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Grateful for Gratitude
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  Thanksgiving Wishes

autumn heartI adore Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday, and I thoroughly enjoy taking the time to give thanks for my loved ones, my experiences, my opportunities, my health and vitality, and for life, itself.

I also want to formally thank each and every one of you for who you are, for what you offer, and for allowing me into your life. I am grateful for what I learn from you and for the opportunity to share my thoughts and suggestions as you continue your journey to soul health. You’re truly a blessing!

My theme for 2015 has been all about love and laughter, and gratitude is right up there as yet another way to instill love consciousness into our lives. The article below, “Grateful for Gratitude”, emphasizes the importance of giving thanks regardless of life’s circumstances, which always ensures our optimal health.

Although the year will soon come to an end, there are many new beginnings on the horizon. Several exciting projects are currently “under construction” and will soon be announced. I’m really (and I mean REALLY!!!) excited about the year to come and can’t wait to see and work with you at some of my upcoming events. Stay tuned for more details…

In the meantime, I hope you will join us for a Soul "Jingle Mingle” at the Soul Health Center on Friday, December 11, as we gather to share some fun, food, relax into the holiday, and join with like-minded spirits to support our ongoing soul evolution.

Have a wonderful and love-filled holiday!

        In shared light,             

           Katherine T. Kelly
          Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

 Grateful for Gratitude

Gratitude is a salve for the soul. In challenging times, it is easy to slip into the doldrums, allowing our souls to dim. But despite the difficult realities of the human condition, our ability to remain grateful can serve as the best anecdote to all of life’s problems.

things to be thankful forWhat is your biggest struggle right now? What is dragging you down? As you focus on these concerns, you will notice your energy and mood taking a dive. Now, take a few moments to list at least 5 things for which you are grateful. How has your mood changed? Do you feel more energy? Now, list a few more positive things about your life. See how quickly your outlook improves?

Emotions are seductive. When we allow our attention to drift toward sadness, worry, or grief, these feelings seem to pull us in, inviting us to feel the insidiousness of each emotion. Like a vacuum, our psyche draws us deeper into whatever it is that is disrupting our lives. However, by injecting gratitude into any situation, we can not only prevent a downward spiral, we can also raise our consciousness about what we are supposed to learn from life’s challenges.

During the last several months of my mother’s life and the two months since her death, gratitude has greatly soothed my soul. I remain grateful for the many beautiful experiences we shared and the invaluable time spent with her in her final weeks and days. I’m well aware that the upcoming holidays will likely stir the grief of my recent loss, but I’m already actively working on lessening this by allowing the many memories of years past to enter my awareness, taking note of the blessings, joy, and laughter that permeated our annual events.

As the year winds gratitudedown, take stock in the gift of gratitude. Allow yourself to realize that life could not only be much worse, but also that it is much more tolerable—and even enjoyable when we become grateful for what we have, who we are, and the ways in which we have grown.

Most important, give thanks to yourself for investing in your growth and evolution—the most priceless gift you could offer your ultimate soul health.
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Soul "Jingle Mingle"
Friday, December 11
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Simple Abundance
Simple Abundance book
Author, Sarah Ban Breathnach, says that “Gratitude is the most passionate, transformative force in the cosmos”—other than love, that is. But gratitude is an irreplaceable and essential part of love consciousness that allows our soul to heal, expand, and open to the gifts that are all around us. Although there are many books out there on gratitude, this is my favorite. Ban Breathnach offers you 150 blessings from the world’s most perceptive minds to help you instill this transformative concept into every breath of your life.

 Heart Challenge

We still want your hearts! We would love for you to send pictures of naturally-occurring hearts that you find throughout the year to my email. I will continue to circulate these on social media and list your name with the picture as they are chosen each month. This month's photo was submitted by Dorothy D'Annunzio.
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