spirit.
John 17:1-5: 3.   God the Father and God the Son GLORIFY one another; as an act of love and admiration. Jesus is not demanding we grovel at His feet and Glorify Him; He desires that we love, and admire, and lift Him up, as He and the Father do in love for One Another. John 17:22-24: He wants to share His Glory, that He alone achieved, with those He came to save; the undeserving, betraying, selfish people we are. (To make us beautiful to God as He is!)
Why is Christ so worthy of all of this Glory and Praise? If we can truly grasp this, we will have the key to uninhibited praise, worship, fellowship, and joy. Revelation 5:1-14: The Lion of Judah has prevailed. He alone, has stood against the entire army of Hell itself, and has prevailed, on our behalf. All of the power of the Universe is not the only reason He is worthy of Glory, but that, in all of this power, He had the love, and humility to become a Lamb slain; for me and you. Look at the multitudes of creatures in awe and fear and worship of our King, and yet He was willing to become a mangled, humiliated, fearful, broken mess before them all; for us. He created all of the unspeakable treasures around us for our benefit; and even as the rejected and unwanted God and Creator, He still found love in His heart to become one of us, suffer with us, be humiliated for us, die horrifically for us, take all the wrath and shame we deserve; and still take all of the glory and honor He won in His selfless battle, and share it to us, making us kings and priests, so that we can be with Him forever. (No wonder we are going to take our crowns of honor and glory, and throw them at his feet!)
Knowing these passages are a true description of our Jesus and what’s to come: how can you not live each day for nothing but His glory? How can anything on this earth hold importance over Him again? Philippians 3:7-11. When we draw so close, love so much, that He is all we want; that His Glory is our only concern; this is when we begin to see fellowship like never before (When we search for Him with all our hearts.); this is when we find strength in the Spirit to resist sin; this, is when we even receive gifts of the Spirit, that we never dreamed would come. (Love mentioned at end of gifts chapter for a reason) In your heart, and in your life, never be too proud to Glorify our Sweet Savior, the Lamb, the Lion of Judah. Philippians 2:5-11.

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