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  Seasons of Change

heart with spring flowersWe are well on our way through spring, and summer is just around the corner. The rapid pace of these changes is difficult to keep up with, but I hope you are able to take in the beautiful colors before the next season begins!

Along with the seasonal transitions, it seems like everyone I know is experiencing some other sort of shift in life as well. As we evolve, we sometimes forget to take a step back to smell the flowers, observe the changes, and welcome the lessons that are all around us. By taking this time, we will more fully incorporate the seeds of growth that each moment has to offer.

One seed I’d like to plant is related to an important element of our social branch of soul health—friendship. Without these important connections, our lives would be lacking in so many ways. And as spring sets in, I encourage you to take the time to consider your own friendly connections and enhance them in whatever way that will bring you further soul health. The article below is intended to help you do just that.

I will be taking a break from local workshops and classes throughout the summer months, but keep your eyes peeled for options that will be coming in the fall to the Soul Health Center. Also—if you haven’t already considered joining me on the Awakened, Alive, and Awestruck Soul Health Journey through the Sacred Sites of Peru, check out I’d love to guide you through this incredible country as you awaken to your own soul purpose!

Wishing you a wonderful month of May!

              In shared light,             

           Katherine T. Kelly
          Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

 Soul-to-Soul Connections:
The Power of Friendship

Friendship is priceless two friendswhen it comes to creating soul health. Numerous studies indicate how physical health is improved by having close relationships with even just a few people. While biological family members may play key roles in our day-to-day lives, it is often our entire social network, or “soul family”, that brings us the most comfort and joy.

Although friends have always been important to me, it wasn’t until my sophomore year in college that I came to understand the different roles that they play—and these distinctions have stuck with me ever since. At the time, I never really considered that different types of friendships existed, but since then many authors have offered descriptions that I now use with others to help them understand these key roles.

In their book Rethinking Friendship, authors Liz Spencer and Ray Pahl provide the following types of friendly connections:

Associates—those who share common activities like hobbies and sports;

Useful Contacts—those who share information and advice whether for career or other purposes;

Favor Friends—those who help each other in a functional, but not an emotional manner;

Fun Friends—those who socialize together but don’t offer deep emotional support;

Helpmates—friends who offer both favors and fun but little emotional support;

Comforters—similar to helpmates, but with some emotional support;

Confidants—those who share personal information with each other but aren’t always in a position to offer practical help (i.e., if they live far away);

Soul Mates—those who display all of the elements listed above.

Although different people might define friendships in different ways, the common denominator is that friends help us to feel that we are not alone in life. In fact, many feel as if their friends are just as—or more important—in defining who they are as an individual than any other relationship.  In this way, our friends become part of our “soul family”, influencing, supporting, and teaching us in ways that we cannot deny the essential roles that they play. As Aristotle says, “A true friend is one soul in two bodies”, which indicates the power of having a close connection with another human being.  

The social branch of soul health emphasizes the need to have others in our lives. These soul-to-soul relationships ensure that we travel through life with like-minded others, enhancing each other’s experiences as we grow and evolve. In urging others to build strong relations, I emphasize the following three words:

  1. Connectivity—identifying and taking part in mutually appreciated bonding activities, which enhance the connection between one soul and another;
  2. Intentionality—taking steps to deliberately and purposefully interact with one another; and
  3. “Explicicity” (yes, I know that’s not an actual word…)—to engage in clear and direct communication with one another to educate them about your needs, interests, and desires.

Like all relationships, friendships take work. By consciously creating your connections with regard to aligning with your own soul health, you will invite wonderful souls into your life to share with you the many gifts that these relations can bring.

What do you do to consciously connect with others? Who do you invite into your soul group?

Awakened, Alive, and Awestruck in the Andes
A Soul Health Journey Through the Sacred Sites of Peru
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Friends are EverythingFriends are Everything

By BJ Gallagher

I love this little book! BJ Gallagher offers many angles of friendship in her writings about the power of friendship. She offers short stories, explanations, quotes, and exercises that emphasize the importance of our connections with others. Not only is this a great addition to your coffee table, it also makes a wonderful gift for any friendly contact in your life!

 Heart Challenge

We still want your hearts! We would love for you to send pictures of naturally-occurring hearts that you find throughout the year to my email I will continue to circulate these on social media and list your name with the picture as they are chosen each month.This month's photo was submitted by Bonnie Hitchcock.
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