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Newsletter Waldorf Resources

Dear reader,

we are pleased to send you our first Waldorf Resources Newsletter. Waldorf Resources is a platform for educational professionals, provided by the International Forum of Steiner Waldorf Schools and the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum. We support teachers around the world with information about Waldorf Education and enable mutual exchange among professionals. []
The newsletter will inform you regularly about new topics in Waldorf Education, current events and forums for discussions.
We are happy to see you on site, to receive new articles and ideas!

Your Newsletter Editors

How I teach Anthroposophy
Is it at all possible to teach anthroposophy? And what is anthroposophy anyway? A kind of faith? A science? Or rather some sort of lifestyle? Arve Mathisen has been running courses in anthroposophy for trainee teachers for a number of years and here he offers the reader a glimpse into his classes… more
Audrey McAllen’s ’The Extra Lesson’
Joep Eikenboom draws with "Audrey McAllen's Extra Lesson" a picture on educational movement, drawing and form drawing exercises. The goal is to support the children in their learning process. Reintroduction to formal work in writing, reading and arithmetic is part of the concept... more
The ideal of compromise? No such thing!
This part of Trevor Mepham's reflections on the issue of compromise concentrates on childhood and curriculum. Rather than turning to specific school subjects, Trevor explores the curriculum from the angles of time, place, communication, money, nutrition, relationships and coherence... more
The omnipresent companion
Why are we so infatuated with our little gadgets? Smartphones and similar devices have become an indispensable part of our lives, of ourselves. Karin Smith asks what teachers and students need to know about the effects for the brain... more
Educational Horticulture: Arguments for and against and how you can do it anyway
Everyone is connected to the cultivation of edible plants, be it as producer or as consumer. We cannot live without plants. Peter Lange shows the importance of school gardens with a humorous and down-to-earth approach… more
Implementing Dialogic Learning in Primary Schools
Through conventional teaching, children often loose their natural interest in mathematics. Prof. Dr. Peter Gallin shows in his research article how dialogic learning can teach the pupils to discover their own solutions... more
Tending the Chrysalis
Paul Hougham describes in this exciting and personal interview his challenges as a Waldorf teacher in Great Britain and his central teaching task of the individual unfolding… more
New Online-Forum! Register now!
The forums of Waldorf Resources have been re-launched to enable discussions among educational professionals. Share your views, post your questions and keep in touch after a conference!… more
International Events
Asian Waldorf Teachers' Conference
Mo 27.04.2015 - Fr 01.05.2015
ENASTE-Congress: Transformations
Th 14.05.2015 - Sa 16.05.2015
Gym and Games Teachers' Conference
Fr 22.05.2015 - Th 28.05.2015
Religion Teachers' Conference
Fr 29.05.2015 - Su 31.05.2015
Brought to you by the International Forum of Steiner Waldorf Schools in cooperation with the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum.

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