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August 29/30, 2015

We’re at the end of the Grow Up series this week. Week four is all about how, in tough times, God can actually help our faith grow more than ever before. This week will provide students a great perspective through which they can view their past experiences and future circumstances.

GROW UP — Week 4

Session Three: Big Moments

Bible: John 11:1-44

Bottom Line: God can use tough times to grow our faith (and others’).

Summary: Nobody wants to experience tough times. We don’t hope for them and we sure don’t sign up for them, but difficult circumstances happen to everyone.

Maybe for you it was the death of a family member. Or maybe it was a divorce. No matter what the cause, two things are true about our most difficult situations: They have the power to causeus great pain and they have the power to grow our faith like nothing else.

Through the story of one of Jesus’ close friends, Lazarus, we find that when tough times hit, it can stretch the faith of anyone, even those who know Jesus the best.

And if we’re willing to stay close to Him we may just find that we can emerge on the other side of the storm with a faith that is even stronger than before and an opportunity
to help others do the same.

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5 Ways to Help Your Kids Make Wise Choices

Any of these sound familiar?
Dad, can I ride my skateboard down the driveway and into the street?
Mom, can we jump off the roof into the pool?
Mom, can I slide down the banister?
Dad, can I jump on that beehive right there?

When you hear questions like that you want to scream, “NO!”
That, or run crying into your bedroom and hide under the sheets until your kids grow into adults.
Let’s face it, some decisions are easy to make. Clearly, the beehive should be left alone.  Others? Not so much. Sliding down the right banister can actually be pretty fun.

As parents, we’ve (hopefully) figured out how to make a wise choice over time. Our kids on the other hand are just starting their journey to discovering wisdom, and unfortunately, choices aren’t always cut and dry. As our kids grow up they’ll soon learn that the decisions they’ll have to make are not as black and white as we might wish.

Helping kids understand that is often easier said than done. How do we help our kids learn the importance of wisdom and making the wise choice?

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Finding the right words can be difficult when talking to a child about divorce—especially when you’re the parent and you’re processing your own hurt. We hope you never need this conversation guide, but in the event you or someone you know finds yourself going through the pain of divorce, we want to help by giving you some words to say and not to say to your child.
Download a copy of the Divorce Conversation Guide
5th-6th Grade Calendar for September 2015 - January 2016  (You can always find this on our webpage: click here.)
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Registration has begun for our 5th-6th grade NERF WARS!  It will take place Friday, September 18 from 6-9pm in the Student Ministries Center.  Check out the link below for details and to register.
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