Overcoming Resistance #4
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Dear reader,
"Overcoming Resistance" was the leading thought for the World Teachers' Conference 2016. Michal Ben Shalom gains new inspiration by overcoming resistance. In her lecture she quotes Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet: "There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth." For her, this is Waldorf Education in practice: Not to copy anything, but to make individual pathways towards the future. Michal is only one of many authors who have contributed to the autumn edition of our newsletter. We are happy to send you this rich volume and are wishing you inspiring hours of reading.
Warm regards from your editors!
A Way Forward
Our charity funding for the start-up phase has now ended. Today, Waldorf Resources is in need of financial help in order to survive. Without any contributions by our readers we cannot continue the editorial work, the research, revision and the translations. Dear reader, please help Waldorf Resources with your donation!... more
Being Fully Human
The following three parts are taken from the introduction to a new collection of essays on teaching human sexuality entitled Trailing Clouds of Glory: Essays on Human Sexuality and the Education of Youth in Waldorf Schools, published 2014 by Waldorf Publications at the Research Institute for Waldorf Education in Chatham, NY more
see Part I, Part II, Part III
Upstream – a Journey Toward Authenticity
Here you find the lecture held by the Israeli mentor and Waldorf teacher Michal Ben Shalom at the World Teachers' Conference 2016… more


Resistance as the Origin of Pedagogical Initiative
Claus-Peter Röh, leader of the Pedagogical Section, names some of the typical issues a Waldorf teacher may be faced with and provides examples of how we put up resistance in our daily lives… more
Courage, Initiative and the New We
Florian Osswald, leader of the Pedagogical Section, speaks of a "new we", an "entrepreneurial risk", which must be based on every individual's courage and strength when meeting another human being... more
Child Care for Under Three Year Olds
The Waldorf movement is increasingly faced with the question of external childcare for under three year olds. The author Helle Heckman shows the importance of this type of childcare in today's society. However, her main concern is that childcare has to be based on the needs of the children... more
Sweepers, Feathers and Rainbows
Joep Eikenboom is a class teacher and teacher for educational support in the Netherlands. In this paper, he explains how important it is for teachers to perceive the human being as a whole and to pay attention to detail. Joep shows us here some drawing exercises which help children to hold the pen or pencil correctly... more
'The History of the World is the Judgement of the World'
The international Waldorf movement, with its Middle European roots and traditions, has spread to every culture and religion in the world. What is an appropriate stance for the movement towards religious beliefs and religious education? How can the movement approach the question of faith and RE in a meaningful way?... more
Are You Living Your Talk?
Waldorf teachers in China need to balance a „copy-paste“ approach to foreign cultural elements with the search for their own path in order to create their own identity in modern China. We spoke to Ben Cherry, coordinator of the China Waldorf Forum and teacher trainer, about the latest developments in Chinese Waldorf education... more
Growing students – Growing Teachers
Even though Harlan Gilbert is busy teaching various subjects, he finds time to host the online Waldorf Mathematics and Science Teachers Forum. In this interview he offers us a glimpse into his life... more
The New ‘We’ Needs Individuals
The aim of the World Teachers’ Conference was not so much to convey contents as encourage teachers to take action in their own schools. An interview with Florian Osswald and Claus-Peter Röh... more
International Events
The Transformative Power of Art
23.09. - 02.10.2016
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Education for Change
29.09. - 30.09.2016
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07.10.2016 - 09.10.2016
LLL Week 2016
10.10. - 13.10.2016
Internationale Deutsch-Woche 2016
17.10. - 21.10.2016
Conference for Educational Support Teachers
23.10. - 26.10.2016
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30.10. - 04.11.2016
Seminario de Secundarias Hispanoamericanas Waldorf
06.02. - 12.02.2017
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