Happy New Year and New Beginnings!
Setting Your Soul Mission 
for 2017
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 Happy New Year and
New Beginnings!

new year fireworksI love the start of a new year! With it comes many new and exciting adventures, a sense of novelty and freshness, and the anticipation of unknown opportunities that I couldn’t even begin to imagine. At the same time, it is also a time to consciously “reset” our vision for the future so that the upcoming year enhances our path to radiant soul health and evolution.
As many of you know, I’ve been “incubating” a bit over the last several months—taking time to complete some further training, claiming some time to restore my own soul, and making plans to offer you various new services, healing methods, and educational experiences. The survey I circulated in the fall indicated that of most interest were more opportunities to understand and live(!) Soul Health through soul evolution, spiritual development, and overall life balance. These are right up my alley, so thank you to those who participated!
Many wonderful changes are on the horizon, and you will read more about these later on in this newsletter. But first, I want to announce that I am now certified both as a Soul-Realignment Practitioner and a Past Life Regression Therapist, as well as trained as an Akashic Record Specialist/Counselor. While my Soul Health Model provides the blueprint for how to balance and heal the human condition in order to pave the way for your soul’s growth and evolution, I am now able to assist you from the soul side in healing aspects of your past that impede your daily experience. It is the perfect marriage of skills to help you to better evolve! (I will explain more of what these titles mean after the article below.) 

I am so excited about the ability to offer you many new resources, classes, workshops, and more in the New Year! May your journey to soul health be filled with many new opportunities for healing, growth, and evolution! Hope to see or hear from you soon!
              In shared light,
   Katherine T. Kelly, Ph. D. 

  Setting Your Soul Mission for 2017

upward!You might remember that I urge folks to set a “theme” each year for what they want to work on in order to further their soul health and also enhance their soul’s evolution. Your theme might be something like “to be more authentic”, or “to practice self-love”. Themes allow us to anchor our growth on an idea or trait that we want to “weave” into the tapestry of who we are, while also providing us with infinite opportunities to do so.  
For those who want to take their theme to a deeper level, you might want to consider writing a personal Soul Mission Statement of your intention to act as a good steward to your soul. 
A mission statement is a timeless definition of moving in the right directiona) who you are, b) your main purpose or goal, c) your core values, d) your reason for existence, and e) your mission, or task you aim to fulfill. It may seem odd or cumbersome to write a mission statement to your soul, but the act of creating one is another exercise in knowing yourself ever more deeply. In carefully and consciously crafting your statement, you come to know exactly what you are striving for and whom you are serving at all times; it is the ultimate commitment to your soul and your evolution.

As I wrote Soul Health, I constructed my own mission statement to read as follows:

     I am a vehicle of consciousness whose mission is to elevate others to reach radiant health and ultimate soul evolution. I strive to educate others to thrive in life while also serving as an ongoing role model in seeking and maintaining my own optimal soul health. I see life as a healing journey, one which is available to all souls, most of all one’s own, but one which is always subject to the curiosities and challenges of the human condition. I am committed to my own soul health, growth, and evolution both for myself and for the souls that I am fortunate enough to serve.

Although the first sentence of this mission mission & visionstatement sums up my love of helping others, it is the commitment to my soul that allows me to do this. It also allows me to anchor each year’s theme on a concept that will reinforce my overall mission. Once you recognize what your mission statement is, it shapes your entire tree of life in service of soul health. Finding your mission in life often takes time, but in many cases you are already fulfilling this mission, you just don’t know it. This may seem like an overwhelming task, but when you break it down to define each of the aspects noted above, you can connect them to complete a statement about your overall life purpose. Writing my own statement served to not only clarify what I’m all about, but also to instruct me each year about how to set my theme to better complete my mission. 

evolve from withinTake some time now to develop your Soul Mission Statement, based on what you know of yourself at this point. Keep in mind that although mission statements are meant to be timeless, you will likely change and refine yours as you get to know yourself and your soul better over time. Your evolution is a lifelong process, but keeping your statement in mind will help you balance the branches of your tree of life, stay aligned with your soul health, and set your yearly theme for soul’s growth

Stewardship to your soul is a never-ending process. Although it takes time to reach radiant soul health, daily soul stewardship is what allows you to get there. By committing to your soul, you are ensuring your growth and evolution. Your Soul Mission Statement will set the stage for doing this throughout your life.
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 New Healing Options for 2017!

Soul Health Model tree
As promised, I want to provide information about new services and techniques that I am offering as part of both my holistic psychotherapy practice and also as part of overall soul healing. In the near future, you will receive a link to my “new and improved” website, which will fully explain all healing options. Here’s a sneak preview of soul healing services to come:

Soul Re-Alignment

As a newly Certified Soul-Realignment Practitioner, I can now “read” your soul to assist you in knowing what needs to be healed from the soul perspective, not just from the human condition. As we travel through life (and our past lives!), our soul accumulates what I call “war wounds—much like the dents, dings, and scratches that our car accrues over time. This can leave us feeling weary, drained, and unable to put the pieces of our lives together no matter what we do. Often, it is the deep damage to our soul that has kept us from enjoying the life that we’ve always wanted and strived for. Soul-Realignment can help you to both identify how your soul might have been scarred and wounded in the past, AND help you clear these wounds to lead a much easier and fulfilling life.
Past Live Regression Therapy

Many people have unexplained feelings and experiences that leave pieces of their overall life puzzle unfinished and unanswered. The study of reincarnation has existed since 1500 BC, explanations appearing even in the earliest versions of the Christian Bible. Although descriptions of past lives were eliminated from some religious writings for political reasons, many researchers and authors now provide compelling evidence that the soul does, in fact live on. Whether you have unresolved physical, emotional, or relationship issues, or have an uncanny attraction to people, places, and times, Past Life Regression Therapy can help you put the pieces of your life back together and help you gain answers to those unanswered questions.This integration often allows individuals to lead a much more aligned and fulfilling life.

Akashic Record Readings

The Akashic Record can be described as an “energetic and etheric encyclopedia” of your life, offering explanations for your experiences, past and future. An Akashic Record reading provides you with information both about what inhibits you from moving forward in life in a smooth and healthy way, and also how to make healthier choices to better align with your soul’s purpose. This wonderful service can also answer questions about loved ones who have passed on before you and provide comfort for how to better align your life in general.

Emotional Freedom Technique

butterflyEFT is a method of healing that assists you in dismantling hard-wired memories, emotions, and beliefs that keep you from living a fulfilling life. The method was developed by Roger Callahan in the mid 1980’s and utilizes a rapid healing technique based on “tapping” particular energy centers/meridians on your face, shoulders, and body, while remembering and “reprogramming” your experiences to lessen negative reactions to particular events. This technique is offered as part of traditional psychotherapy and can serve as a rapid method of healing old wounds.

Although each of these services can offer amazing healing experiences, I’ve found that some people benefit more from combining services. A consultation session can help you identify more clearly what will assist you in reaching your optimal soul health—from both the human and soul sides, which creates the most complete healing!

 Soul Health Hearts

heart cutout in a rockAs you might remember, last year I asked you to send me your nature pictures depicting "Soul Health Hearts"-hearts you found occurring naturally in the world around you. We received such wonderful images that I want to bring them back and ask that you keep your eyes peeled, once again, and snap those shots of hearts you find while out and about. Love consciousness needs to stay front and center for our conscious evolution, so please continue to search your environment for these natural reminders. Please send your pictures to my email, and let us know if you'd like your name included with the photo in case your image gets chosen to appear in an upcoming newsletter. This photo was provided by Karen Maker.   
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