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Mahnaz Dar, oh-so-casually rereading one of our 2015 Stars. The entire editorial team will be rereading every starred title from 2015 and debating them fiercely this fall to create our 2015 Best Books list.  

The SLJ Reviewer Connection 
July 2015   |  Building a stronger community for reviewers

I'm positively giddy to announce that every day from now on, a full-text starred review (and/or an editor's pick) will post on and be tweeted, tumbled, Facebooked, and whatnot. Simple though it may sound, it's a big improvement toward celebrating our reviews and giving them a second life in social media. 

This month I'm musing about what we talk about when we talk about diversity, and Curriculum Connections editor Daryl Grabarek is seeking your recommendations for the best chapter book read alouds. We're also hosting an open chat for SLJ reviewers and editors on August 17. And if you're a super Star Wars nerd: hear from you, we want to. 

Happy Reading,

Kiera Parrott
Editor, SLJ reviews
Calling All Star Wars Nerds!

Is the Force strong in you?

We're looking for a few good Jedis to read, review, and recommend great Star Wars books and materials. 
Daily Full-Text Reviews Online
Starting this month, we began posting one full-text review each day. These are recent SLJ Stars and editor's picks. Although our reviews have always been available in print, through Book Verdict and (eventually) online through vendors and bookseller sites, we were frustrated that sharing a great review directly from was rather complicated. By posting one review each day, we are able to share our content via social media and engage with librarians, authors, illustrators, and publishers. Check out the recent posts.  
Favorite Chapter Book Read-Alouds?
Curriculum Connections editor Daryl Grabarek is looking for suggestions for great chapter books to read aloud in the classroom or library during the first few weeks of school. 
Join the Reviewer Chat: 8/17
Questions about reviewing? Want to live chat with your fellow reviewers and the SLJ editors? We'll be hosting an open forum chat on Monday, August 17 at 11am ET. Based on your responses to last month's survey, you prefer a simple, text-based platform that's not Twitter. We'll have more details on the platform soon, but if you'd like to join the chat, sign up here
Up for Discussion: When Is It Okay to Mention "Diversity" in a Review?

"Trev Jones, who did this job for over 30 years, was known for this sage piece of advice: 'Review the book that is, not the book you wish it was.' I’ve found myself coming back to Trev’s words again and again over the last year. Read more...

Best Book of 2015 (So Far)?
"Sure, it’s only July, but the SLJ review editors are already starting to think about the December issue, aka our Best Books issue." Read more...
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