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Greetings from lockdown in Buenos Aires! 

We've been in lockdown since March 19th, but things are starting to open up and Lord willing, our country will begin top open up even more in October. 

This means we have not met as a church since mid-March. And while I miss being with everyone at once, I have been able to make some pastoral visits in the last few weeks. 

I was able to visit Isa, one of my nieces here in Buenos Aires! She was really happy to see someone other than her mom and dad (my friends)! 
I have read several books during the quarantine but the one that has most encouraged me is the book of Revelation. We see so many people longing for life as it was. They want to simply go back to the way things were before. However, I'm not content with the status quo, with the way things were. Why? Because I long for God to redeem me, my fellow brothers and sisters and all of creation (Romans 8:18-25). I'm looking forward to God's garden-city, the New Jerusalem where all things will be made new (Revelation 21-22). Here's a quote that captures this idea and a song that has been a constant source of encouragement to me. 

“We are in a crisis: pandemic, racist violence, political uncertainty, cultural clashes, economic downturn. All this is exposing fragility of our lives and calls our way of life as individuals and society into question. The truth is we must be confronted with fragility and death to seek a more promising life. That’s Jesus: the healthy do not need – and do not seek – a doctor. We are sick and yet, faced with death, most of us crave not a new life, but the life we’ve always known, the very life whose cracks the crisis is exposing. Like Israelites in Egypt, are groaning under the impersonal Pharaoh of this protracted crisis. Let’s not limit our hopes to an improved version of Egypt. Let’s have a courage to set ourselves on a journey to the promised land, let’s embrace the Good News Jesus proclaimed.” - Miroslav Volf
Is He Worthy? by Andrew Peterson 
Moisés, Génesis and kids are now living in Atlanta, Georgia. As you may have heard, Moisés lost his left hand and forearm in a work-related accident. Thank you to everyone who donated to his family and prayed for them in this difficult time. He is doing much better after four surgeries. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. 
A big thank you to everyone who has donated funds for the brothers and sisters in Christ in need here in Argentina! We have had several church members who have lost their jobs. Thanks to your generous donations, we have been able to pay for rent, groceries, medications, and other urgent needs. 
Gustavo & Chema got me up on a very cold Saturday morning to have a devotional at the river. They knew I would say no to an early morning bike ride (since I usually stay up reading till late) so they convinced me by telling that we needed to pray together! I am thankful for these two, for their leadership and service in our church and for their friendship! 
I've been riding my bike a lot lately since I haven't been allowed to use public transportation since mid-March when lockdown began. I'm so thankful Spring begins later this month so we should have more agreeable weather! 
In addition to teaching almost weekly at church, I've been able to teach a lot online in other places and countries. 

I taught a seminar on the Mission of God for churches of Christ in Bolivia. I've also organized and taught a Christian book club. I've had a number of public conversations on theology that are live streamed on Facebook as well. 

In October I will be co-teaching an 8 week course on the mission of God with Jeremy Daggett, a missionary in Arequipa, Perú. We have more than 40 students signed up! Please keep us in your prayers! 
This is what Wednesday night Bible study looks like during lockdown in Buenos Aires! 

Because of lockdown, many of our church members who are students now take night classes. This is a picture from last week's meeting when Chema and I had a special prayer time with all the sisters who joined the meeting! 
Long-Term Relationships 

Supporting missionaries long-term is worth the investment. Just recently, a young man who I met seven years ago wrote me to tell me that he had become a Christian! He said that I was the first person to ever tell him about Jesus. Lord willing, we'll have dinner later this week after five years of not seeing each other! 

Just a couple of weeks ago a good friend wrote me and said, "you always talked to me about Jesus and I never paid much attention, but now, with all of this going on, I'd like to ask you a few questions about God and the Bible. I should have asked you sooner, but, do you think we could Skype soon?". 

A young man from Venezuela wrote me during the quarantine. He was a part of my youth group in Caracas. We had lost contact. He left the church. I didn't know anything about where he is living today or what he is doing. Turns out that he recently found the Bible I gave him in 2008. He sent me a picture with the dedicatory note that I had written. We've been talking about faith again. Since we began chatting, he's picked up his Bible once again. 

People are not always ready to hear the Good News - that is why we plant seeds, wait, pray and continue to be present in their lives. God works in His good time. Please keep these young men in your prayers. 
Park in Palermo, Buenos Aires
Please continue to keep me and our church in your prayers during these difficult times! I am so blessed to have you and my local church family! 

Please pray that I can also know when is the best time to go back to the States! It's been over two years since I've seen my family and I'm ready to see them again! 

Thank you for your prayers! Take care and love deeply! Grace are peace! 
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