Newsletter #2 "Media & Education"
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Mechanical reproduction of art changes the reaction of the masses toward art. - Walter Benjamin

Dear reader,

smartphone, facebook and all sorts of media platforms have become an integral part of our lives. Therefore, this edition of our newsletter is focusing on the topic of media and education.
What effect does modern communication technology have on children and adolescents? How does media use influence brain development? Which skills and abilities does a young person need to handle media meaningfully?
Our newsletter is exploring these and further questions from various angles.
With our best wishes for an interesting reading experience,
Your Newsletter Editors

P.S. We are very grateful to the German Association of Waldorf Schools and the “Aktion mündige Schule” for allowing us to publish the brochure “Struwelpeter 2.0”.

Media and Waldorf Education
Henning Kullak-Ublick asks which skills an adolescent has to develop so that she can handle technology freely and meaningfully without blindly succumbing to its fascination… more
Indirect and Direct Media Pedagogy
Technology frees people from certain tasks, according to Dr. Edwin Hübner, but there is always a danger that the corresponding skill might be lost as well, just like a muscle which weakens when it is not used... more
Strangers in our Homes
The US American pediatrician and Waldorf teacher Susan R. Johnson explains the fatal consequences of watching television and playing computer games on child-development.... more
Adults' Self-Education
In 2012, around 58 billion text messages were sent in Germany alone; globally there were about 7 trillion messages sent and the figure is expected to rise to 9.4 trillion in 2016. A few tips for a competent use of these devices are given by Dr. Edwin Hübner… more
Time with the class teacher
This summary explains the effects of digital media on its users and how these issues can be addressed... more
Media as a Provider of Education
Whenever the consequences of media use are discussed, says author Franz Glaw, the discussion usually centres on the effect on the consumer. People focus a lot less on the effect on the producer, particularly on the adolescent producer of any media content... more
What can parents do for their child's healthy brain development?
Susan R. Johnson, the well-know US American pediatrician, has compiled a list of tips for parents, regarding television viewing. Her suggestions could also be the basis for discussions at a parents' evening on media consumption... more
Film and Television: Parent – Teacher Collaboration
The question of the consequences of film and television for child development is likely to appear more than once on the agenda of parents' evenings... more
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