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  Savoring Summer

Fun in the sunThe end of the summer marks a wonderful time of transition—the return to school or work, a refocused energy on year-end goals, and final preparation for harvesting what has manifested throughout the earlier part of the year. For me, the end of the summer represents the beginning of new and exciting things—the launch of a new class and workshop schedule, the development of fresh goals and themes for the next year, and a “settling in” of sorts to determine what I need to work on to end the year on a good note.

In some cases, though, many feel even more mired during the fall and winter months. The article below explores the idea of learning to live instead of simply exist since soul health is all about creating your most radiant life. Becoming proactive in day-to-day life can make all the difference in dislodging you from your perceived obstacles and help to propel you toward the life you are meant to have.

Speaking of new and exciting things, I will soon be releasing my schedule of events for the 2015/2016 season as well as upcoming Soul Health Travel journeys which are in the works. I will send you another email in the next few weeks to give you a sneak peek so you can jot some dates down in your calendar.

I’m also very excited to be partnering with two wonderful educational companies to provide you with more opportunities to learn about Soul Health. I will continue to work with Cross Country Education to provide workshops for various healthcare providers, and I’m also joining forces with DailyOM, an online spiritual health community, to provide ongoing webinars on various topics. Stay tuned for more information.  

I also invite you to join my social media networks for up-to-date information/discussions as well as my meetup group for more options for classes and workshops offered by myself and other health professionals. Click on the links to the right or below to connect with these sites.

Have a wonderful August—and keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming surprises as well!

        In shared light,             

           Katherine T. Kelly
          Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

 Existing vs. Living:  Removing the Blinders and Welcoming a Radiant Life

I’m CPR certified, but I also resuscitate souls on a daily basis. Many have said that I’ve saved their lives, opened  their conscious livingworld, and allowed them to really live. But, honestly, it’s not me who is doing the work. The real work is done by the individual who has chosen to become more aware and conscious of their life so they can feel enriched and fulfilled by their experiences rather than mired and stuck in them. It is the motivation to focus on the positive outcome of their thoughts and actions rather than remain blinded or immobilized by the challenge to evolve beyond them that helps a person to live instead of just exist.

Conscious evolution is all about recognizing what I call the “world beyond the world”—acknowledging that life is bigger than just our one- or two-dimensional observations. Our reality goes far beyond this if we are willing to examine the “outer layers” of our lives. There is always a bigger picture. There are always reasons for why things happen. And to believe that you are a victim in life creates the illusion that you can do nothing to change it, which often leads to leading a very limited and unsatisfying existence.

Seeing the world beyond our world allows us to exit the door of existing and enter the vastness of truly living. Choosing to live allows you to think outside of your box, stretch your limits, and allow living to flow in rather than wondering why you feel stuck, mired, and blocked from the life that is rightfully yours. When you open up to the world, the world opens up to you. In other words, once you take the steps to see that you have options—both in how you interpret the events of your life and how you deal with them— it opens up new possibilities of how to move beyond any seemingly insurmountable obstacle that is in the way of having the life you want. Remember—just as everything happens for a reason, there are also always options, even if we can’t see them right away.  

What do you do to reinforce a life of existing rather than truly living? Do you bury yourself in work? In hobbies? In alcohol or other drugs? In eating too much? Spending too much? Watching television, playing video games, or surfing the internet too much? Other things?

living!What do you do to live? What breathes life into your life? How do you feed your soul, and not your vices or addictions? What makes you feel alive without any subsequent regret?

Research shows that regret most often occurs when a person wishes they had done something that they chose not to do rather than having tried and moved on from an idea, goal, or dream that they chose to take a risk to pursue. Most people also tend to focus on the discomfort of pursuing their aspirations rather than keep their eye on the reward or outcome, which, in turn, creates the cycle of regret that leads to leading a life of regretful existence.
Choosing to live takes little more than becoming a steward to your soul—committing to take care of it so that your radiant health is not jeopardized in any way. This means becoming a proactive advocate for your inner ally so that regret is unable to enter the picture.

What is keeping you from fully living? What steps can you take to overcome this roadblock or eliminate this factor from your life so you can do more than simply exist?
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 Heart Challenge

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The Art of Mindful Living bookThe Art of Mindful Living:  How to Bring Love, Compassion, and Inner Peace into Your Daily Life by Thich Nhat Hahn is a wonderful guide to instilling consciousness toward living vs. existing. Many find major insights emerge as they go within, and this book offers many tips for overall conscious living.
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