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Figures Toy Company Confirms New Teen Titans Figures

Nightwing, Cyborg, Starfire and Raven Debut Fall 2015

It's been 35 years since DC Comics launched The New Teen Titans comic book, and now Figures Toy Company is bringing back DC's most popular crime fighting kids in brand new series of action figures featuring members of The New Teen Titans team!  
Following up on their extremely popular Teen Titans Series 1 retro figures, Figures Toy Company is now adding four of the most beloved Titans to their ever-expanding roster of DC heroes and villains!  Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg will make up The New Teen Titans Series 1, marking their figure debut as a part of Figures Toy Company's World's Greatest Heroes brand!  These four classic comic characters will be released as standard 8 inch action figures, making them compatible with previous Figures Toy Company/DC Comics releases.  
Look for a Fall release date for The New Teen Titans Series.  That gives collectors plenty of time to plan ahead, save up, and perhaps most importantly, clear some room for these awesome additions to their toy shelves!  Remember to stay informed on all of the Figures Toy Company figure lines by following them on social media, and use the hashtag #MMFTCNEWS for exclusive updates and discussions on their products!

What's new in Re-Mego!


You couldn't go wrong starting your Wizard of Oz collection with this assortment. The Muchkinland Playset is under-rated.  BIN $499

If Repro FTC BatCaves are coming, where will the market for originals go? We'll keep an eye out, but at least 10 people are watching this one. 

We speak a great deal about Mexican Made Mego figures being rare but this Mexican Edition of Pulsar: The Ultimate Man of Adventure is just as uncommon.

t's our civic duty to point out Kresge carded figures, especially when they're Batgirl. We love her.

Dinah-Mite certainly had the grooviest version of the Tree-House playset, this minty box set just showed up on Ebay.

Find out what it's worth by accessing our growing databse of completed Mego and 70s toy auction. We call it the Going Rate 

Folks at the AUction Watch forum were talking about this amazing Prototype Superman Pepsi glass that was asking a hefty $1400.

This charmingly imperfect example of a RM Robin recently sold for $315. 

What's behind the curtain? A rare Wizard of Oz in a nicely crisp and fresh box sold for $103. 

Ohhhhhhh. Battle Fever Japan $350n For the WIN. 

Aw Yeah! Mego Meet

There's still time to register for Mego Meet. 

Mego Meet is a chance for the Mego toy collector community to get together in person to trade and buy parts and action figures, attend sessions designed to educate and answer questions about the Mego Corporation and the toys they made, but more than anything a chance to connect with friends and fellow collectors live and in person, instead of over the internet.

Mego Meet 2015 Benefit Auction

Each year, a tradition at Mego Meet is an auction to raise funds to offset bandwidth and software costs to keep the lights on at the museum.  Christopher Noon from will be making the trek to Skokie to insure a fun and successful auction.  Submissions are rolling in, including this Mystery Machine inspired by the FTC Hanna Barbera announcement, so check back often.

Around the World with Foreign Mego

Once a collector has just a few Mego grails left, many branch out into foreign and/or knock-off figures.  The hero figures offered by Lily Ledy from Mexico continue to have a cult following.  Similar to their domestic Mego cousins, but with a charm all their own, these figures usually fetch a pretty penny depending upon rarity, condition, and degree of completion.  Check out the collage of recent and current Ebay offerings to see what you’ve been missing.  Remember, don’t overpay for that boxed Mr. Mxyzptlk.  There was a warehouse find a few years ago and he is actually more common boxed than loose.

Check out, it's run by a guy who looks suspiciously like Palitoy from the Mego Museum but he talks in a funny French accent. 

Happening on the Forum:

The Age of TV Heroes

We must be in the golden age of TV heroes.  Will Constantine survive?  How about that new Daredevil on Netfix?  Did you see Brandon Routh on Arrow last night?  Still think he made a great Superman, victimized by a horrible script?  Catch up on all your favorite shows and movies at the Comic Book forum on the Museum.

We're talking 70s King Kong  in the classic toys forum and digging up some obscure items from the brief merchandising blitz of 1977.

The G.I. Joe club is reintroducing a character known to 70s kids, Mike Power Atomic Man is the 2016 club premium and it looks as if he's been massively upgraded since the last time we saw him.

Planet of the Japanese Apes!

This cool and highly creative catalog came with Mego figures that were distributed in Japan by Bullmakr, we've got scans and translations of this very interesting take on the Planet of the Apes Store, see it all here.

Custom Spotlight of the Week: THANOS!

4/13/2015 - Thanos

Some of you might have heard of the new Avengers movie due to hit theaters soon.  Megoknight's Thanos is in the bullpen ready to reenact all your fantasies of conquest and destruction.  The Avengers: Age of Ultron is due to hit theaters May 1st.  Be sure to stop by the Comics forum at the museum to express your joy......or air your grievances! What, no yellow in Vision's costume?!

Customs Flashback - January of 2009 - Superman

Last week's Custom of the Week was Batman by boss.  It seemed fitting to find his old friend Clark Kent done by boss way back in January of 2009.

Customs Special Project - Game of Thrones

Museum member sprytel has been been faithfully recreating the Thrones cast in the Mego aesthetic.  Check out every wave - currently at 8.5! - and a new group shot here:



Mego Mania on Facebook

The Mego Museum's fan page on Facebook, Mego Mania is another great place to interact with Mego fans. Fun treasures and are shared and sold all the time. 

Check out this amazing Black Hole collection that was posted recently! Drool worthy! 


Interesting Shopping at the Mego Museum Shopping Mall, swing by today and browse, we have plenty of parking.

AHI Adventure Man is a nifty knock off with some familiar looking dudes on the card art...Check it out at Palitoy's Toys


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